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The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
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4,965 backers pledged $898,921 to help bring this project to life.

The first Parallella boards have arrived!!

Posted by Adapteva (Creator)
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Finally, after many months of non-stop (but fun) work we were able to hold actual Parallella boards in our hands!



So far so good! A recollection of the first few days banging on the boards can be found here.

We look forward to giving updates over the next few weeks as we continue to bring up these initial Parallella boards.

We can now say with more certainty than ever. This is going to happen!


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    1. Missing avatar

      John on

      Any update on Parallela 16 delivery date?

      Thanks for the updates.

    2. Ammar Mirza on

      Guys, I say when you do get these out and get a good response please please come back to kickstarter for the 64 core board. I would love to pledge for that, also with this success I think you will have it easier to get pledges & media attention :)

    3. frank lima on

      I don't know about any one else but I would love to see a "How its Made" style video of the Parallella's board.

    4. Jeremy Lowrey on

      In October, it was stated that the 64-cores had the disclaimer of being: '"engineering sample" quality'. How are the 64-cores turning out? Do you still stand by that statement?

      Should I be kicking myself? I did a MINI-CLOUD pledge with case add-ons. For about $150 more, I could have done one 64-core and not worry about splitting and combining results (dreading). Does engineering sample mean it has a possible short life span or have other problems?

    5. Sean Michael Stimac on

      Awesome, this is great news. I can't wait to get that box in the mail. Keep up the good Adapteva.

    6. Frederick Blais on

      @adapteva: the Parallella silkscreen text would benefit from a bit more style, don't you think? =D

    7. Paolo Pennisi on

      I'm a 64-core backer... and I know that I will not receive a 64 core board but two 16 core boards instead...
      I will be seriously interested in pledging some more money and receiving a single 64 core board... but please... not for 750$

      Please actualize what today will cost a 64 core board intstead of two 16s and let us pledge the difference.

    8. Dacian Herbei on

      @adapteva: actually I wonder if it wouldn't have been a better strategy to focus only on 64 core from the beginning. I have the impression that having to deliver 2 cpus spread your resources too thin.
      For the 1000k you could take this approach and start the campaign maybe in september and make it last for 3 months. what do you think?

    9. Dacian Herbei on

      @adapteva: good to know... I just want my board to start coding.

    10. Coral Tara Courtney on

      Am really happy to see this. I'm guessing from the post that the final version board will be overseeing? Glad that you were to wire your way around the current problems. :)

      Love the fact of gig nice even if it's a huge item on the card. Given my current day job is configuring XP computers to log data from PLC the idea of fast connect even if slight dumb computer has become ingained a little.

      For kickstarter the timelines aren't too badly slipped; can't wait for the box to be in my hands thought :)

    11. Adapteva Creator on

      @Andreas Agreed that it's ridiculously big but wired ethernet was a hard requirement. We could not find a better alternative given the gigabit speed.:-(

    12. Andreas

      The ethernet connector is kinda gigantic on that board, isn't there some reasonable replacement for that? Apple doesn't include it on the Retina MacBook Pro for exactly this reason.

    13. Adapteva Creator on

      @dacien (and the other 54 DEVELOPER backers waiting for boards since February) We do again apologize for running late. We hoped this would have been clear from our previous updates. Rest assure that you are first in line to get your Parallella boards well before others.

    14. Adapteva Creator on

      slipped, continuing.. although the conditional clauses were clearly too complicated have caused a lot of confusion.

    15. Adapteva Creator on

      @all Apologies if we continue to confuse you regarding the 16-core vs 64-core availability. We do have 64-core chips working great and since they are foot print compatible with the 16-core chip we couldn't resist the urge, so we built up some boards and will start testing them soon.

      Clarifications:(will do a separate update around this as well)

      -A few big backers (64CORE-MAY, 64-CORE-PLUS, 64-CORE-X2, ROLF, and 64-NOW) will be getting 64-core boards eventually.

      -Everyone else will be getting 16-core boards.

      -Until we get can raise the $$$ needed for a full mask set at 28nm, there is simply no way we can offer the Parallella-64 board at a reasonable price.(this was stated from the beginning, althou

    16. fmotta on

      @Bryant I think the statement is if they reach the $3M goal then some backers will get the 64core. If not (as is the case) then I think I will be getting 2 (a pair) of the 16 core boards per my backing level.

      I speculate they manufactured the 64 core board - just that I will not get it under my pledge level.
      Which is fine. I wanted to have another multi core chip for comparison and 16 will do fine for me.

    17. Missing avatar

      Tanaka De Silva on

      Would love to upgrade to the 64-bit model, if it is going to be made in volume for around $200. With a bit of tweaking it might be a powerful enough platform for a real-time star tracker attitude determination system that I currently have as a PC MATLAB application.

    18. Missing avatar

      Leon de Rooij on

      Very cool !! Must be exciting times for you guys :) I pledged for a 16 core version, not that I need 64 cores for learning programming on Parallella but if it's possible I'd definitely be interested in an upgrade.

    19. Dacian Herbei on

      brooks moses: I pledged 499 but didn't get anything... I enquired many times adapteva but they told me to wait...

    20. Missing avatar

      James Powers on

      Fantastic news! Keep up the good work.

    21. Missing avatar

      Tom Liston on

      I'll second the request for a 16 core -> 64 core pledge upgrade path...

    22. Bryant Bair on

      I thought the 64 was a stretch goal we didn't meet. Did they decide to do the 64s anyway? If so I will anxiously await a 64 instead of 2 16s.

    23. Brooks Moses

      Dacian Herbei: The early-access versions shipped way back in December:

    24. Kevin McCaughey on

      Is it possible to upgrade my pledge to get a 64 instead of a 16? Now I see it I want more! :)

    25. Espen Sae-Tang Ottersen

      Looking good! Great job fitting it all.:-)

    26. Missing avatar

      the_summer on

      Wow. I thought the raspberryPi is quite tight, but here it looks your were fighting for every mm^2 pcb.

    27. Dacian Herbei on

      very cool for the guys that went for the 64 core version. they will get the boards at the same time as the others that paid to get the early version of 16... in february...

    28. fmotta on

      Nice looking!

    29. Frederick Blais on

      Wow! it's a dense board :)