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The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
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Parallella design files shipped to manufacturer!

Posted by Adapteva (Creator)

It took longer than expected, but the first revision of the Parallella board has been sent off to the manufacturer and we will have the first 10 Parallella boards built up and ready for testing by April 15th!

We are clearly running behind schedule, and we apologize! The main reason for the delay has been unexpected challenges involved in reaching the $99 price point. Producing a $99 single board computer may not be that difficult if you are shipping millions of units (you can buy a $50 Android smartphone today), but with only 6,300 Parallella boards shipping, our cost challenges were immense. Much gratitude goes out to the component manufacturers who really “got it” (Xilinx, Analog Devices, Intersil, Micron, Microchip, Samtec all deserve special thanks). Without their help we would be losing $100 per board!

We spent close to two months optimizing the design for cost (ie reducing component counts and scouring the data-books for inexpensive high quality alternatives) in order to get within striking distance of the $99 price target. Unfortunately there wasn’t much that could be done about the complexity of the board layout due to the abundance of high speed differential routing, 0.8mm pitch BGAs, and tight component placement. The Parallella is now a 12 layer board with aggressive line and drill hole dimensions.

The schedule slippage is VERY painful for all of us but in terms of product features the Parallella project is coming together even better than we could have hoped. The thought of having actual Parallella boards in hand in a few weeks is very exciting!

Later this week, Roman will be publishing the FPGA HDL source code and boot image source code on github and Yaniv will be releasing an improved driver library. There are a lot of incredibly talented developers within the Parallella community and we are hopeful that many of you will have the time and interest to give us valuable feedback once the code is released.

There are still some big challenges left, but we can now see the finish line up ahead!




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    1. Missing avatar

      Jorge Amodio on

      Hi Andreas,
      would you mind posting somewhere a higher resolution of the picture you included with this update... Gerbers will be much better tough, just curious to see how you resolved the escape routes for the BGAs in the pcb layout.
      Anxiously waiting, hope testing goes well.

    2. Missing avatar

      Marc St-Laurent on

      Just want to add my voice to the "take the time you need" crowd :) Obviously very excited to get my hands on mine, but more than willing to wait. This is an impressive, ambitious project!

    3. Missing avatar

      terenceg on


      Thank you for the update. It's encouraging to say the least.

      However, there are still a number of messages (via Kickstarter, private message, etc.) that remain unanswered. I'd feel a lot better about this project if those were being addressed, too.


    4. Missing avatar

      jjs0sbw on

      Great job....

      Can not wait to get my hands on this one...

      Take your time and get it as right as you can the first time...

      The docs and code are looking good...

      Take care, be good to yourself and have fun,


    5. Missing avatar

      Tim Partridge

      Great news that you have come this far and aren't breaking the bank. Take the time you need over testing. In the Kickstarter you said you were doing a full mask tapeout and retooling of the Epiphany 16 chip. Can we take it that was successful and you will be testing with the latest chips? Hope you have a smooth run for the rest of the project.

    6. Missing avatar

      John on

      @Christophe Devine: Based on what?

      Small delays are expected. And honestly, these guys have way more at stake reputation wise than a $898,921 Kickstarter. If they can make prototype daughterboards, and create a custom silicon-proven chip, then they have already proven they are capable of mastering the tech of this board.

      I'm guessing the ultimate goal is to license their technology to another, larger company, and/or obtain another VC round to build their company. Reputation matters more than dollars. They've already beaten 99.9% of hardware startups to get this far.

    7. Austin Herry on

      It's nice to get these thorough updates. Other projects wait until past delivery date just to say they are delayed with little to no explanation. People should be enthralled to get so much info.

      Hate to say it, but you can pretty much assume a kickstarter will always be late. Don't know why, but it's been a good rule of thumb for me. Made me less upset when I had to wait, and really excited when things show up "early"

    8. Missing avatar

      Christophe Devine on

      I have a feeling this project is going to fail, but hopefully you will prove me wrong. Good luck!

    9. Missing avatar

      Joe Leary on

      We all know that projects of this magnitude and significance will invariably encounter delays. Based on your team's exceptional skill and the ultimate end result I can only say - great job! Don't sweat the small delays as you are looking at a real paradigm shift with this technology. Kudos to all of you - regardless of the time delays!

    10. Dacian Herbei on

      Now I wish I took the cluster option. I really have a lot of ideas how to use this system... I'm not happy to wait but I agree with the others better proper and working than in haste and garbage.
      I really hope I can buy later a few more boards to make a cluster...
      Could you guys start a new kickstarter project for a second batch? Like this you can getter more money and guys like me could get a change to get several more boards to make a cluster.
      I hope hope you take this option serious but I'll respect your decision whatever it is.

    11. Missing avatar

      SupersonicMike on

      Does anyone happen to know who has a good online or LA-area EE MS with a thesis, and is currently doing research into re-configurable computing? When I checked about a year ago none of the CHREC schools did.

      I've got a couple of thesis ideas of trying to do real-time heterogeneous reconfigurable computing with a Parallella system, but I haven't had much luck finding an online program with a thesis.

    12. Raymond J. Harmon on

      I agree with the others, I am more than willing to wait for a good product. You have my encouragement and support. Thank you for striving to hold price point, develop an outstanding product and working your butt's off to meet deadlines. I hope the challenges going forward are less difficult.

    13. Missing avatar

      Loïc Schneider on

      i join all the other ppl and just say your product is worth waiting for so take all the time you need to deliver a finished and bug free product.
      fingers crossed for april 15th.

    14. Kent Williams-King on

      I have to agree with @bob smith -- I'd prefer cheap and good out of {cheap, fast, good}! From my perspective, take all the time you need. I'd rather you guys take an extra month or two to get everything completely nailed down, than to have my Parallella not as perfect as it could be. :)

      Looking forwards to it!

    15. Missing avatar

      bob smith on

      Quality takes time, delivering on promises hinges on managing our expectations, I for one thought and think you schedule is aggressive, so slipping to ensure quality comes with the territory. I am assuming the boards were machine routed and layed out, and not hand done!! ah the nightmares of hand layout and starting over. Great update, thanks!!!

    16. Dave Coleman on

      BGAs are always an exciting layout challenge; congrats on keeping it to 12 layers. :-) Looking forward to the product, but take your time with the test and debug. A slipped schedule is definitely easier on the conscience than shipping something with a flaw you could have prevented. We'll be here. Keep up the good work!

    17. Heri Sim

      You guys are awesome! You actually made it happen within 100 bucks! That is a great accomplishment by itself considering the complexity involved. History shall remember this.

    18. Missing avatar

      John on

      12-layer PCB? Wow... I'm amazed that your within "striking distance" of the $99 price point, considering a complex board with a custom chip.

      Was the change due to manufacturing issues (PCB production capability) or a specific issue like noise or timing problems.?

    19. Adapteva Creator on

      @Chris @Dave @jeff @samuel@james @chris @ken @foxfirage Thanks for being so understanding and supportive! Comments like these gives us energy to keep running!

      @jj Once the boards are back and powered up we'll have a much better idea of actual shipping dates. It will will depend on whether something needs to be debugged and fixed (or not..). The magic power up date is April 15th.

    20. Missing avatar

      JK on

      So do you have an estimated time frame for delivery of the boards? I know you mentioned the project slipped but unless I missed it I don't see an updated delivery estimate. I know things often happen with chip design but need to know the updated schedule for planning purposes.

    21. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Delays happen guys, don't sweat it. Focus on making a killer product, which I have faith you will do! Keep up all the good work - the end is in sight!

    22. Missing avatar

      jeff on

      Great job, thanks for the hard work

    23. Samuel Barney on

      Thanks for letting us know! I can't wait to test it out!

    24. Missing avatar

      James Powers on

      Thanks for the update and great work! I have faith you folks will pull it off. Fully understand this is a hard problem - only hard problems are worth the time :-). Keep at it!

    25. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Congratulations on all the effort so far, looking forward to getting one !

    26. Ken 'classmaker' Ritchie on

      Congratulations! You all have much to be proud of and celebrate! Yes, you feel some "birthing" pain because you have labored and want to deliver. Just take heart and know that I (and any others like myself) are content to wait and watch--patiently, with excitement--as your "baby" emerges. When It will be amazing indeed, as we all "Press ON!" together. Thank you for your courage.


    27. Missing avatar

      Tryggve Mathiesen on

      Good work Andreas - looks like a complex board to design - tribute the rest of your team as well!

    28. foxfirerage on

      Thanks for the Update I was starting to wonder what was going on! A lot of people fail to keep the backers in the loop on timelines and so people start to wonder if their stuff was shipped or lost or if it hasn't even been made yet

    29. Missing avatar

      Dave Newton on

      Exciting! Thanks for your efforts.