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The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
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4,965 backers pledged $898,921 to help bring this project to life.

New Rewards and Add-Ons

64-core version of the Parallella board now offered! 

The Epiphany-IV (64+2) core Parallella board will be offered for pledges above $750. We really wish we could offer it cheaper! For anyone skeptical about the pricing, please consider the fact that we only get 50 dies per wafer for these initial prototype runs. We can't disclose wafer pricing and yields at 28nm, but we invite members in the industry to chime on with opinions to support our pricing. It also comes with the disclaimer that it doesn't have as much customer field testing as the 16-core version.(It's going to be what in the industry call "engineering sample" quality. Nothing to be alarmed about, but it needs to be said)  With that disclaimer out of the way, it's a GREAT chip. (If by some miracle we reach the $3M goal by Saturday, we'll pass the savings on to you and you will receive 4 64-core Epiphany-IV boards).

More Add-Ons:

SDK-ACCESS: You get a special login account and early access to the Epiphany SDK within 4 weeks of successful funding of the the project. Everyone else will get general access to software at time of shipment in May 2013. (Add $50 to any reward tier that doesn't already get early SDK access)

ONE-MORE: Available for MINI-CLOUD and CLUSTER rewards for backers who intend to donate the kits to a school of their choice, but want a (16+2) core kit for themselves.(Add $99 (+20 for international shipping if applicable))

PLAQUE: Anyone donating the MINI-CLOUD or CLUSTER reward to a school will receive an engraved plaque with the inscription "Donated by_________" or "Donated in honor of________". (Free)

Parallella and Education:

We just announced an effort to hold Parallel programming competitions to be held next year.  The rules were sent out to four different Universities and the feedback was very positive!

First Attempt at Competition Rules Found Here:

First Competition Proposal Found Here:

Donations To Schools:

We think a MINI-CLOUD or CLUSTER would be a really great teaching tool for high-schools and universities. One of the challenge for schools these days seems to be that they never have enough money for things like this.

If you are donating your kit, send a comment to "claim" your school.  This will let others get a sense of where these kits will end up and might foster local competitions and collaboration.

If you are considering donating your hardware to a school for educational purpose, check with them about donation receipts for tax purposes.(we are not accountants and can't advise regarding those matters:-)


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    1. ubii on

      @Dave That might have been me, as I increased my pledge from MINI-CLOUD to EARLY-ACCESS, in an attempt to bump us over $750K. I am very excited to see this project get funded, I just hope that my wife does not kill me when she sees the credit card bill. :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Dave Combs on

      @Adapteva, sorry, I missed your response. Yes, that works great for me!! In fact I've already upped the pledge to the $1500 one (right about $749K when I hit the button, but somebody beat me to it. :-)

    3. Missing avatar

      Dave Combs on

      Still looking for an answer about a possible "mini-cloud" with the 64-core boards. I've upped the pledge to $1500, but that's for the boards alone (I was maybe 1 off the pledge that went over $750K ;-) Anyway, any ideas if you'll do the cluster-in-a-box for 2 64-core boards? I'd *really* like to get a setup like that, but have no idea what you might want for it.

    4. ubii on

      I would still like to see an EARLY-ACCESS pledge level which included the beta version of the E-III in December and some form of cluster in May.

    5. Missing avatar

      Edward Oakeley on

      Perfect for me, thank you

    6. Adapteva Creator on

      @Edward @Dave Done we'll add the cabling, switch, and supplies to the $1500 64-CORE-X2 reward tier. Does that work? if so, we'll add this comment in the Add-on section at the home page as well.

    7. Missing avatar

      Edward Oakeley on

      In my capacity as Dave's clone please can we have the 2x Epiphany IV mini-cluster. If you do I will up my pledge to whatever price you ask. Which I guess will add at least two grand to the total (an extra thousand from both Dave and myself). There may be others. Interested too. Please give us the mini-cluster Iv for between 1500$ and 2000$. Thanks

    8. Missing avatar

      Dave Combs on

      I'd still be interested in the 2x Epiphany IV "mini-cluster" cluster-in-a-box version, if you decide to offer that. I didn't see anything in that direction after last night's messages. Any ideas on doing that, or is that one a non-starter. A couple of us have suggested $1500, but I don't know if you'd consider that?

    9. Adapteva Creator on

      @Dacian and @all We added an option for $1249 that gets you the February access to 16-cores and May access to 64-cores. Also added a pair award for two boards for $1500 (similar to the par for the 16-core).

    10. Namae on

      Small but, I was also provided.

    11. Adapteva Creator on

      @All Ok, great inputs, we will add a couple of reward options soon.

    12. Dacian Herbei on

      I'm sorry but I'm a bit confused maybe someone can help me.
      I would like to be able to get the 64 core version but I don't want to wait until may because I need to test the concept in my project as soon as possible.
      So I need some hardware as soon as possible and then when the 64 boards become available in May to be able to switch to those.
      I don't need a cluster option as the project is more of a standalone thing.
      Can anyone help me with a suggestion of pledge? Currently I selected 499.

    13. Andreas

      @lulin Kickstarter doesn't allow that.

    14. Pedro Ferreira on

      I already sent emails to all my friends so they can participate and spread the word ;-) hey everyone, please do the same!

    15. lulin on

      @Lamson Nguyen Then why do not degrade the funding level. I think that quite many more people will get to known the parallella in the future, and then this project will be fully funded.

    16. Missing avatar

      Lamson Nguyen on

      I don't think it would be a bad idea to have E64 versions of the pair, mini-cloud, and cluster rewards. I, for one, would jump on them in a heartbeat!

    17. Missing avatar

      Lamson Nguyen on

      @lulin If we don't reach $750k, all of this effort will have been wasted and Adapteva gets $0. That's not going to happen though! :D

    18. lulin on

      In any case, if this project did not collect $750k, would this project keep on, and can we still get the SDK manual and the 16 core chip?

    19. Missing avatar

      charles griffiths on


      From "On Kickstarter, a project must reach its funding goal before time runs out or no money changes hands." No extensions, no reductions. If they don't hit $750k, they can launch another Kickstarter project, or simply take preorders on their own website. I will leave the judgement as to what outcome is preferable as an exercise for the reader.

    20. Niraj Jha on

      I have a feeling you will cross the $700k figure but fall short of the $750K!! Remember its all or nothing and nothing means a huge waste pile of community time. Why can't you get this extended by another month or just 15 days if that's an option.

    21. Missing avatar

      Erik Olofsson on

      I'm interested in the 4x$750 as well. But even better would be 4x$750 + $499 for the Cluster in May and be able to do testing in February with the early Epiphany-III board.

    22. Missing avatar

      Edward Oakeley on

      @Adapteva and Dave. I agree. I pledged for the mini-cloud originally at 450$ but I would really prefer the 2x mini with the new boards. If you can propose a pledge price for this I will up my offer. $1500 sounds fair from Dave's maths. Do you agree? Thanks

    23. Missing avatar

      Dave Combs on

      @Adapteva, I was thinking more of the 2x mini-cloud but with the new boards. Don't know if that would just be $1500 or you'd have some other idea on price. Mostly I was looking for "ready to use" as opposed to "Dave, go find all the cabling and stuff you need to put this together", as I'm more a software than hardware guy, so the less I need to put together myself, the better. ;-)

    24. Adapteva Creator on

      @HannesFury Thanks! We are pretty well tied in with the Swedish schools (Halmstad, KTH). If you have connections to them, it would be awesome if you could reach out. I am miserable at technical Swedish. Here is a link to an article in Swedish about Parallella:

    25. Missing avatar

      notzed on

      There's definitely a big gap between 1 and 10k.

      Why not do the full set of one, a pair, cloud, and cluster @ 64 at the corresponding prices as well?

    26. 'Yngvald' aka HannesFury on

      Love you guys and the dedication you're injecting, and wish all the best to this adventure that I'm thrilled to be a witness of! Astonoshing what the latest surge of promotive efforts have achieved to bounce up the success of this fascinating project. You're doing just the right things.

      Wonder if "Mälardalens Högskola" or any other Uni in Sweden would be interested in this... hmm, I think I should give a few professors a last-minute call tomorrow. @Adapteva//Andreas, how would you describe the essentials of the Parallella board, but in Swedish? I'm a newbie-newb lost in translation :) (Send me a message on that specific note, if you feel so to be more appropriate.)

    27. Adapteva Creator on

      @Dave We could offer a reward as 4 x $750 (over $3000 with cabling/switch) and or 8x$750(over $6000 with cabling/switch). Is that what you are looking for?

    28. Jason Lippert on

      Early SDK access or 'the book', I can only afford one. Now what to pick

    29. Missing avatar

      Dave Combs on

      A question: I pledged at $495 because I was interested in the mini-cloud and the "cluster-in-a-box". I'd be fine with upping the pledge to get the new 64-core version of the box done as a cluster-in-a-box again, but that doesn't seem to be possible for $975, which is limited to the older board unless the stretch goal is met. Any plan to offer an Epiphany IV 1 or 2-board versions as a cluster-in-a-box? I'm happy to update the pledge if so.

    30. Adapteva Creator on

      @Liad You are awesome!

    31. Missing avatar

      Liad Weinberger on

      @adapteva alright. I upped to 770$. I hope it helps get this project funded 43 hours.