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The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
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4,965 backers pledged $898,921 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. David Harris on

      Mine #2891 finally got processed by USPS, so its in the system.

    2. Missing avatar

      Bytemaniac on

      Got my shipping notification today :-)

    3. Tom Potts on

      mines now on its way!!!

    4. Aurel on

      I got my shipping notification yesteday. I am bacher from the EU. #3,214

    5. Jay on

      Update: I just got my shipping notification. #1,956

    6. Missing avatar

      Bytemaniac on

      The parallella is shipping?
      I got no information - where can i get my backer number?

    7. David Harris on

      I just received shipping notice for #2891. I'm in Canada. My response to the survey was 11/4/2012. USPS doesn't show the tracking, yet. Pledge was one board and accessory kit.

    8. Missing avatar

      Zachary on

      Double checked, definitely backer #2810, thought they were going to be shipped out by backer#? Not that I'm personally complaining! Received the boards today. :) I will note that I didn't receive the tracking email until 2 days after USPS says the package was shipped, so maybe there's an issue with getting the tracking emails out. Also, on the out chance that it helps figure anything out, I pledged at the 2 board level and currently hang my hat in Pennsylvania.

    9. Jay on

      Both Oneill #1,580 and I #1,956 are on the Parallella Community Forum saying that we haven't got our shipping notification yet. I filled out my survey on 7th November 2012. I'm an international backer - not sure if that makes a difference.

    10. Tom Potts on

      @david - my response is there. I'm in the UK I dont know if that makes a difference...

    11. Missing avatar

      Mark Cavanagh on

      I'm backer 2385, and I got my shipping notice yesterday (4/19).

    12. David Harris on

      @Tom -- It should show at the bottom of your pledge group to the right of this page. And a link that says "Your response" If you have done, then I am not sure why Zachary at #2810 has an email, and you don't at a lower backer number. Perhaps Zachary made a typo? I am getting close. I expect we won't see any more action until after this long Easter weekend.

    13. Tom Potts on

      David - if that was oct 13 then yes.

    14. Tom Potts on

      When would that have been?

    15. David Harris on

      @Tom --- Did you fill out your survey?

    16. Tom Potts on

      I'm 2512 but not heard anything yet...

    17. Bryant Bair on

      @Zachary, gives me hope that I will receive mine before I move in 3 weeks and don't have an address for 30 days :) I'm 3762...

    18. Missing avatar

      Zachary on

      Shipping notice this morning, backer #2810

    19. Roman Redkovich on

      Received shipping notice today, #2013.

    20. Rolf-Dieter Klein on

      Dont forget my "ROLF" pledge please ...

    21. Missing avatar

      R on

      I got my shipping notice and tracking today. I'm #1512.

    22. David Harris on

      Yes, time for an update!! What backer number are we up to?

    23. J David Eisenberg on

      Still haven't received any word about shipment of any sort. I note that the "final push" update gave month and day -- but not the year.

    24. David Harris on

      Congrats for being a finalist in the ACE Awards in the Open Source Harware Platform category! (See )

    25. Missing avatar

      Matthew Ng on

      Does the board come with CEC via HDMI?

    26. David Harris on

      Thanks for update #52 "Final push"

    27. Missing avatar

      Paul Tsai on

      yeah, I need to update my address, how do I do that?

    28. Missing avatar

      Yero Dermenjian on

      Great news! It's become clear from many other Kickstarter projects that the scheduling, logistics, and shipping are often harder than implementing the idea.

    29. Missing avatar

      Aaron Holmes on

      Any news is better than no news. I think it's time we got another update, Adapteva.

    30. Missing avatar

      Cody Anderson on

      Is it possible to change my shipping address? I've moved since originally backing this project. Backer # 1397

    31. Jay on

      I remember back in update #42 there was a promise of weekly shipping updates - that is maybe a bit too much but it has been a month and it would be good to know where we are in the queue and a projected date - I'm backer #1,956.

    32. Missing avatar

      Brent on

      As back 4638, I suppose I'll get mine by the time a competitor makes this obsolete.

    33. Missing avatar

      Carl on

      As backer 1060, I received my "mini-cloud" today in Sweden. I have to pay about $150 in VAT to the customs.

    34. David Harris on

      @Chris: Congrats!
      @All: When you get your package, can you tell us your backer's number and where you are located (USA, Canada, EU, Asia, etc)?

    35. J David Eisenberg on

      Still haven't gotten a board, nor any email since 20 February 2014. To be honest, I had forgotten completely about this project, and only was reminded of it because another project I backed is now running four months late.

    36. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      My board was delivered today.

    37. Sippakorn K on

      I'm backer #708 and in Bangkok, Thailand. I got a shipment confirmation email around 2 weeks ago.

    38. Sippakorn K on

      I got one 16-core yesterday. Nothing else but board. First thing I noticed is temperature. This beast runs hot. It gets to 80C easily; I guess fan + heat sink would be required if running 24/7.

      However, I have a question about a "An Introduction to Parallel Programming" book. Is there any progress about that at all?

    39. David Harris on

      If you can install teh iPad or iPhone KS app, then they will tell you your backer number.

    40. Missing avatar

      Cody Snyder on

      How do we find out our backer number? I never got an email?

    41. Andrew Clausen on

      My board arrived about a week ago, but I'm finally home for Spring break so I can finally open it! But I was in such a rush I forgot to pack all the things you need to get it running... Sigh, guess I'll work on those papers I've been putting off.

      You guys are totally awesome for including a heat sink!

    42. Colin MacKenzie on

      Boards arrived!!! Awesome job guys! You pulled it off. Very happy! :)

    43. David Harris on

      Order numbers:
      You should have received an email with subject line: "Parallella Pre-shipping Confirmation". It includes your backer's number at the bottom: "Your backer number is xxxx".

    44. Missing avatar

      kaba on

      where is my Order Number?
      i am a Parallela backer but i never got any order number
      Since October 2012 i am waiting for this board

    45. Missing avatar

      dw5304 on

      Backer #: 495 for any that is wondering.

    46. Missing avatar

      dw5304 on

      received my two parallella board's no power adapter, hdmi, usb, or sd card.

    47. Missing avatar

      Rolf Andersson on

      Im backer #1239. I just got a mail with a tracking number.
      My minicluster is on its way :)

      This is soooo exciting!

    48. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      So, backer number is under 1,300 and I've just had an email to say that my Epiphany-III has been shipped !

      Great News - well done Adapteva.

      Just need to find a case, cables and a 16GB micro SD card.

    49. lulin on

      I forget my backer ID! Where can I find it?

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