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Live the "American Dream on Wheels" as a Food Truck Titan in this zesty 2-6 player card game with plenty of bite.
Live the "American Dream on Wheels" as a Food Truck Titan in this zesty 2-6 player card game with plenty of bite.
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Production Complete, Shipment Underway, Gen Con pickup option

Posted by Adam Rehberg (Creator)
Happy Monday Truck Off backers,  

The production of Truck Off: The Food Truck Frenzy was successfully completed on schedule and the shipping plans are now underway! You have until 8/05 when your shipping address is locked so please make any address changes necessary before then. 23 surveys are still outstanding and I will be reaching out via messages with a reminder. Gen Con 2017 Also around the corner is Gen Con 2017 and we’ve been busy planning to make a big splash with Truck Off. 

Gen Con 2017

 We’ll be debuting Truck Off at Gen Con 2017 at the Adam’s Apple Games booth #2762 and running ticketed events for over 150 player slots. There will be a limited supply of the game on sale retailing for $25. I understand there is sensitivity when both KS fulfillment and convention sales are happening in parallel and want reiterate my thanks to you for bringing this project to life. We’re all invested in the success of Truck Off, and part of my duty is to launch this game into the marketplace with a bang. There is no better place than Gen Con for a game launch.  

Because things are happening in parallel, I’m offering a Gen Con pick-up option so attendees can make sure to get your copy in hand. Please fill out this form if you wish to pick-up your copy at Gen Con 2017. If you’re not attending the show, then your shipment will continue as planned. If you know somebody attending Gen Con, spread the word and tell them to be sure to check out Truck Off at booth #2762.


Final PnP

I just sent the final PnP files to all backers with THE MENU and above so I apologize if you got two updates back to back. 

First Production Copy

The component quality and first production copy looks fantastic!  Here is an unboxing video on the first production copy to sink your teeth into.


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    1. Jim Goss on

      Any update on Shipping? I thought we would have received shipping confirmation by now?

    2. Adam Rehberg 4-time creator on

      @Fred - Sounds good and thanks for the tip. The video is unlisted for now only viewable with that link. I plan on getting a better resolution updated as soon as I can :).

    3. Fred Anderson on

      Hey Adam, looking forward to the shipment. One question, or comment rather, your Youtube Video is very low resolution and does not do the game justice, either re-record the source, or check your publishing settings on YT (full disclosure I don't know anything about uploading videos to YT).