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Live the "American Dream on Wheels" as a Food Truck Titan in this zesty 2-6 player card game with plenty of bite.
Live the "American Dream on Wheels" as a Food Truck Titan in this zesty 2-6 player card game with plenty of bite.
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The Road to Final Art File Setups

Posted by Adam Rehberg (Creator)

My focus has shifted to prepping final art files and hope to finish this by the time KS fund process (March 15).  I plan to release a more granular delivery project schedule once art files are shipped since this exchange sets the clock for project delivery.  After this date, check-ins will be monthly until project delivery.  Feel free to reach out with questions along the way.

Fry Hard Menu Voting

We had super clever ideas here so go vote on what you like!

Surprise Component Upgrade

Over the last two months, all that dice rolling gave a little beating to our prototype venue cards.  Instead of cards, we're going to upgrade your 6 Venue Components to Cardboard for better quality and table presence.  The back of the venue will also say Venue Shutdown so you can easily flip over a venue during play to keep your playing surface tidy and free of cards.

Last Two Trucks for commenting

The last two trucks are serious frenemies. In one corner, BeeBeeQ – A loose cannon barbecue slicking trail blazer in the food truck world. BeeBeeQ is inspired by Americana, Wild West, and loves anything that goes boom. In the other corner, Figtown - A sophisticated palate demands a seasoned chef. Figtown pushes the boundaries on types of food you will find in the food trucking world. Figtown is inspired by adventurous eaters, euro style cuisine, new trends, and tends to draw a large crowd of hipsters.

These might be your hardest puns yet, but I know you're up for it.  We had a bit of help from some redditors to get the ideas flowing.

Figtown - Pastiche Quiche

BeeBeeQ - Sarsaparilla Warfare

Figtown - Kale with Kindness

Figtown - Our Hummus is Second to Naan

Figtown - Shot through the Tart, with Creme Brûlée, you give love a flambé.




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    1. Adam Rehberg 4-time creator on

      Good ones! Huge props to For Whom the Pork Belly Tolls!

    2. Missing avatar

      Theo Gerome on

      You're Escargoting to Love This
      For Whom the Pork Belly Tolls

      BBKaboom Sauce
      Deep in the Heart of Texas Toast
      Rib-member the Alamo
      Sweet Tea.N.T.

    3. Missing avatar


      True Grits
      Two Moles for Sister Sarah (pronounced MO-lay)
      Pulled Pork Chop Hill