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An abstract strategy game where your game pieces evolve as you play.
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Stretch Goal #1 Unlocked and Details! And our first puzzle.

Posted by Adam Rehberg (Creator)

Stretch Goal #1 Details

It's day four of the campaign and the fog on the pond has risen. The morning sun is bright and the day is optimistic. Thrive is new and it’s exciting.  I'm going to be releasing another update later how we can build buzz and harness this momentum to make this game as wondrous as possible.  However, let's focus on the stretch goal we just unlocked!  Here is a Work In Progress image showing you what we're thinking for stretch goal #1.

Graphic design and verbiage are still work in progress, but here's how this would work.  Flip up one card back and setup the board according to the starting board state on the card.  Then setup the initial state of your pieces symmetrically with your opponent according to the front of a card.

Mixing and matching this concept:  You can simply use a card for a starting board state.  You can simply choose all initial piece states with one card front.  You can get wild and choose a new initial piece state for each piece.  Or any combination of these!

I'm going to keep this update short and sweet, but there is more exciting things coming soon.  More to And oh yea, we mentioned puzzles.  Let's kick off some puzzles!

Introducing the Puzzle concept, and then Puzzle #1 below

It's inspired by the Peg Solitaire puzzles, and all playable with Thrive components.  Huge thanks to Martin for taking this idea and absolutely sprinting with it!

Can you solve the puzzle?  Leave the solution below in the comments!

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    1. Missing avatar

      jianying ji on

      A different way of determining starting position of pods would be having sets of cards where each card has the location of one pod. At start of the game the player choose one set of card then take turns revealing cards from that set until six are revealed. The players then place the pods according to the cards. After use the cards are shuffled back to the set it came from. For base thrive, there is four sets of 12 card each. (though there's a way to condense that down to 26 cards but that would require more setup time to determine a card set.) This way of creating a starting position is called balloting and is sometimes used in the checkers world.

    2. Missing avatar

      John Brody

      Fun puzzle! It will make for a neat addition to the game.

      Side note / comment... Would it be possible to make the lotus 'blocks' shaped like the flower outline you show instead of squares? Eight petals on each piece (cut out of wood or molded from plastic) would make for a nice tactile experience!

    3. Milk on

      That makes sense. B2 => D4, D4 => B4. Yeah I didn't read the instructions.

    4. Martin Grider Collaborator

      Hi Milk, that solution does bring the piece to the right location, but doesn't satisfy the "only one peg remaining" goal. That overview is pretty tough to read on my computer, so I'm not surprised if you had to gloss over it. Maybe we can fix that when we post the next puzzle. Thanks!

    5. Milk on

      Is the answer still C3 => C5?

    6. Collin Pastorius on

      I love these kinds of puzzles!

    7. Missing avatar

      Cody Kunka on

      Neat idea to incorporate peg solitaire. I'm curious if solutions become non-unique as complexity increases. The coupling of the peg solitaire and Thrive movement reduces this possibility of course.

      B2 D4, D4 B4

    8. Martin Grider Collaborator

      I want to also publicly thank Nate Yourchuck for helping with this idea. I was considering various peg solitaire ideas while co-working with him sitting next to me, and he came up with a hefty chunk of this idea. (As well as this first puzzle, specifically!)