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The ultimate edition of Spheres of Power, the 5-star magic system, compiled into a single volume! (For Pathfinder)
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The Ultimate Spheres of Power Build Contest!

Posted by Adam Meyers (Creator)

Some people have asked that we provide a more in-depth explanation for how building and using Spheres of Power works. I can think of nothing better suited to demonstrating how the system works than the ever so famous 'how would you build this character' challenge!

To do this challenge, please comment or put a link in a comment to the build you would make for the character onto this update before the end of Sunday, March 24th. At that point, we will choose the build we like best for the character to feature in a video about creating and rolling spheres characters.

In order to encourage creativity, we will also be using not 1, but 3 potential characters for you to choose from! You may make a build for any of them or all of them, so long as we know which build goes to which image. Custom drawbacks or talents are even allowed (as long as it's not too many), since showing off how customizable the system is is one of the goals.

Each build should include both a level 1 and a level 5 build (where they begin and in what direction they'll go), and should be done with a 20 point buy, and should stick to core Paizo and spheres content (as much as we like Akashic Mysteries and other awesome systems, it doesn't really help when trying to show off what's possible with the Spheres).

Without further ado, our contestants are:


from My Hero Academia


From the X-Men

Your Friend's OC

No one knows who this guy is yet, but dang it, we're all eager to find out.

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    1. Adam Meyers 6-time creator on

      The Video is up: Sorry @Tobias, I did change one talent from your setup.…

    2. Margherita Tramontano on

      I didn't know Bakugou before, but I did my best. Here's my Mageknight version of him.

    3. Margherita Tramontano on

      My "Friend's OC" is a nice, eccentric desert druid with a passion for light and a big summoned companion.…

    4. Margherita Tramontano on

      Well, here's my Storm (one of my favorite characters)

      She's definitely a divine caster venerating the "Holy Goddess", with a hint of rogue because of her street child past. Both Elementalist and Hedgewitch couldn't capture in all her abilities, so Sphere Oracle of the Wind was my choice. She's specialized into Destruction, Nature, and Weather.