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The ultimate edition of Spheres of Power, the 5-star magic system, compiled into a single volume! (For Pathfinder)
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Hero Lab Files and Deck PDFs

Posted by Adam Meyers (Creator)

There have been a couple changes to the campaign rewards. First: Hero Lab files.

I was hesitant to make Hero Lab files part of the kickstarter, just because they're always the last thing to be developed and take a while to fulfill compared to the rest of the rewards, but several of you have asked about them and after discussing it with our developer, they're officially being added to the campaign!

We've made some new reward levels that come with the files, but they're also available as an add-on, so even if you don't care to change your reward level you can still add them in now or get them after the fact via backerkit.

We've also added an option to get the sphere decks in PDF form; it pains us that there's no 'affordable' option to get the complete set of spheres decks to you, but this way you can print them off at home and use them however you wish.

Thank you all for your feedback; hearing from you is how we can make sure we're getting you the things you're looking for in this campaign, and it means the world to us that you're helping us make this book a reality!

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    1. Justin Batson

      @Adam: For the Sphere Decks, have you guys looked into DriveThruCards? I don't know how viable it might be for you, but I have purchased a few things thru them. Good quality and decent pricing - a deck of 98 cards ran about $10. A full card game (442 cards) ran $42. Just offering up some ideas.

    2. Ualaa on

      Awesome! Looking forward to it all.

    3. Adam Meyers 6-time creator on

      @Ualaa: the developer is doing everything he can. There will be some changes made for USoP, so it won't be 'just' a compilation, although it will mostly be that. Items of Power was released not too long ago and revamps the item creation system, and Champions is definitely coming.

    4. Ualaa on

      I've got all the currently released Hero Lab files... will there be new material within this book, or it's more or less a compilation to have everything in one place?

      Most, but not all the spheres have HL files. The ultimate book mentions Items of Power, which is new to me...

      Having Hero Lab files is a major plus for our group.

      We'd like HL files for Champion of the Spheres, at some point, if that were possible too.

    5. Adam Meyers 6-time creator on

      @Aran: I'm not very versed in Hero Lab myself, but I believe the current ones will more or less stay as they are so they can support those who only have a few handbooks or files, so I think the answer is no?

    6. Missing avatar

      Kevin Peters

      Thank you Adam for adding the PDF sphere decks! I really appreciate you working with us. :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Aran Mull on

      Are there going to be changes to the current Hero Lab files? Pretty sure I'll be supporting either way ('cause I love Hero Lab and the work TheIronGolem has been doing on them) ... just wondering if the big book will change all of the little books, and Hero Lab files, I currently have. :)