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The ultimate edition of Spheres of Power, the 5-star magic system, compiled into a single volume! (For Pathfinder)
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Next Stretch Goal Down: Sphere Decks

Posted by Adam Meyers (Creator)

Sphere Decks are something we've wanted to do for a while, and have debated whether or not they'd require a kickstarter to make given how expensive deck-printing can be. Since we conveniently have a kickstarter going on right now in the form of Ultimate Spheres of Power, this seems like the best time and place.

Each deck will contain the powers and talents of a given sphere in a handy deck format, allowing for ease of collecting and growing powers, helping new players maneuver their abilities, and just the sheer fun of playing a sphere power as a card combo.

Each deck can be added as a separate $15 add-on, or the entire set of 20 (plus any additional spheres unlocked during this campaign) decks as a single $250 add-on. 

Next up is new, updated character sheets, and tomorrow we'll upload what people are really waiting for; the stretch goals for increased page-count and other content.

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    1. Adam Meyers 6-time creator on

      @Lewis: The price of physical decks.
      @Jeremy: Yeah
      @Kevin: I'll add an option.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kevin Peters

      I have the same question as Lewis. I want them all but could only afford to add one or two. If there was a PDF, I would much prefer to buy that, and to print the sphere powers I need at home and as I need them.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Daugherty on

      How do we pay for the decks and secondary addons exactly? do we just choose our initial pledge then add on the extras?

    4. Lewis Crown

      Is this the cost for physical decks or for PDFs of the decks? Will there even be a PDF version of the decks?