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The ultimate edition of Spheres of Power, the 5-star magic system, compiled into a single volume! (For Pathfinder)
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Funded! Stretch Goals!

Posted by Adam Meyers (Creator)

Juuust shy of 24 hours after launch, we officially hit our funding goal! Thank you all, so, so much for helping us reach this point!

Now comes the exciting part of the project, where we see what we can do to make this project bigger and better.

Stretch Goals

I know that many of you are excited to expand the book with additional art and page count, but before we do that, there are several things that people have asked us to make available to them, and with the funding from kickstarter they can finally become a reality.


Add-ons are special additional things you can pledge for that are separate from reward levels. To pledge for an add-on, simply increase your pledge amount by the add-on's price.

International Add-Ons: The great thing about using Drivethru RPG to do book fulfillment is that they can ship virtually anywhere in the world at an amazingly affordable price. However, by necessity some of these add-ons (such as the support pack) will need to be handled by a different printing company. This means that, for some countries at least, it's possible shipping might suddenly become quite expensive for certain add-ons. We will be as clear as possible on which add-ons are available in which countries, and if an issue arises getting an international backer all of their add-ons, we will contact you directly to work out an alternative or issue a refund.

Spheres Support Pack

The Spheres support pack is a combination of two things: First, a series of 'pawn'-style miniatures of all 12 Spheres of Power iconics, Second, a series of small tokens of the spheres, perfect for tracking spell points (each one stamped with a different sphere image to aid with Prepared Casters,) and other uses.

Sphere Cards

The powers and talents of a given sphere, reprinted in a convenient deck of cards! These cards make it easy to track and look up powers, particularly for new players who might be intimidated by cracking a 400+ page book to remind themselves what their character can do.

Each sphere would have its own deck, and each deck would be a separate add-on, or $250 for a complete set of every single sphere deck.

Character Sheets

With the original Spheres of Power, we created a custom character sheet. With this stretch goal, we will create a unified Spheres of Power/Spheres of Might character sheet for all your spheres needs! While the PDF of that character sheet would be available for free, as an add-on we will send you a pack of 40 of these specially-designed spheres character sheets!

GM Screen

Every GM loves it when the necessary tables, rules, and DCs are right at their fingertips and they can run the game without reaching for a book. This GM's screen would be built for the Spheres GM on the go!

Note: There are two styles of GM's screen that we can do; one through Drivethru RPG (which sells it's own high-quality style of GM screen that uses inserts) and one printed elsewhere. If you already have Drivethru RPG's screen, this add-on would be to get inserts. If you do not want Drivethru RPG's screen, this would get you the second version printed elsewhere. If you don't have Drivethru RPG's screen but WANT their screen, it would probably be best to wait until this campaign is over and order the inserts and screen together later from Drivethru itself; due to the partnering setup they have with the people who make their GM's screen, it would be cheaper and much less hassle than having us try and send you one ourselves.

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