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Want a break from Vancian magic? Spheres of Power gives you a whole new way to run magic in your games.
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    1. Stephen C. Young on

      Password to the backer site is in Update 29.

    2. Elro on

      MORE development that should have been done before teh project even started on KS. Lovely.
      PLEASE get on with it and send me the supplement book I require ! I don't want a pdf, I wanta professional looking supplement, as promised.

    3. Missing avatar

      John "johnkzin" Rudd

      Just tell us _which_ update the password is in ... :-}

    4. Will on

      Oh, and speaking of links - Adam, you might want to post a new link to the playtest doc. I know you can get from a previous update, but you have to remember which one it's in.

    5. Will on

      It's the same password as it was previously.

      Ie, it's mentioned in a previous update. If you've been on the forum a lot, you just memorize it after a while. It's pretty easy to remember. I'd just go ahead tell you, but I can't remember if non-backers can see the comments or not.

    6. Kevin Rau (Author of H.E.R.O. novels) on

      Yo, Adam. The password spell is working great on the link you list above. :)