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Want a break from Vancian magic? Spheres of Power gives you a whole new way to run magic in your games.
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    1. Bryan Hickok on

      First, I don't think you should give the option for some one to get the "softcover". In the end one or two people are going to do it and its going to kill your cost, and hurt everyone else for getting there book at the best quality and on time. That's great that your doing a "Hard Cover Combo", just stick with that. If They really what two book then do it for the PDFs, where the cost will not increase. Second, I think you should use the one best art from the Bardic Sorcerer plege that was going in Spheres of Power book, to also be the cover of your "Wizard's Academy/Bestiary" Hard Cover book. You chose or we vote on what is the best.

    2. Josh Louie on

      Thanks for response Adam. I guess I will have to try to find the funds for the hardcover. Out of curiosity is wooten doing the cover for the module as well?

    3. Adam Meyers 6-time creator on

      @Edwin: pretty much, the separate softcovers only exist if someone really doesn't like the idea of getting a hardcover or really only wanted one add-on but not the other. We won't try and consciously make the softcovers worse than the hardcover, but the point is that as far as we're concerned, the two products are now officially one mega-product that costs the exact same amount.

    4. Adam Meyers 6-time creator on

      @D.A. yep. :)

    5. Dennis de Lange on

      @ Adam Meyers: I have pledged the Greater Swaglord pledge. Will this, aside for the harcover version of Spheres of Power, also include the hardcover version of this new combined Wizard's Academy module/Bestiary module (aka 'Mega-Module')?

    6. Adam Meyers 6-time creator on

      Every tier that includes print copies of stretch goals will get the hardback of the beastiary/module. The only people who will get them separate are those who specifically ask for them separate, or those who added one as an add-on but not the other.

    7. Edwin Nathan Frerichs on

      @Adam, I see, so if we want to get the best entertainment from it we would have to get the Hard-cover. Are there going to be other additional stuff that the hard-cover will have that the soft-cover won't have? Like expanded art or things like that?

    8. Dennis S. on

      So when the swag lord tier says a print copy of every stretch goal it's not including the beast/module as a hardback? or would it be prints of them individually?

    9. Adam Meyers 6-time creator on

      @Edwin, The softcovers of the bestiary and adventure module will be different from the hardcover, as the combined book allows us to do more with intertwining the material (if we left the intertwining but divided the books, we'd be forcing you to buy the bestiary to run the module at the same price it would cost to just get the combined hardcover).

      @Robert, the PDFs will be combined, just like the hardcover so PDFs pledge levels don't miss out on any of the content.

      @Josh, the bestiary/module will only be available in hardcover. It's one of those weird things about printing and shipping costs, but we can only afford to do it in one or the other as doing a run of both would put us way outside our budget. If you need it in softcover we could do a single copy at a smaller press, but the quality would be worse and it really wouldn't come out any cheaper.

    10. Jan Birch on

      @sleet: thanks for the info. I actually just found it myself in the confirmation mail i recieved, but thanks anyway. That will teach me to read my mails more carefully :-)

    11. Missing avatar


      @Jan: You'll be able to do that in a survey after the Kickstarter ends, the same time you'll usually be able to share what address to send it to and that sort of stuff.

    12. Jan Birch on

      Where do i select which addon i want? Theres 2 40 $ addon but i cant seem to find where i can select which i want even after adding 40$ to my pledge. Im probably just being dumb, but i just cant see it.

    13. Missing avatar


      Glad I could help, I've done that plenty of times and it can definitely be hard to keep track of the latest changes on Kickstarter home pages (which makes me kind of thankful that updates at least can't be altered, or it'd be even harder to keep up).

    14. Steve Davies

      @Sleet, thanks. I was relying on the pledge text at right, which was misleading. I didn't realize that the main page pledge description text had changed.

    15. Missing avatar


      Most of that information is on the front page, in the 'add-on' and 'pledge rewards' sections.
      As an add-on, the combined hardcover is $40 (the softcovers are $25 for the bestiary and $15 for the adventure).
      In the pledges, it's available in the $75 Swag Lord and several higher ones, all of which include print copies of all stretch goals.

    16. Steve Davies

      I'm also confused -- this update looks like a combination stretch goal reveal and questions to backers -- which leaves me muddled as to what the stretch goal is. I've backed at the Wizard level. So I've got a printed book but pdf of the adventure/bestiary, right? What level would I pledge to get a print version of the adventure/bestiary? Could I do it as an add-on?
      These questions become critical as we move into the last days and the add-ons make other (higher) pledge levels more appealing.

    17. Missing avatar

      Robert Leavitt on

      I am a bit confused- if we are currently backing a package that only includes PDFs of the stretch goals, will we not get this combined module/bestiary?

    18. Josh Louie on

      Will there be a soft cover version of the module/bestiary?

    19. Edwin Nathan Frerichs on

      I have a question, are there any other differences between the Soft-Cover and the Hard-Cover version of the books? Part of what it says up there seems like the Hard-cover are going to get updated art.

    20. Dennis S. on

      A little confused, would this be the Add-on Extra: Wizards Academy/Bestiary Hard Cover Book: $40? Jut trying to plan accordingly to see if my budget allows for it.

    21. Adam Meyers 6-time creator on

      Honestly, we're probably only going to be offering the softcovers of the bestiary and the module through the kickstarter, and then only for those who only added 1 of them, or who specifically ask to have them divided. There's so much we can do with them together that it just doesn't make sense to divide them. Same for the PDFs.

    22. Elliander Eldridge

      yay! I am definitely going to be getting that hard cover combo!

      So, question: Is the hard cover Academy/Bestiary going to be separated into units such that the content is identical to two soft covers put together, or will there be any differences worth mentioning? Not that I myself would get a softcover when a hardcover is available, but I am just curious about how the two books are going to be tied together. If there are differences, with an extra PDF of the combined volume be available?

    23. Michael Carmody on

      Agreed. And consider this an upvote for the t-shirts idea.

    24. A. Michelle Simmons on

      I would be interested in a t-shirt if you have them large enough (several x's).

    25. Missing avatar


      That does sound like a pretty awesome, and ambitious, idea. I'd love to see how it works out.