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Want a break from Vancian magic? Spheres of Power gives you a whole new way to run magic in your games.
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    1. Josh Louie on

      The sympathy/sygaldry/naming seen in kingkiller chronicles would be cool.

      Another idea that sounds cool would be quantum/probability based magic as seen in Supreme power with arcanna

    2. James Small on

      I vote the second sample world is The Obsidian Trilogy by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory.

    3. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Desjardins

      The Night Angel trilogy's Talent and Vir are something that I wanted to try as well when Spheres of Power would be published. And, Bending skill or a similar power would also be something that I would appreciate to see in the finished version!

    4. Pascal Bouchard on

      I'm with ashley the elemental bending martial art as in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

      Almost 20 years ago, me and my friend created a class similar to that concept for AD&D 2nd edition. Since then, we adapted the system for the 3rd edition (3 and 3.5) as a prestige class. Since we got into Pathfinder, we have been looking around books and PDF to figure out how to rebuild a new version of it more in line with what pathfinder have to offer. I believe that Spheres of Power might be the one thing we need to make it happen :)

    5. Jeremy McIntyre on

      I would also like to see some sort of "wizards duel" rules.

      Love what you guys are doing with this, can't wait to see the finished product.

    6. Michael Hammer

      I would personally like to see something along the lines of the Rune system in the Painted Man series. Wards to protect the body, wards to attack, ways to absorb power and use it in Wards written on the ground or air at higher levels.

      While I am here I would double down in Mistborn, and The Night Angle Trilogy.

      Thank you for what you are doing. I cannot express how much I want to see the finished product.


    7. Michael Finigan

      Book inspired magic system - The Coldfire Trilogy by C.S. Friedman - power (in the form of Fae) flowing across the surface of the planet. Adepts (natural born magic users) and Sorcerers (trained users) sculpting the fae to their will. Demons made entirely of Fae and the nightmares of the subconscious coming to life.

      Additional Request - Include Artificer class with magic item rules. It could be fantastic to have a caster who casts everything thru the items he creates. Could also be useful for creating more specialist types, like a Gun-Mage who casts spells by enchanting bullets.

    8. Carlos Figueroa

      I agree with James. I LOVE the idea of a light based concept.

    9. FIG on

      @Horst: have you seen the Wheel of Time roleplaying game? WotC made it more or less concurrently with 3.0. Given the nature of how magic works in that Mythos, it could be a very good model. Effectively, the game stopped functioning at about level 8 because the magic-users could make concentration checks all day to keep casting low level spells without suffering any negative consequences.

      However, if it hasn't been one yet, I would say there be no spell slots, and have casters pump out spells of any level they want and take some serious ability damage for levels outside the normally granted spell level.

    10. Missing avatar

      Julien Auger-Lafond on

      I always wanted to see a take on Brent Weeks' The Night Angel Trilogy

      Between the multiple way to use the Talent and the Vir I think there is more than enough material to create such a world.

    11. ffanxii4ever on

      The previous idea for the Dumbledore vs Voldemort style dueling system would be absolutely amazing!

    12. Horst Klinkenborg on

      Since you have mentioned Mitch from Shadowrun Returns in one of your earlier updates it reminded me the I always thought Shadowrun had some cool concepts regarding magic but then fell short in other aspects. I'd like to see how you would see Spheres of Power in a system where you aren't limited by a certain number off spells per day but where spell casting taxes your mind and your body. in that scenario, if you are careful and cast only relatively easy spells you could cast all day long but if you are going for a big bang you might fry your brain in the process.

      On a separate note: good luck reaching your personal stretch goal. You did excellent work on Rogue Glory and deserve getting a shot at the Ennies!

    13. Wystan - Financier of Brimstone

      I would love to see magic skinned as "Force"

    14. Michael Carmody on

      I would love to see the "Warrens" system of magic used by mages in the Malazan Book of the Fallen series.


      Also, having not commented thus far, I want to say that you're doing a fantastic job at keeping in touch with us, which is often the toughest part about running a Kickstarter. Keep up the great work!)

    15. FIG on

      Geez, I feel like I'm missing out on something by not having seen The Last Air Bender.

      I was going to suggest something along the lines of Dune, but that is mostly taken care of in a psychic/psionic system. However, what abouut incorporating some elements from Mutants & Masterminds?

    16. Missing avatar

      Robert Leavitt on

      Consider this +2 for Codex Alera. My friend and I are backing this system just so we can find a way to run a Codex game. Thanks!

    17. Dresvin

      +1 for Stormlight Archive and Dresden Files. The dueling rules sound cool too, and I would also like to toss in a straight-up superhero conversion with magic spells becoming super powers, this system seems like it could handle that pretty easily.

    18. Travis Stodter

      I'd love to see something based on the system from the Dresden Files, or Jim Butcher's other series The Codex Alera. The furies from the Alera books seem like they'd fit right in to Spheres of Power.

    19. Brandon Arend on

      Hey guys, super job so far, really looking forward to this seeing completion.
      I would love to see a "Sygaldry" based system, what Patrick Rothfus used in his "Name of the Wind" series.

    20. jason arthur shuey

      I agree with Ashley I would love to see an elemental bending system a LA avatar the last airbender. Or even one similar to what shadowrun or the magic system from Christopher paolinis inheritance cycle

    21. Missing avatar

      Kaelix on

      Hey there!
      I am really looking forward to see how this shapes out to be. :)
      I would like to see a freeform magic system for the following two "worlds": Call of Cthulhu and Numenera (by Monte Cook).

    22. Devin Rogers on

      First off, I am very excited for this project. I have always wanted a more free form magic system for pathfinder, and would love to see two things in particular. The first being a dueling system, something similar to Dumbledore vs Voldemort in the Order of the Phoenix movie. Where you cast back and forth deflecting and maybe even manipulating and returning magical strikes. Something else i would like to see would be a system based off the legend of eli monpress book series. This being all objects essentially have spirits and scaling personalities based off size and power. These spirits can be manipulated into helping you for various tasks including combat, and may also be stored into bonded objects if you make a pact with said spirit. Example being a sand, tree, or cinder spirit.

    23. Joe Thater on

      For the Sanderson world, I know Warbreaker or Elantris would be easier but I'd love to see Stormlight Archive. Only the first book out and it's rapidly become my favorite Sanderson world.

      As for the other, I've always loved magic systems around demon binding. Either binding them into service. Or into your own body to steal their powers and magic.

    24. Missing avatar

      Ashley Shackelford on

      I'd love to see something based on the elemental "bending" (manipulating through chi and martial arts moves) in Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. In fact, that's precisely what I intend to use SoP for in my game, making the tweaks on my own. But it would be really cool to see the experts' take on it. Of course, I'm talking about a generic martial-arts-based elemental magic system... nothing copyrighted, y'know.

    25. James Holt on

      I love this project and I know it'll turn out better than anything imagined. As far as sample worlds here's one for you. There's a new series written by Brent Weeks called Lightbringer that has the concept of magic focused through the light spectrum. I absolutely love this idea and think it would be an amazing sample piece.