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Want a break from Vancian magic? Spheres of Power gives you a whole new way to run magic in your games.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Robert Leavitt on

      Do what you need to do- I think most of us backed this project for the system with the adventure being an added bonus.

    2. Mushroom C1oud on

      One way you can still keep it exclusive but still make it available for everyone, and I've seen other kickstarters do this, is give the backers an exclusive cover art.

      If that's not feasible or too expensive I would rather have better quality rather than exclusivity.

    3. NIck on

      Another person who wants to say to backpedal quickly and with all haste, then again I feel exclusives hurt and don't help things. As I want everyone to be able to have all the fun!

    4. Jason Sperber

      Just one more comment in support of making the Wizard's Academy adventure NOT be an exclusive. I backed a number of projects in my time and I was surprised by the unusual tactic of making the adventure an exclusive. If you feel like you have to do something to make the kickstarter backers have an advantage others don't just make the adventure available to kickstarter backers first. (I personally don't care whether you do this but it does seem to help some projects to give backers bragging rights for getting something first.)

    5. Lee Perry

      As others have stated, I have no issues with removing the inclusiveness of the adventure.
      I would go so far as to say, I absolutely insist. Get this in the hands of as many people as possible.

    6. Rocky Williams on

      I am, also, perfectly fine with the adventure no longer being Kickstarter exclusive. Maybe have it be us only the first week or some such small time frame. Not enough to hurt non-Kickstarters, but enough to make those backers want something 'special' feel like they got it.

    7. Brandon Blackmoor on

      Exclusives are a terrible idea. I urge you to backpedal with all haste.

    8. Timothy Marshall on

      Backpedal away, I too would rather see my money go to making the end product shine than something exclusive.

    9. Rednal on

      Your production manager sounds like a competent and experienced person who knows what works and what doesn't... honestly, I think you should probably listen to them on matters like this. ^^

    10. Elliander Eldridge

      One project I backed created two versions of the hard cover, both being limited edition, the a higher quality hard cover being Kickstart exclusive. Then stretch goals focused on bonuses for the hard cover like a slip case or cloth ribbon bookmarks. Even if some hard covers got sold after the Kickstarter campaign, the fact that the hard covers were limited still created extra incentive to get those addons now instead of later. That project ended up raising over 170k in part because of the way they did that, and of course since all drawn content still made it to the softcover that sold to anyone no time and effort was wasted.

    11. Elliander Eldridge

      It wouldn't bother me at all. :) If anything, keeping things from being exclusive would be better because you can devote more resources into them.

      I still think it would be a nice to have an option of a combined hardcover book for all the extras. Making things hard cover costs money, but it helps to protect the book. Maybe you could make something like that the exclusive part? Like, sell all the extras as soft cover after the Kickstarter campaign, but create a combined hard cover version of those soft cover extras as a kickstarter exclusive option? That way you can still sell all the books, but you can have something extra for backers?

    12. Derek Lynch

      Do what you've got to do.

    13. Jeremy McIntyre on

      Go ahead. Adventures are nice, but I would much rather see the primary effort go into the system itself.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ashley Shackelford on

      Yeah, who wants to limit the audience on any of this greatness? Exclusive shmecklusive, I say!

    15. Dresvin

      As far as taking the adventure off kickstarter exclusive it is not something I specifically payed for and just a fun bonus so it is fine by me. Good luck getting some one to back 10,000 that would be insane.