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The Biblical Library elegantly designed & crafted for enjoyable reading, separated into volumes, and free of all numbers, notes, &c.
The Biblical Library elegantly designed & crafted for enjoyable reading, separated into volumes, and free of all numbers, notes, &c.
14,884 backers pledged $1,440,345 to help bring this project to life.

In time for Christmas & Channukkah

Posted by Adam Lewis Greene (Creator)

Hello, Everyone.

We have officially begun fulfilling Bibliotheca. Last week we sent out a small test batch to a few friends to make sure everything was in order, and we’re sending packages out by the thousands every day this week.

We’ve noticed many backers have recently placed another order. If you’ve been considering getting another set as a gift for someone, we’ve been told by the fulfillment center that orders placed by tomorrow (Wednesday the 14th) have the best chance of delivery prior to Christmas.

If that applies to you, here's a code for 10% off your order total, valid until Wednesday night: 

(Enter at checkout.)

More to come soon,

Adam & co.


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    1. David Craig Warren on

      I am still waiting to hear when this will ship. I was excited to hear that orders were being fulfilled, but I have not been notified myself. Any update?

    2. Missing avatar

      Janet Skerry on

      Would like to know when I will receive my shipment. I also ordered over 2 years ago. I was sent an email, updated my mailing address, and verified. How do I check when my order will be shipped?

    3. Elaine McIntyre Kim on

      I ordered two years ago and people who ordered for this Christmas got it already? I'm still waiting on my order to be shipped. Is there any way I can check shipping?

    4. Elaine McIntyre Kim on

      I ordered two years ago and people who ordered for this Christmas got it already? I'm still waiting on my order to be shipped. Is there any way I can check shipping?

    5. Michael Moore on

      Got my shipment. Excellent work, Adam.

    6. Missing avatar

      Becky Holt on

      One more thing: THANK YOU ADAM!!!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Becky Holt on

      I just got mine today!!!! They are so beautiful. I haven't been able to open the actual books yet, but they were definitely worth the wait! Ok so excited!!

    8. Michael Moore on

      If you haven't gotten an email yet, check a couple things:

      Did you open the email they sent out to verify your address and click the green "address verified" button?

      It's likely, as most Kickstarter campaigns, that orders are being fulfilled in the order that pledges were made. I've not received an email myself, but my backer number (found when you click and look at your pledge) is in the 13,000s. So if you've got a high backer number, you might just be waiting your turn.

    9. Missing avatar

      Wes Webb on

      Got mine today!!!! Worth every moment of waiting. Thanks to the whole team who put out a spectacular product!!! Just reading the first page has me so amped to pour through the whole text.

    10. Amy Wall on

      Leaving in a few days to head home for the holidays shipping confirmation for either of my sets. I guess I better start thinking of some other Christmas gift options...for the third year in a row.

    11. Brian Bentley on

      I sent a direct message to the creator but I didn't receive a reply so I'll leave a message here. I filled out the form to change my address but my order was shipped to my old address. Could someone give me some assistance with this? Thank you.

    12. Missing avatar

      Thomas Tjelmeland on

      Received an email so disregard my request.

    13. Missing avatar

      Thomas Tjelmeland on

      How have they been shipped. I was hoping to have mind by this Saturday and maybe is will still be delivered today. If by UPS I can check on the status.......................

    14. Marty Duren on

      I probably whined about the delay as much as anyone. My 4-volume set arrived ten minutes, and it's just as described. Beautifully done.

      Congrats, Adam, on seeing your vision come to fruition.

    15. Vincent MacIsaac on

      Well, I have been critical of how long this project took and some of the decisions made along the way. However, I finally got my order. Was it worth the wait? Well, the wait was long so hard to say. What I can honestly say is it is a great product that I am glad to own it and I expect more and future great products from Adam and company and the hopefully they can learn from this for future faster production. ;)

    16. Missing avatar

      Susan Segars on

      Hang in there Adam — hang in there! Your work, dedication, sweat, tears, time — ALL of it will be worth it. I don't have my shipment yet (4 sets arriving tomorrow according to FedEx) but my entire family is so excited about this (several pastor-types, lol), and I want to thank you. Reading through some of the comments must be, well — I hope you know that as long as there are people, there will be a smattering of negativity. Hmmmmmm. I think that concept is well stated within the pages you've worked so tirelessly on. I hope you know (even more) that it is the RARE person that spends the time you have to do something EXTRAORDINARY — knowing that there would likely be a backlash. It is worth it, Adam. I am so excited about this delivery — but just want you to know that a lot of us are thinking of you, thanking you, respecting you — and truly hope that 2017 is an amazing year for the Adam Lewis Greene family (and team). Good work.

    17. Gary Parnaby on

      Thank you, Adam, for your faithful completion of this project. I received my set today and it is everything I expected. It is beautiful and honestly worth more than I paid for it. Thank you.

    18. Andy Hendrick on

      Mine was delivered yesterday. Hooray!

    19. Joshua David Huizing on

      Saying this was an "epic 3 year wait" is rounding up by eight months. July 2014.

    20. Joshua David Huizing on


      Q: How will I know when my order has been shipped?
      A: When your order has shipped, you will receive an email from our fulfillment shipping department. Please do not email us requesting this information. All orders are shipping as fast as possible. Because we're shipping over 20,000 orders in a very short period of time, we cannot accommodate special requests.

    21. Jeff Link on

      Got mine but did not get walnut slipcase, just a crappy cardboard.... after 2 years this is the result of the case? :(

    22. Ronnie M on

      I just got mine today. I can't wait to dig into it. Thank you so much.

    23. Missing avatar

      Daniel Anderson on

      Do you know how these are being sent, looks like most are saying they got their tracking number and it says arrival the next day, so are these all being shipped next day air?

    24. Darius Beckham on

      I got my set a few hours ago! Been flipping through the pages of the books and they look and feel so good. This was definitely worth the wait - the quality is incredible.

      Thank you to the whole team! I've spread the love on Instagram so maybe you'll have some more customers soon. Peace and Merry Christmas! :)

    25. Liam Walsh on

      Just got my confirmation shipping email! Thanks Adam and the team! It was a long wait, but I'm glad you took the efforts you did to make something that will last a lifetime! I may even get my package tomorrow! Super excited to finally crack one of these open!

    26. R.A. Ray on

      Just got my tracking number from Fedex and it is scheduled to arrive Saturday - just in time for me to grab it before leaving town!

    27. Missing avatar

      Mark Viscusi on

      Can confirm books are shipping!! Got a tracking number via email yesterday and should have my set tonight!! Thanks for all the hard work, team!

    28. Shubham Khichi on

      Kindly update the tracking details via emails please

    29. Jared Bennett on


      I had asked this before but didn't get a response: Is there any special care instructions? I remember that the pages are not wood-based paper so does it handle differently than your average book?

    30. Jason Stonehouse on

      Thank you so much for this wonderful news! I received the shipping information for a second set that I ordered, but not for my Kickstarter set. Any word on when those will be updated?

    31. Jackson Dame on

      @Vincent - I applaud Adam's step of testing it on his friends. After a 3-year long wait for this, I don't want it getting lost in the mail or messed up due to a botched fulfillment process just because I wanted it a week or two sooner. Let his friends be the guinea pigs to ensure the process works, not us.

    32. Vincent MacIsaac on

      I am very glad this is finally coming. But what i am reading here is that after an epic almost 3 year wait "few friends" got priority shipping over the rest of us waiting in line. Of course, it is all in the name of quality control (as was the whole last three years).

    33. Missing avatar

      Aaron Jameson on

      I read and reread this last update three times! Overjoyed! And the joy will continue as we read God's holy word over and over again. This is truly a gift "that keeps on giving," because our Father in heaven is a giving (prodigal!) God. Thank you, Adam and company. Thank you all!

    34. Robert Thomas Kenmore on

      So happy to see this come to fruition! This is going to be a wonderful Christmas gift!

    35. John Essex on

      This is wonderful to hear! Congrats on this massive ordeal! Thank you!

    36. Missing avatar

      Ryan Flamion on

      Adam & Co,

      Awesome work. Congratulations on fulfilling your overwhelming project. I'm sure it's been quite an interesting/exhausting past two years!

      One question to your update: will we be receiving shipment tracking information, and if so, where should we expect to find that?

      Thank you, and Merry Christmas / Happy Channukkah / Happy Holidays to all of you!

    37. Lancia E. Smith on

      Adam and company - I am so proud of you! What bravery and faithfulness you have demonstrated! To watch this hard journey - even as an observer from afar - gives me hope that honour does remain in this world. May our faithful God bless and keep you and cause more good to come from the release of this work than you can imagine.

    38. Avery Mixon on

      Thanks Adam! Very much looking forward to surprising my family on Christmas morning with this!