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The Biblical Library elegantly designed & crafted for enjoyable reading, separated into volumes, and free of all numbers, notes, &c.
The Biblical Library elegantly designed & crafted for enjoyable reading, separated into volumes, and free of all numbers, notes, &c.
14,884 backers pledged $1,440,345 to help bring this project to life.

Update your shipping address!

Posted by Adam Lewis Greene (Creator)


Hello, Everyone.

Bibliotheca will begin shipping soon. If you need to update your shipping address, please take a moment to follow these step-by-step instructions.

(*Note: You may not be able to edit your address on a mobile device.) 

  • Go to and log into your Kickstarter account
  • Navigate to the rewards on the BibIiotheca campaign page
  • Scroll down to your selected reward (highlighted green)
  • Click on the link, “Your response”
  • Select “Edit address,” enter the correct information, and click “Submit”

Also, here’s a discount code for 10% off all new orders at, valid through Monday night: THANKYOU10 (enter at checkout)

Kind regards,

Adam & co.

P.S. If you have trouble with the instructions above, try this:

  • Go to and log into your Kickstarter account
  • Click on the profile setting dropdown in upper right corner (the circular photo/icon)
  • Under “My Stuff,” select “Backed Projects”
  • Select “Bibliotheca” from the “Projects I backed” list
  • Click the middle tab, “Survey”
  • Select “Edit address,” enter the correct information, and click “Submit”
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    1. Christopher McKirgan on

      For those that keep asking "are you shipping now?" - I would read between the lines of there being no clear statement that they will ship in time for Christmas as: they almost certainly will not arrive before Christmas. You might get lucky, but as a hunch I suspect most will have orders fulfilled mid-January, especially international orders such as myself in the UK. I have no information to support this, just guesswork. I really wouldn't hold your breath for Christmas and would buy other gifts if you're holding out for the books as Christmas presents.

    2. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Biddick on

      i was an original backer and have not commented in the past years. I am hoping that if there are enough comments to the same question there may be a short response clarifying more accurately the shipping time frame. This will be Christmas #3 for my intended gift to my children and I planned accordingly after receiving the shipping update email in November. Please advise more specifically as to expected time frame for shipping. Thank you.

    3. Robert Thomas Kenmore on

      Do we have a final estimate on when shipping will begin? Will you begin fulfilling orders in the order they were received? Backer 1, then 2, 3, etc?

      What are the odds they are shipped for a Christmas delivery? Two of my sets are gifts I'd love to give this year.

    4. Adam Lewis Greene 2-time creator on


      Hope you are all doing well.

      We recently sent out a very important final Address Confirmation email. The address listed for you in this email reflects the current address we have in our system for shipping each order. Please look for the "Bibliotheca Address Confirmation" from, sent 12/6/16, in the email account you used to place your order(s).

      If the shipping ADDRESS IS CORRECT in that email, it is then correct in our system & there is nothing further you need to do.

      If that ADDRESS IS NOT CORRECT, please update it through the steps listed in that email. Previous or future address changes and requests for Kickstarter orders will no longer be processed.

      **That confirmation email must be opened for your order to be shipped**

      Please read that email fully, including the FAQ section before contacting us back as we are working at full capacity to prepare orders for shipping.

      We cannot wait to share Bibliotheca with you soon!

      Many thanks,

      Bibliotheca, Inc.
      Customer Support Manager

    5. Allen Green on

      Very excited about shipment. I will be leaving to celebrate Christmas away from home and will be gone a few days. I would hate to have my shipment taken. Can you please give a "by this date" ETOA? Please contact me asap. Thanks and God bless.

    6. Keith Beckman on

      For anyone receiving the address confirmation email, the instructions may be incomplete. If you use an email client like the stock Samsung email client, you may have to click a button to load images. If you do not do this, the "just open the email, don't do anything else" confirmation will not work. The email uses an image webbug to detect opened emails, and webbugs are blocked until images are loaded.

    7. Missing avatar

      Brent James on

      Should we expect a now shipped email from bibliotecha when the books are shipped? I keep checking my email.

    8. Missing avatar

      Katherine Mason on

      This is my first comment since I became a backer oh-so-very long ago. I must attempt to "insist" that "soon" be clarified. Please. Pretty please? With sugar on top? I ordered three sets and I really need to know if they will arrive in Seattle before Christmas. Are there odds? Like, I've got a 50% chance? 25% chance? 82.5%? I'm only asking that you follow through on what you indicated you would do all along (with less than stellar results) i.e. keep us informed. Thanks in advance.

    9. Micah Andrew Hasty on

      When we say "shipping soon"... how soon are we talking?

    10. Dave Brown on

      My address is hard for some delivery companies to find. Can you tell me who will be delivering this item? UPS seems fine, and USPS can find us most of the time. But FedEx can't seem to locate us. Let me know.

    11. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    12. Missing avatar

      cherylann sammons on

      Cherylann Sammons
      3220 Hertlein Place
      Castro Valley, CA 94546

    13. Belinda Stratford on

      These instructions don't work for me either can't find the highlighter green or the option to update address. Please let us know how to proceed! Super excited it's finally ready to be shipped.

    14. Daniel Schlomer on

      Both instructions also don't work for me. I emailed someone on the team a few weeks ago and I was told the backers with the library embosser will receive a separate survey later. The survey will be more detailed than the others. Those who backed at this reward level will probably just have to wait a little bit longer for the survey

    15. Liam Walsh on

      Woohoo! I wonder how soon!?!

    16. Missing avatar

      john hambrick on

      John Hambrick
      3141 South Utica Ave
      Tulsa Okla 74105
      I've changed computers twice since I ordered two sets. I cannot find original order number.

    17. 4R on

      I have found my single order number, but I can not find my "backer" order number. I have paid for 4 "complete" sets. Will you please verify that you are shipping me the four complete paid for sets and let me know ASAP? The address in the "Celery: Dashboard" is correct, it shows the later single order.

    18. Missing avatar

      Kate Birch on

      To change your address click on [View pledge] - blue button at the top of the page.
      Then in there select the 2nd Tab called 'Survey'. In there on the right is your postal address, under is a link called 'Edit address', click that to change your address.

    19. Richard Muryanto on

      Hello, do you know the exact delivery date? I will be in the middle of moving to different location in December (2 weeks in one place, and 2 weeks will be in different place), so it will be nice to know when the delivery date roughly will be.


    20. Sumo on

      both instructions don't work for me either

    21. Virginia Arnett Morse on

      Virginia Morse
      3455 Stellar Dr
      San Diego CA 92123

    22. Jay Owen on

      Will it be delivered before Christmas?

    23. Missing avatar

      Jack Holbrook on

      Jack Holbrook
      1550 Barton De NE
      Cullman, AL

    24. Missing avatar

      Edgar Lewandowski on

      Neither set of instructions worked for me either.

      For reference, I purchased the $240 Deluxe Package (Hardbound Cloth + Solid Walnut Slipcase + Personalized Library Emboss).

    25. Aaron Hudkins on

      So glad we are near a ship date :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Gwen schlemmer on

      If your address is the same are we good

    27. Missing avatar

      Craig on

      Looking forward to receiving this in due course - I am sure it will be well worth the wait.

    28. Missing avatar

      Thomas Brainerd on

      Got the same issues Ben Hoyt does.

    29. Missing avatar

      Ben Hoyt on

      One more thing for reference: I selected the $165 "Library emboss package".

    30. Missing avatar

      Ben Hoyt on

      And, and when I'm viewing my reward on the campaign page, it says "NO SURVEYS SENT" -- so maybe that is the problem?

    31. Missing avatar

      Ben Hoyt on

      Hmm, neither set of instructions work for me. With the first set of instructions, my reward is not highlighted green and there's no link "Your response", and when I click on the reward it pops open a box with y reward but there's no place to edit my address. With the second set of instructions, once I've selected Bibliotheca from the list, it pops open a box, but there's no middle tab and nothing that says "Survey" or "Edit address" anywhere. How can I update my address?