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The Biblical Library elegantly designed & crafted for enjoyable reading, separated into volumes, and free of all numbers, notes, &c.
The Biblical Library elegantly designed & crafted for enjoyable reading, separated into volumes, and free of all numbers, notes, &c.
14,884 backers pledged $1,440,345 to help bring this project to life.

Lo, the books become books.

Posted by Adam Lewis Greene (Creator)

Hello, everyone.

As I announced in the last update, production commenced in mid-May, and it has been progressing steadily since. Having been entrenched in the editorial stages for so long, it has been exhilarating to see the books materialize, as objects—books!—taking up space, with weight, smell, and texture. I've been working closely with Kösel, our printer in Germany, to produce a thing of true quality in its every detail, and they are doing great work.

Each volume is being printed individually. Three of the five volumes have been printed in their entirety, and each of those is at one stage or another in the binding process—folding, sewing, trimming, gluing, rounding, or covering. The last two volumes will be printed this month.

I recently returned from a visit to Kösel, where I oversaw and documented the various stages of production. We are currently working to give you a closer look into that trip and this fascinating process. Keep an eye out.

In the meantime, here are some photos from the trip.





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    1. Darius Beckham on

      We live in a culture where rampant consumerism and instant gratification are the norm. We have money, so we want to buy things - and we want them immediately and on our terms. If we don't get what we want when we want it, some of us at times resort to making nasty & inconsiderate statements and throwing temper tantrums.

      Some of the comments on these updates demonstrate grown men and women throwing terrible temper tantrums. It is profoundly unloving, childish, and unbiblical to have such an entitled, haughty, and self-absorbed attitude.

      I want to address these individuals, whose comments can be found not only here, but throughout multiple Bibliotheca update posts. Even though this is a dated update, I'm posting here in hopes that people will see it, because this was a big post that seems to have gotten many hits.

      Where is the patience, gentleness, and love? Why are you so oddly absorbed by the completion of this project? Are consistent updates really that serious and necessary? Has the project become an idol, or is this mindset indicative of a more deeply rooted problem? Has the Bible itself, devoid of the Father, Christ, & the Holy Spirit, become an idol? How have you been so wracked by Bibliotheca's extended timeline that it has actually affected your walk with Christ??

      You paid to back this and you will receive it. It is coming! It takes time!

      Also, this is not just another "thing" that you spent your money on. It is the Word of God in a carefully designed, beautiful, high quality format, and it is being overseen by Adam (one man) and an exceptionally small team. What is so hard to understand about that? They were not squandering your money & sitting around smoking weed, they were working hard (for years at this point) and traveling the world to get this thing done. They have lives, families, and are human beings with a number of other responsibilities too. Did you really expect this man and his team to move, update, and respond to inquiries like they were Amazon, HarperCollins, or even Crossway?

      Please do this: re-read your comments, understand how juvenile your complaints were, and act accordingly. God's grace is abundant and powerful.

    2. Michael Thomas Lynch on

      I think I'm going to pass out.

    3. Michael Thomas Lynch on

      I think I'm going to pass out.

    4. Michael Thomas Lynch on

      I think I'm going to pass out.

    5. Missing avatar

      David on

      Looks like crossway have beaten you to the punch..

    6. Steven Nicom on

      This is a little ridiculous. You raised 1.4 millions dollars to print a book. A book that was due to be shipped more than a year ago. Yet still, nothing.

    7. Missing avatar

      Cooper Taylor on

      Ok, so if my math is correct, 3 of the 5 volumes were printed from May 19 - July 10. Which means that there should have been little issue completing the remaining two volumes in the two months from July 10 - September 10. I understand shipping time from Germany is a thing (having lived and shipped things back and forth from there myself), but there should absolutely, without question be some kind of update by now, if not on the status of my order, at least on the printing of the books.

      I usually forget about the existence of this project and check back every couple of months, just to see what progress has been made, but I agree with all other people before me. A one line update is more than enough. I don't need to see books in shipping containers, and I don't need to know in depth what hurdles you've had to overcome. Just let us know that some kind of progress is still being made. Missing deadline after deadline, I believe, obligates you to update more frequently.

    8. Jeremy Gardner on

      Huge supporter it's been over 2 months it is time for another update.

    9. Jeremy Gardner on

      Huge supporter it's been over 2 months it is time for another update.

    10. Frank Weller on

      'Tis the Acts 1:7, edition – "And he said unto them, 'It is not for you to know times or seasons, which the Father hath set within His own authority.'"

    11. Missing avatar

      Brent James on

      Just wanted to remind the team, that you promised the backers, "We will share more in an upcoming Update Newsletter soon." That was 32 days ago! One twelfth of a year ago. I have a feeling that you all are trying to prepare a "shipped" update for us and I'm excited to receive the books. Clearly you're saying that we're receiving the books in 2016, that's 96 days away. Can you just tell us, is production done? Have you received the books? In May, 3 of 5 books were in production. Can someone just give us a 3 line update?

    12. 4R on

      William Maclvor, I too received the same "canned" response. I posted it in the "comments" section.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jacob Cowdin on

      I can honestly say I've been excitedly waiting for 2 years for this, but it looks like its getting close. A project like this takes so much time and effort, and I will gladly wait longer, (hopefully not 2 more years) to receive it. I really appreciate the project and the aesthetic of the project. The photos of the books do genuinely look beautiful. Thanks for the work in bringing a simpler version of the word to life. Cheers!

    14. William MacIvor on

      So, after I posted my comment below I got a kickstarter response sent to my email, I am unsure whether it was an automated response or not. Here it is below:

      Adam Lewis Greene says:
      Hi William,
      Hope you are doing well.
      I am sorry for any concern or frustration with the delay of Bibliotheca or the Newsletters. We are pleased with the progress in Germany and are finishing up the next Update Newsletter, which will be out soon. We cannot wait to share Bibliotheca with you in 2016 and are sure it will be worth the wait.
      Please reach out directly with any questions at any time.
      Have a great weekend,
      Bibliotheca, Inc.
      Customer Support Manager

    15. Missing avatar

      Josiah on

      saw this on the website... can you guys elaborate or give an updated eta?

      "PLEASE NOTE: This is special pre-order pricing. Bibliotheca is currently in production and will ship when ready. Delivery is estimated to be within the first or second quarter of the new year. You will receive more information about the delivery date as it becomes available through our community updates."


    16. William MacIvor on

      Even a simple update saying, "Hey guys there is nothing new to report, books are still being created, we don't have a ship date set yet." would be amazing.

      How much time does it take to put out a little update? It's part of doing a good job and being responsible to those who have funded you. It makes it feel unorganized that 10-30 minutes a week can't be set aside to put out an update.

      I still have this suspicion that we have all been taken for, that it is some elaborate hoax, and that Adam is running off to the Bahamas or something with the money.

      I'm not even mad about the years it has taken. It is funny though that Crossway will have their edition of this in ESV out before Adam has his.

      So, if Adam has taken off for the Bahamas at least we will be able to get this sort of Bible format in the ESV from Crossway.

      Good luck and to hoping this wasn't just a hoax :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Katie Sadler on

      Shipping update? THIS Christmas maybe??? I purchased this for a Christmas gift 2 years ago...hoping to actually hold it this year!

    18. Missing avatar

      Kimberly on

      The least the team could do is give us another update by now. We're not asking for an essay. Maybe a few sentences long would be just fine. I know I'm not the only one who has commented about this issue before. We understand that doing this project is an extremely serious undertaking. Also understand the all of us have paid you money. Timely updates are the least you could do on this side of things.

    19. Missing avatar

      Joshua Purvis on

      Any update at all guys? Anything? Its legit been two years now. Is this whole thing going to up and collapse at some point? Just some timely communication would be really nice. Maybe a once every week, 2 sentence "Hey, we're verifying x and y today. Its a good day!" would be great. Anything....just feels like this is a project that is never going to finish.

    20. Motivate Humble on

      Would love to see a bi-weekly update - we have to be getting close.

    21. James Cook on

      I seriously can't wait! It has been a long time coming... Great job!

    22. Missing avatar

      Patrick Bobo on

      Really excited for this, but it feels like we've been on the verge of actually receiving them for some time. Hope we get an update on the progress soon.

    23. Andy Hendrick on

      Any news? Shipment date? On August 26, you said there would be an update 'soon.'

    24. Adam Tyler on

      Any estimate on the ship date?

    25. Allen Green on

      Good morning, the last update that I have seen was July 10th, have i missed Aug, and Sept's?

    26. Justin Mederich on

      I mean, the Bible hasn't changed in like... 1700 years so...?

    27. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      I always crave the updates from y'all. You pack great information into them and share so many amazing details about the process of creating thousands upon thousands of beautiful quality books.

      I have my mother's old Bible and pull it out every so often to look through the pages. Every page is littered with her gorgeous handwriting and highlights. Sometimes the book scares me. Sometimes the book infuriates me. Sometimes the book melts my heart and makes me cry.

      I love flipping through the pages and having something that meant so much to my mother to remember her by. When I found Bibliotheca, I was so excited to have a version of my own, a blank canvas for my own thoughts and interpretations, and the additional Apocrypha volume to boot.

      The anticipation is building with each week that passes and I can't wait to see, feel and read the end result!

    28. Missing avatar

      Ian de lange on

      Can we expect our books before Christmas?

    29. Heather Darrin on

      Looking good, can't wait!

    30. Robert Sawyer on

      New delivery date?

    31. Joanna Harmon on

      So cool to see how everything in production works! Love the NT cover! Can't wait to see how God is going to use this project. Thanks for your due diligence. (Thanks for your reply to changing my address. It didn't work on my mobile, but it did on my iPad.)

    32. Adam Lewis Greene 2-time creator on

      Hi Backers,

      We are excited about the progress Kösel is making with Bibliotheca, as volumes continue to be completed. We will share more in an upcoming Update Newsletter soon.

      For those who may need it, here are the steps to update your address:
      (note- you may not be able to change your address on a mobile device)

      - Log into your Kickstarter account
      - Navigate to the BibIiotheca campaign page
      - Scroll down to your selected reward (highlighted green)
      - Click on the link “Your response”
      - Select “Edit address”

      Or, alternatively:

      - Log into your Kickstarter account
      - Click on the Profile Setting drop-down in upper right-hand corner
      - Under “My Stuff,” select “Backed Projects”
      - Select “Bibliotheca” from the “Projects I backed” list
      - Click the middle “Survey” tab
      - Select “Edit address”

      We appreciate the patience and support in this journey. We cannot wait to share Bibliotheca with you!

      Have a great weekend,

      Bibliotheca, Inc.
      Customer Support Manager

    33. Vincent MacIsaac on

      Do we have an update on when this will ship. I have to renew my lease. I signed up for this years ago, and no joke, it be good to know if I move in November if i will have figure something out.

    34. Michael Moore on

      Jeffrey Michael, if you were a Kickstarter supporter your card was charged for the product(s) you selected when the campaign was funded. You have already paid. Also if you were a Kickstarter supporter, you can click the "view pledge" button at the top of the page. It will take you to another screen. Underneath the name of the project click "survey" and you can edit your shipping address there.

    35. David Sikes on

      I love coming back to this post to see these gorgeously detailed photos. can't wait to see more, and—of course—feel and experience this book for myself. Well done.

    36. Jeffrey Michael on

      continuing from the post below.. on top of that, I had moved and have a new mailing address! How will I get my copies?

    37. Jeffrey Michael on

      I am curious on how this is going to go. From the beginning I gave my credit card number as required in ordering these volumes. As now time has passed, i have submitted numbers from a card that is now expired. It was my understanding that my card would be charged on completion and shipping. What am I to do?

    38. Michael Moore on

      Barbara, that information is amply supplied in the updates on this page, but long story short is that Adam underestimated the amount of time it would take to truly undertake his vision and that two years is a reasonable amount of time for a project of this scope in order to deliver a quality project. It is, in fact, a fairly good pace as such projects could take upwards of 5 to 10 years to ensure a quality text. The issue was that he wasn't simply promising to take out the chapter and verse markings and other externalities to the text, but to update the text to a more contemporary form of English. That task sounds simple, but in order to ensure fidelity to the source language idiom, you have to actually do a lot of extra work besides just substituting phrasing, and a lot of scholarship has improved our understanding of the source languages since the original English text was published. What you are about to receive, if you would simply be patient enough to allow this project to run its proper course, is a high quality work of both craftsmanship and fidelity to the source languages. I do not find this a burden to await and hope you find renewed endurance.

    39. Barbara Roller on

      I have been trying to communicate with someone for months. First I get a reply that I need to send to a different "team" and then when I do that I am told I have reached the wrong company and they don't know what I'm talking about. I want a response from someone who can tell me why after 2 years I have nothing. At this point I just want my money back.

    40. Richard Villanueva on

      SWEET! Can't wait to have them in hand!!

    41. Allen Green on

      How awesome! Looks like a work of art. Can not wait to add them to my library.

    42. Andrew Rog on

      Very cool, thanks for the update! Can't wait!! :)

    43. Andrew Apperley on

      @jeremy casella I see what you did there.

    44. Missing avatar

      Terry Harmer on

      Hi Adam, delivery looks imminent great news, do you have a date yet, and the recipients have moved house twice since the pledge, it is that far back, i can't remember if I gave an address. Can you let me know please, so I can update the record, thanks Terry

    45. Matt Carobini on

      Stoked to get the book. Will definitely be worth the wait!