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The Biblical Library elegantly designed & crafted for enjoyable reading, separated into volumes, and free of all numbers, notes, &c.
The Biblical Library elegantly designed & crafted for enjoyable reading, separated into volumes, and free of all numbers, notes, &c.
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Bibliotheca Update: From CA to GA

Posted by Adam Lewis Greene (Creator)

Hello, Everyone.

At the beginning of the year I had the pleasure of spending a day at Peachtree Editorial Services, near Atlanta. (If you need a refresher, they’re the veteran proofreading company we’re working with to perform the final check of our text.) I was warmly welcomed, and after introductions I was thoroughly impressed by their operation and by the meticulous, multifaceted process they are putting our proofs through. Many careful eyes are checking and re-checking each typeset page. Peachtree has worked with nearly all the most respected modern English translations and revisions, and is considered the world’s finest Bible proofreading firm. They are living up to their reputation.

It’s been an honor to work directly with Peachtree’s co-founder June Gunden, who has personally taken the lead on the proofreading of Bibliotheca. My confidence in our effort was bolstered by something June said in a recent email: “The more I study your work, the more impressed I am with how beautiful a job you’ve done!” Coming from her, this of course means a great deal to us.

We continue to put in long hours, nights, and weekends on final typesetting, proofreading, and the few remaining editorial queries—even the folks at Peachtree have been gracious enough to put in time on their weekends. As challenging as the road has been, I am reminded that the editorial process to revise and yet preserve the literary style of the American Standard Version has been graced all the while by the dedicated efforts of highly talented and skilled individuals—all in the shared interest of creating (and at the same time upholding) something good and enduring. Not only has the team brought their experience and professionalism to the table, they are also a relentlessly positive and driven group of people.

Thanks to everyone’s hard work, we are on target to begin printing this spring. I will have more momentous news to share at that time, when the project finally shifts from an editorial focus to production. I can hardly wait to see those first printed sheets off the press.

As always, please feel welcome to email us directly at with any questions. Heather and team will reply in a timely fashion to assist you in any way possible.

As we make our final push toward printing and binding the books, your support means the world to us—now as ever.

With much appreciation,

Adam & the team
Bibliotheca, Inc.

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    1. Nathan Lewis on

      @Adam and @Heather.

      I'm going to try carefully to be respectful and considerate as reminded in the comment section. Your last update is OVER TWO MONTHS AGO. I really struggle to understand the logic behind the "team". Do you not read the comments? Do you learn nothing? People are frustrated. People are angry. People feel cheated and lied to. Put yourself in our shoes. There should be weekly or at the very least bi-weekly updates. Just a few sentences. Just let us know you still acknowledge our existence. Just let us know you are still on target. This has been YEARS of waiting, and still years down the line you can't even be considerate to your backers that provided over a MILLION dollars to you. They trusted this vision and this team with their hard earned money, and you can't even dedicated an hour a week to respond.

      Its honestly shameful. I regret ever backing this project.

    2. Andy Hendrick on

      An update on the update? Better than nothing I guess, but how hard is it to write a sentence or two to say whether printing will, in fact, begin this Spring? Really the only project detail I am interested in at this point is when it will be delivered.

    3. Adam Lewis Greene 2-time creator on


      Thanks to everyone for their continued eagerness for Bibliotheca!

      We are excited for the 2016 release of Bibliotheca and will get the next Update out soon with project details. The Team is working on the next Update and has a lot to share now and coming up in the near future—the end is in sight. We appreciate the patience & support of all.

      As always, reach out directly via email if you have any specific questions, I am here to help as best I can.

      Take Care!

      Bibliotheca, Inc.
      Customer Support Manager

    4. Shubham Khichi on

      Dear Adam,
      We trusted you in your commitment of the bible and the timeline. But over time you have just lost our trust slowly by delaying the process. Time commitment is everything, you are not publishing a worlds best seller and a million copies it, it's been 2 years for your commitment and win this speed I will be getting the books this Christmas which will nearly complete 3 years. I hate to break it to you but I'm not reluctant to invest in any other project which takes so much time. Kindly update soon.

      Your warm investor,
      Shubham Khichi

    5. Dan Glaze on

      Please provide us with an update. This is sadly becoming an integrity issue. Communication with your backers is vitally important for trust. I don't understand why you do not see the value in communication with those of us who made this project possible for you. PLEASE!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Aaron Schmeerbauch on

      First, let me just say, I believe in this project, and I have zero doubts that it will come to fruition (hopefully soon)! That said, this is probably the most disappointing Kickstarter project I've ever backed. The joy of the platform is getting to see the development of a project along its lifecycle. Most other Kickstarter's I've backed provide updates on a very regular least once a month, but usually more frequently than that. If we are lucky we get maybe a quarterly update with this one. It's disappointing, because it's probably my favorite thing I've backed. Would love more insight. Carry on!

    7. Missing avatar

      Philip Tyre on

      This has taken a crazy long time...
      I was really excited about this when I first invested in you. Now can hardly remember clicking "Back This Project"...
      Can we draw interest on the money we gave you years ago? Like, really...can we?

    8. Anthony Miller on

      Please update soon. This is beyond ridiculous. If you can't fulfill , say it. If you can't deliver, say it. That's better than being led on.

    9. Tyler Schultz on

      Has printing begun on this project yet?

    10. Robert Blake on

      Nice you are enjoying that you have been on this project a LONG time. Some of us are starting to wonder if it will ever see the light of day.
      With the amount of backing, you should have been able to pull this off by now. We get it, high quality but things really appear no closer than they were two years ago, when this was proposed.
      People want time lines, not just promises it will come some day in the future.

    11. Andrew Eads on

      Since I was given funding for this project as a Christmas present I've gone to college, met the girl of my dreams, married her, and I'm almost done with my bachelor's degree. And yet, I'm still so excited for this project. So Mr. Greene, keep the faith and I'm looking forward to seeing the fruit of you labors.

    12. Andrew Eads on

      Since I was given funding for this project as a Christmas present I've gone to college, met the girl of my dreams, married her, and I'm almost done with my bachelor's degree. And yet, I'm still so excited for this project. So Mr. Greene, keep the faith and I'm looking forward to seeing the fruit of you labors.

    13. Brian Norwood on

      Bibliotheca was my Christmas present in 2014. Yes, I admit, I am sometimes frustrated by the constantly pushed out timeline. But, I wanted this because, while I have several Bibles that engage the academic in me, I wanted a Bible that engaged the the artist. I STILL WANT THAT. A readable book with a dedication to the Bible as a piece of literature, with an eye for design and craftsmanship. Something that looked like a book, and not legislation or tax code. I STILL WANT THAT. I'm still EXCITED about that. And more importantly, I think Bibliotheca has shown other publishers that there is a market for an artisan edition of the Bible, and perhaps soon other translations will be presented in a similar vein. Readable as opposed to study-able. I'm not giving up my Biblical archaeology or Apologetics study Bibles, nor my NIV study bible. I will keep my harmonized gospels, and my side by side multi translation Bible. But I eagerly await this new presentation of way is to me the most important work of literature in history.

    14. Missing avatar

      Richard Reynolds on

      I have been waiting a long time for this and as months pass by I forget about it. I hope it is what is has been built up to be.

      How do I change my shipping address with you?

    15. Missing avatar

      Nathan Gillette on

      I'm tired too. This project is a tremendous idea and a bold journey to take on for Adam, as well as the entire team that has joined him.
      Im tired of waiting as well as many others and I desperately want to sit down and read this delightful and life changing story, all over again.

      I have been invited to lead a one of a kind translation team, and this would be a first for the English scriptures. As I look on at the variance of comments by so many, I wonder, have many of the commenters even read this text before. This shows me with a lot more clarity the obstacles to come, the trials of being understanding and consistent with those supporting such a vast project.

      Tired and waiting, like with all of life, doesn't really equate to "justified nagging", "demanding updates" ,
      "respectfully dissenting" and so on and so on...
      I had some money to spend when I ordered the three sets I did, I have moved a great distance away since(the end of the world actually, as it's known). This means shipping will cost me quite a bit. I don't have as deep a pockets now, but I'm still going to pay what it takes.
      Money, regardless of where you spend it, it is spent in faith, faith that you will receive what you pay for. The longer we wait to receive what we paid for, often brings to light our real frustrations with life, ourselves, and our issues.

      I'm no saint as the saying goes. I don't speak the nicest things to others, quite often sometimes.
      I fret over my excessive use of swear words, my lack of empathy and my desperation to actually experience that freedom that is talked about so freely, yet experienced so rarely.
      These WORDS, that are being mulled over so particularly, that are carefully being assembled into the finest crafted book for me to hold in my hand and gaze upon with my own two eyes and read aloud as a story being told and not a text book being referenced. THESE WORDS, They will change me, they will bring faith, they will bring eternity to my eyes. I long for and wait to peer into eternity anew. Though tired, and anxious, cranky and unstable at times. I say, "Adam, stay the course!", supporters "let patience(withstanding under pressure) have its perfect work".
      If at this point you cannot say anything supportive for all of us, then attempt a shut mouth or seized thumbs. Stop pretending to be someone that cares so deeply for this profound reality to come to pass and just man up and say, yep I'm a jackass, I need this to help me mostly with that one fact. Im saying this for me. It's not Adams fault you have issues, should he wish to take the millions and run, he is accountable to Heaven. That is not the case and he has taken on a task, I think few if any would have taken the utmost care to accomplish and with integrity in tact.

      Suck it up people, were in the home stretch and it's the "WORD OF LIFE" let's try to put a bit of life and blessing in our support. YHWH bless all those who bless, and bring the rest of us to repentance.

    16. Dirk Sierd de Vries on

      Thanks for the update. Great stuff, we'll see shipments when we see them. Take your time!

    17. Jeremy Gardner on

      I know that it's been nearly 2 years since the project launched and I am excited that this wasn't rushed. I too agree with many of the comments that the length of time this project has taken is building my excitement for the end product. Thank you Bibliothea team for your hard work and perseverance.

    18. Beth H. Garvin on

      With binding in the future, this Spring, 2016, when can we expect a deilvery? I ordered 4 sets and am really anxious to receive them.

    19. Becki Neumann on

      When?? That is all. When??

    20. Becki Neumann on

      When?? That is all. When??

    21. Missing avatar

      Valarie Santoy on

      When is the projected delivery date?

    22. Missing avatar

      Chautona Havig on

      I want to take a minute and say, "Thank you." Thank you for being thorough and ensuring you produce the quality promised. It's worth the wait.

      Looking forward to my set. It's going to be the biggest blessing. :)

    23. Josh Kling on

      Again. Thanks for the updates. As I have always said; take your time. It's done when it's done. I would rather have a well-made product after a lot of waiting than a crappy knock-off that was rushed.

      Can't wait to have a fresh look at the bible.

    24. Missing avatar

      Keith Williams on

      A little perspective on the timeline.

      For the last 11 years, I have worked on the Bible editorial team at a major Bible publisher. We publish many new Bibles each and every year, so I know a thing or two about the process.

      At my company, we have a large and experienced team of professionals who have been publishing Bibles for decades. The team includes people who have expertise in product development, editorial, design, typesetting, proofreading, manufacturing, and distribution. On top of that, we have people whose full-time job is simply managing the process through these teams of experts. And all of that is with a Bible translation that is polished and final--we don't need to worry about making (and checking) changes to the Bible text itself.

      With all of those advantages and experience, it generally takes us over a year to move a simple text Bible from approved product to shipping out of our warehouse.

      Adam has none of those advantages. He is learning much of the process as he goes. Sure, his initial timeline was overly optimistic. But he is still working to create the project according to his original vision, without cutting corners. I for one am glad he has taken that approach. Cut him some slack, and just look forward to receiving the books just as he described them in his proposal, even if they are 2 years "late."

    25. Adam Lewis Greene 2-time creator on

      Hi @Backers!

      Hope everyone is doing well.

      For those who need it, here is how to Update your address in Kickstarter:
      (please note- you may not be able to change your address on a mobile device)

      - Log into your Kickstarter account
      - Navigate to the BibIiotheca campaign page
      - Scroll down to your selected reward (highlighted green)
      - Click on the link “Your response”
      - Select “Edit address”

      Or, alternatively:

      - Log into your Kickstarter account
      - Click on the Profile Setting drop-down in upper right-hand corner
      - Under “My Stuff,” select “Backed Projects”
      - Select “Bibliotheca” from the “Projects I backed” list
      - Click the middle “Survey” tab
      - Select “Edit address”

      As always, I am here to help and can get back to you quickest if you contact me directly.

      Thanks to all for your continued support & your eagerness to receive Bibliotheca!

      Have a great weekend!

      Bibliotheca, Inc.
      Customer Support Manager

    26. Andrew J. on

      Thanks for the update, always good to hear more. Is there a more certain ship date, now? Excited to hold these at last.

    27. Missing avatar

      Joshua Cheam on

      Great job guys! Keep up the great work!

    28. Missing avatar

      Marcus Schwager on

      The best book in human history given more of the aesthetic patience and skill its form deserves: I think we can handle a few extra months to do better justice to a text laden and laced with thousands of years of wisdom, translation, and life. Bravo to Adam, Devin, and the whole team; the finish line is in sight! I'm glad to be a part of this sweet project.

    29. Mark Ufert on

      I also do not understand these 3 year waiting statements. It's only been a year and a half since the funding ended. People need to understand the purpose of Kickstarter as funding and not buying a product. I have made plans and commitments with things in life that did not go as expected. This is a huge and important project that should not be shortcut. It is a journey, a long one, but it will be well worth the wait.

    30. John Goering on

      Thanks for the update. Keep up the good work - that is definitely some high praise coming from June Gunden.

    31. Trina A.L. Esene on

      Thanks for the update, Adam, Heather, and gang! ��

    32. Trina A.L. Esene on

      Thanks for the update, Adam, Heather, and gang! �

    33. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Tallacksen on

      A few commenters have complained, saying "3 years" is far too long to wait for the Bible they funded. Well, I have good news for those of you who have said this! We're only 1.5 years into this Kickstarter campaign; you still have 1.5 years left to go before you hit the 3 year mark! Congratulations!

      The Bibliotecha campaign ended July 27th, 2014, and, yes, finished Bibles were originally promised for December of 2014. At this point, the Bibles are 1 year and 2 months late. This update projects that production will begin Spring of this year. That's in a couple of months. We're nearing the home stretch.

      Thank you for the update, Adam. I, for one, am still very excited to hold the finished Bible in my hands.


    34. Missing avatar

      PapaTex on

      Great news to read! Press on with the growth to the finish! Blessings! Layne Dowdy

    35. Missing avatar

      Zack Wheeler on

      Nope, three years is far too long and the updates continue to be lackluster. It's time to cut my losses; good luck in your future endeavors but we cannot continue to partner on Bibliotheca.

    36. Lancia E. Smith on

      Adam, thank you for your faithfulness and steady presence pressing on with this. While I look forward to seeing the finished tangible product, I am perhaps more deeply impressed with the glimpses of your own growth through the process. You inspire and encourage me to press on as well with mine. Many blessings to you and yours!

    37. Roger Dowdy on

      THANKS for the current update on the project! - always encouraging to know the progress.
      Prayers and Blessings for the work in the coming weeks and months.

    38. Ronnie M on

      Thank you for the update. Still looking forward to reading these.

    39. Missing avatar

      Barbara Olpinski on

      Another update with no more information than the last one. Not sure what you're doing with the millions raised other than flying around the world and hiring more people to work on your "team". We'll see this project completed when pigs fly. Feeling duped. What is it now....3 years? Seriously? And you think updates are enough? No wonder this project is going nowhere. Seriously disappointed and doubting ever seeing the finished product.

    40. Suzanne Handley on

      We are excited to see what our investment did!

    41. Joshua Washburn on

      Thank you! It's exciting to think about how God is using so many different people as you carefully handle His Word and bring about something that will we will prize for years to come. His Word is precious, but it will be sweet to have a revised text so beautifully bound. Thank you for all your hard work!

    42. Ruthie Parkman Pratt on

      Adam, I am still excited about this amazing project. I don't mind the wait, it simply heightens the excitement. Very proud of my former kindergartener!!

    43. Andrew McQuillan on

      Thanks for the regular updates. The heady anticipation is actually quite delicious, knowing that in the not too distant future I will have in my hands some exquisitely bound volumes. Yup! Waiting is fine with me.

    44. Colin Duff on

      Awesome to hear things are going smoothly! Thank you for the update.
      Looking forward to the next update that will hopefully bring the news we all are very excited for!

      Take care.

    45. Aaron Cook on

      Honestly, I had lost a bit of hope and forgotten why I even invested in this Kickstarter in the first place BUT! After watching the funding video again, I was quickly reminded of the excitement I felt the first time I watched it! I can't wait for it to finally be here! Thank you guys for everything you're doing! Keep it up!

    46. Missing avatar

      Hannah McSween on

      What is the ship date? Is the delivery date still "the second quarter of 2016"?

    47. Aaron Hudkins on

      Awesome news! Glad to see a print start date on the horizon!

    48. Stinky Robots on

      Quality is worth the wait. I'll take timeless quality over quick crap any day. Never doubted you guys! Finish strong and congratulations!

    49. Angie Lutter on

      Bottom line...When will they ship?