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The Biblical Library elegantly designed & crafted for enjoyable reading, separated into volumes, and free of all numbers, notes, &c.
The Biblical Library elegantly designed & crafted for enjoyable reading, separated into volumes, and free of all numbers, notes, &c.
14,884 backers pledged $1,440,345 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Vincent MacIsaac on

      Deep into the first quarter of 2016 still no word. Can we get a video update or pictures of progress on the project, or materail you have in stock to finish the project? Is there any tangible proof that his project is still real? I am not trying to doubt you, I am trying to believe. Help my unbelief.

      To do righteousness and justice Is more acceptable to Jehovah than sacrifice. Proverbs 21:3 ASV

    2. JUSTEN on

      Adam and crew,
      I wish to express continued support for the sheer size of this project and its uniqueness. I trust that you are continually striving towards fulfilling not just pledges but in spreading the Word to those of us who wish cherish it in this exclusive way that we may share it with others. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

    3. Taylor Storey on

      I just read the update and feel great about it, I've had some personal contact with Adam and he will not do anything besides bibliotheca for the past few months! Rest assured backers, your comments are being heard and the product will be there. To Adam and the bibliotheca team And actually all the backers whatever your profession... you don't need to be at the modern western industrial breakneck speed, it's not healthy. Adam definitely didn't sign up for such a high profile project, I'm all about letting him take the time he needs. The worries about not getting a product when dealing with normal people are not unfounded, but Adam is the real deal, I'm sure most people will be pleasantly surprised when they've got one of the most unique and most well designed library of the biblical canon ever made.

    4. Adam Lewis Greene 2-time creator on

      Hello @Backers,

      Just wanted to share that I got the official word from Adam & the team that the newest Update Newsletter will be sent out within a week. We appreciate your patience and excitement for the latest Bibliotheca news.

      Best regards,

      Bibliotheca, Inc.
      Customer Support Manager

    5. Missing avatar

      Wesley Allen on

      I know we all want more frequent updates, but I think at this point it is useful for us to calibrate our expectations to reality. Adam & Co. give updates about once a quarter. No matter what you say or do, that's what will happen. In between those updates, from my experience, Heather is pretty good about responding to any questions you may have, at least as best she can/is allowed. I've recently adjusted my expectations to: we'll probably receive quarterly updates, Adam will interact with the Kickstarter community mostly unidirectionally (this Kickstarter is much more a storefront than it is a community joining together to realize a common vision), and this project will either be completed "some time" (my reward will come to my doorsteps) or it won't (my money will be gone). I know that's not what a lot of us were hoping for in the Kickstarter, but that's where we are and it's been really good, at least for me, to accept that. How you move forward once you accept that is perhaps unique, but for me, I'm still in and it's been nice to be able to check out this page every now and then with a sense of contentment, peace, and joy. Oh, and Heather, thanks for your patience with us (and by us, I mean me).

    6. John Goering on

      Heather, Adam,

      Surely there has got to be a reason you guys don't want to post bi-weekly small updates like so many of us have requested - I sure wish I knew them!

      Now, I'm sure very soon there will be another massive update talking about the painstaking process of picking the right shade of beige for the pages (or whatever), but most of us would really, REALLY prefer micro-updates every couple of weeks just letting us know things are proceeding and in particular updating any shipping date estimates you guys might have.

      As always, wish you guys all the best, and really looking forward to holding the final product in my hands!
      John Goering

    7. Samuel Gray on

      I'm sad.

      If these books ever arrive at my doorstep I will be thankful and be able to forgive the mess of this project, but I won't support another campaign from this team.

    8. Adam Lewis Greene 2-time creator on

      Hi @Leslie Richey McDaniel, @Gerald Peel and @Jonathan Tanumafili Allen,

      Thank you so much for sharing your understanding and support in this great undertaking. Your patience is highly valued and we appreciate the perspective you have brought to the conversation. Our aim is to put everything we can back into the project with the abundant support we were entrusted with. We remain dedicated to quality till the end, while the team is working as hard as possible. The end is in sight and we cannot wait to share Bibliotheca with you all.

      To all of our Backers, we appreciate your eagerness for updated news on Bibliotheca. The Team is collaborating on the next Update now & it will be out once it has been prepared.

      As always, we value each of you and your support.

      Many thanks,

      Bibliotheca, Inc.
      Customer Service Manager

    9. Jonathan Tanumafili Allen on

      Thanks for all your hard work to make this happen, Bibliotheca team! Really looking forward to the finished product :)

    10. Andrew J. on

      I've got to admit I'm pretty frustrated by how this has come about. I've pretty much written off my $75 at this point and don't really expect to see the Bible anymore. Sure, I support the project, and the money's gone, I just don't quite care anymore. If I ever receive these, it'll be a nice ending on a pretty frustrating campaign.

      Any update on the horizon?

    11. Becca Shuler on

      The person I meant to give this to in Christmas of 2014, is no longer around to accept the gift Honestly, this has discouraged me from funding other Kickstarter projects.

    12. Missing avatar

      Gerald Peel on

      I'm not discouraged! The longer this takes, the higher the quality is likely to be. And it will be worth it. Ignore the naysayers!

    13. Leslie Richey McDaniel on

      Keep moving forward! I remain confident in the work you're doing and excited to see these works of art. In 100 years, no one is going to care or remember if it took extra months - they're going to treasure these as a family heirloom and as the great masterpiece set that I'm sure they will be!

    14. Chris Alexander on

      I have been patient, no other choice. But I am very discouraged in the project and whether it will ever come to life, I am no longer excited as I was 18 months or so ago. The person I printed the ownership certificate for Christmas of 2014, must have tottaly forgot about it, since they no longer ask. It seems as so many companies do, they grow so fast they can not handle the growth nor the success, and forget those of us who got them there to begin with. I stayed encouraged when and understanding, when I was getting regular email updates, that has even stopped. Now I have to search to find what is going on, and not no new information, when you do find it. I wish I had not recommended it to so many people who also bought in,it is me who looks like a fool to them. I am almost to the point of requesting my money back and forgetting the whole thing. I will not be helping anyone else on kickstarter that is for sure.

    15. Chris Alexander on

      Yeah I printed the certificate of ownership in 2014 and gave it to the person I was gifting to. I will wait and print it for Christmas 2016. I know it must be overwhelming, but now we have to look for updates which are far and in between, instead of receiving them in emails. Maybe it has become so big, we often forget who got us where we are.

    16. Missing avatar

      Christopher Lord on

      Let's see... I backed this project in mid-2014 under the premise they could be in-hands for a Christmas 2014 gift, though it would probably be January-February 2015. Here we are in January 2016 and being updated on the wonderful cheeses you received while you seek additional sales.

      Focus your skills on handling God's Word with the most fearful care possible, and have an intern or friendly family member send out bi-weekly updates. No flowing words or carefully scripted prose - just a project update. Ultimately - please fulfill the promise made to ~15,000 people.

    17. Munyoki Mulwa on

      I'm generally patient. I'm going to stay patient but broken promises and cold updates don't help it keeping excitement for this project. The change of scope and continual lack of any hard evidence of progress (a video or pictures of your team working or SOMETHING) is worrying.

      There is a documentary called 'How to make a book with Steidl' on one of the most sought of after printers in the world. Located in the Germany, the documentary follows the process of printing a high quality book on top notch paper, etc... all the things we were told about this. The process took about a year on a book that would sell for about $2,000 a copy or so. A YEAR. For that reason and further research I conducted, I'm shocked on how long this is taking, how much is being bitten off, and how little is being chewed while most is being spat out in the form of empty promises.

      Once again patience will be rule but in agreement with other comments on the small promise (rather easy) of regular updates would go a long LONG way to calming your patrons. Blessings.

    18. Austin Sawyer Neal on

      Would really love to have more frequent, (as someone else said, even very short and sweet, not perfect updates). Also, I believe we have a right to know a hard delivery date with as much time that has passed.

    19. Missing avatar

      Kirk Meyers on

      Adam, I appreciate that you are taking great care to get the Scriptures as perfect as humanely possible. However, your updates don't have to be perfect; snap an iPhone picture, show us some progress, not material samples but something specific to this project approaching delivery. Again, not asking for perfection in the update just evidence of recent work. No more pie charts, pushed deadlines, vacation updates, new team members.

      At this point, Adam you surely can recognize that more computer words are useless. Until I have the 5 sets which I paid $335 in my hands (estimated delivery Dec. 2014), I'm not going to be able to believe any new delivery projections. I am in complete agreement with Trey Davis and his assessment of the financial situation.

      This can't go on like this much longer. I feel like a 3rd party progress report is in order. Someone from Kickstarter or the Better Business Bureau or something.

    20. Trey Davis on

      I'm stoked, but as a professional investor and entrepreneur I make this comment:
      When the project was backed, people pledged well north of one million dollars. That money is out of my hands and your hands and in the hands of someone else and has been for a long, long time. Someone is getting to borrow my money and invest it. I specialize in using my money and other people's money (OPM) to get a return over time from construction projects (not too unlike what's going on here except I work with bricks, not bindings). I think we should be getting a discount on our product and if there's not enough to do this left over from the original huge investment (somehow), then the profits from post-Kickstarter orders should be partially refunded to the original backers. Afterall, we are INVESTORS. Our return should be more than the product at this point. That's only fair and it will go a long way to benefit you, Adam, as well. Perhaps you've already addressed this. If so, I apologize as I don't have time to come on here and read every update and every comment.

    21. Alfred on

      I understand that there is a lot going on, and I do not claim expertise in anything regarding publishing or the creation of books, which is why I believed in the promise that it would be completed when originally promised, and then again when it was moved to December 2015.

      I want to continue the support of what the team is doing, but it's difficult when information is either held back or ambiguous. It helps to know when the journey will come to an end, the finish line - or in this case, when the bibles will arrive. Therefore, for those of us who backed the project in 2014, when can we expect our order to arrive, now?

    22. Jackson Dame on

      I still have faith in the project and will continue to wait patiently. Would love to see an updated timeline.

    23. Missing avatar

      Drew Heindel on

      Can you please publish an updated diagram of the timeline? I realize the last update said quarter two, however, that's rather vague considering a fiscal year does not necessarily have to align with the calendar year.
      A while back, a timeline diagram was provided. I would like to see an updated timeline.

    24. Brian Langley on

      Additionally... you say Kickstarter won't allow you provide certain information... but what are kickstarters policies on you making over a million bucks and then delaying the product for a few years? Are they aware of that?

    25. Brian Langley on

      I am with some of the guys believe and very disappointed in this whole thing. It really does seem from my standpoint like I have gotten scammed and that there will really be no books at the finish line. It seems like you all skirt some financial questions down there so I would love to just ask them directly and see if your inner circle will either attack me or if you would provide the information I think you should ethically give... and possibly a legal obligation to have the information ready to give out. Can you give an accounting financially on this start up company now? Is it a non profit organization? Where is this company located and incorporated? in the USA? I really want to say I'm wrong in thinking nothing is going to happen, but I feel like the big name guys like Dr. Akin at Southeastern Seminary should be apologized to for being asking to promote this work and now its just an embarrassment until its a real thing that exists in the hands of those that backed this project. Can you provide any information to help me understand what's going on and why you keep selling more books if you aren't printing any of the original orders yet? Something seems wrong...

    26. Adam Lewis Greene 2-time creator on

      @K Cruz,

      Thank you for your uplifting message! We really enjoy hearing from our Backers, and loved hearing about your eagerness & enthusiasm for Bibliotheca. Your perspective and trust is so appreciated—thanks again for sharing.

      Thanks Much,

      Customer Service Manager

    27. Cameron on

      I'm just going to reiterate two of my previous comments on prior updates (sporadic as they are):

      "At this stage, it might be ethical of them to stop accepting pre-orders, since they don't seem to actually be progressing to completing the initial orders that set this whole train in motion."

      "Just to clearly state:
      Requesting accountability is not only NOT negative, but it is in fact biblical."

      Let's be clear here, Adam has had $1.5million of our money for two years now, and actually has nothing tangible to show for it - other that his statements that he has done some things, and of course the cheeses he got for Christmas.

      The hire of a full-time community manager achieved nothing, as we still do not receive regular updates. In fact, the only indication that there is a fulltime community manager is that Adam's updates here on Kickstarter are now signed "Heather".

      Please bear in mind, that much of the delays are not related AT ALL to the scope of the project that we backed. They are tied to Adam CHANGING the scope of the project when he acquired more resource than anticipated. Based on the timeline presented when only seeking backing of $37k, the translation and copy-editing should have been completed more than a year ago - printing more copies does not make this take longer. There were valid delays in needing to re-evaluate suppliers etc due to the increased volume for the initial print run, but these are not 24 months worth.

      The is no biblical accountability structure in place or being enforced here. In a church, the pastoral team answer to the eldership and (often) an external, independent Board of Governance. In this scenario it is right to expect, nay demand, accountability and demonstrated stewardship which is not shown by continued delays matched with begging for more funds. Not only that, but the offer of a discount now is really a kick in the teeth for backers who made this happen, as we are now faced with the prospect of our money having been used for the past 2 years, yet newcomers may purchase the product for less than us (I hesitate to say receive, as....)

    28. Missing avatar

      Dayna on

      After a two year delay, I think I am writing off my $75. Being a student of the Bible and the history surrounding it, I WAS excited. Now? I figure we will never see our Bibles. This was my first time supporting a Kickstarter project and I doubt I will ever be suckered in again. I do hope (and pray!) that Adam is being honest with us and we will see -- at some point -- what we paid for. Doubtful, but hopeful.

    29. Adam Lewis Greene 2-time creator on

      @Josh Duncan and Backers,

      General order email questions can be sent to the email. Kickstarter will not allow us to update information for Backers, so here are the steps to update your address in Kickstarter:

      (Note: you may not be able to change your address on a mobile device.)

      - Log into your Kickstarter account
      - Navigate to the BibIiotheca campaign page
      - Scroll down to your selected reward (highlighted green)
      - Click on the link “Your response”
      - Select “Edit address”

      Or, alternatively:

      - Log into your Kickstarter account
      - Click on the Profile Setting drop-down in upper right-hand corner
      - Under “My Stuff,” select “Backed Projects”
      - Select “Bibliotheca” from the “Projects I backed” list
      - Click the middle “Survey” tab
      - Select “Edit address”

      As always, please use the emails below to directly keep in touch with any questions!

      Thanks Much,

      Customer Service Manager

    30. Adam Lewis Greene 2-time creator on

      Hi @David Glenn Taylor, @PapaTex & @David Filson,

      Thank you all for sharing your eagerness for Bibliotheca. We are so excited to share Bibliotheca with you in 2016 and appreciate your support, trust, and patience as something truly unique is created.

      Thanks Much,

      Customer Service Manager

    31. Missing avatar

      Susan Zabohonski on

      I have not checked in on this project in over a long long time. I have a question. Is this project still sticking to the ASV just changing thees and thous or our you trying to modify the ASV. If it is a modification of the ASV can you please tell me who is doing that modification. I see you said you have a bible scholar looking over what was done. But who did it and wherein does their expertise lie? Just a question? I am sure I missed this in an update at some point. Thank you in advance for the info.

    32. David Glenn Taylor on

      Thank you for the update. Looking forward to this very much.

    33. Missing avatar

      PapaTex on

      I wish to add many Thank You's to each of the team and in regard to their several endeavors and encourage each post haste in finishing their appointed task at hand with the surety that no jot nor tittle will go lacking in any and all regards!
      As I have mentioned before, I am not in the best of health and have now moved into Hospice care BUT, I do plan to stay with this world until I hold each volume in my hands and to read each volume to the end so, I thank you each for the positive aspect this holds for me. This tis a good thing!!
      I look forward, and will patiently wait, until it is finished and delivered to my hands and I have read every word of each tome and then, whereby, the Lord can do with me as he wishes!
      I,like so many others, I did not dream that this new task might be this long but at the same time, nothing worthy was ever done in a day. Well, excepting the work of the Lord!
      Make no mistake, I write not in any way or fashion to hurry the job along and regardless of my condition plan to peruse each volume! I will only offer this one admonition, "git-t-done" crew! Git-r-done! Blessings on each of you in all your endeavors to finish this! Selah!

    34. David Filson on

      Press on, Adam and crew! I have a feeling I'm going to be blown away when I get my hands on these volumes.

    35. Moises Oswaldo Urrutia on

      Thank you for the update.

      That being said, offering 10% off something that is more then a year and a half delayed is comical. We were given an estimate of July 2014 and were told we would definitely have our copies by the holiday season of 2015. Maybe getting less preorders shouldn't be the focus and shipping out the first sku would be better for all your backers... I hope you can see why everyone is so frustrated with this project.

    36. Kristy Wilbur on


      Thank you to each person working so crazy hard on Bibliotheca, each giving long days, long weeks, and each person carrying the vision and attention to detail that this project has maintained since it started. I can’t even imagine the day-to-day as you are all pushing toward your goals. And thank you for never sending mundane updates just to appease screaming children, but instead going above and beyond with details, unique behind the scenes images, and general knowledge about things I didn’t even know I was excited about until you mentioned them. This is your ride, and I am glad to be on it and will never ask to have the speed adjusted. I feel like I am learning about books, their materials, how they are created, the production process, editorial realities, even business. What a bargain! The longer the project takes the more I feel I benefit from this journey I am on with you. What a fun story to be part of!

      I feel like we all crave material things, but the second we actual get them the craving is satisfied and replaced with something else. It never stops. The things I cherish the most (beyond the obvious sentimental, etc.) are things that involve experiences and time invested. I’m not investing my life like you all, but I guarantee when I have this set I will cherish it more than other things previously desired that are now long forgotten.

      I honestly feel like it is so rare these days for people to deeply (even personally) care about the quality of products being produced, especially at the level you go into. Maybe Apple as far as surface quality, but who knows with ethics. Some people don’t care about virtue, but I appreciate what you care about; where companies source their materials, choosing to trade profit in order to work with ethical companies, reducing impact on the environment, honoring the Biblical text you are stewarding... you guys are covering it all. It just goes to show that I got to support someone with exceptional character and an unwavering pursuit of excellence. I’m honored.

      And thank you for the holiday discount, that was a nice gesture, you didn't have to do that. I already feel guilty that I only paid what I did for a set of four (now five - thanks again) artisan hardbound books. I’m sure these will go for double or triple what I paid, and I’ll even have the first edition. And not to mention that you selflessly keep pouring so much back into the project for our sakes. I can’t wait to hear about even more details I’m not even aware of yet. You guys have earned my full trust and I just know that whatever updates, priorities, or decisions you are making are the right ones for your current circumstances.

      Just watched the video again: - so good.

      Thank you so much! And Merry Christmas!

    37. Josh Duncan on

      Hey guys! I have moved since I contributed to the kickstart. For some reason my emails won't go through to your email.

      Can you email me so I can just reply to that email with my new address?

    38. Adam Lewis Greene 2-time creator on

      Hello Everyone,

      Hope this finds you well! As always, we have personally connected directly with each person who has sent us an email or comment, but we wanted to publicly thank you all for sharing your thoughts with us after this last Update. We value each of you and appreciate your eagerness, support, communication, and feedback.

      With the Christmas holiday upon us Customer Service hours will be limited, but I will still be checking in. We will continue to follow up with everyone after Christmas and appreciate your patience.

      Merry Christmas,

      Bibliotheca Team: Customer Support Manager

    39. Sean on

      Thank You, sir. Merry Christmas.

    40. Ryan Cain on

      Smaller, more frequent updates please... saving up for a big update at the end of the year is still unprofessional. Aim for monthly updates and work down from there.

    41. Ryan Longnecker on

      For everyone taking a pious position against those those frustrated: The reality is that even if a project takes on a larger magnitude, a more respectable response would be spending all of the time and energy over the last 12 months to talk with the moving parts to have an absolute release date. The fact that it is still being publicized and have more volume of people pre-ordering is an indication that they are pre-ordering a project that was made possible by the kickstarter backers. I think being a Christian does NOT mean you don't expect people to be respectable in how they conduct business or hold people to what they said (let your yes be yes, etc...)

      Also, expressing frustration for a project is far from judging or 'hating' Adam or any of the Bibliothetca team. We are excited as all of you, potentially moreso, and have been itching for the email update saying "here is the guaranteed delivery dates".

      I own 2 businesses and if I don't deliver when I say I will, even if I have great reasons, I better have a backup delivery date and if I can't meet that, I don't get more business or referrals, because it is strictly unprofessional. I might be a great person, with a great heart, and great idea, and not handling things professionally, and even though this is kickstarter, we provided capital for a startup, and can any of you tell me in any other situation where that doesn't carry with it a responsibility?

    42. Missing avatar

      Bruce Pearson on

      So exciting. Keep up the excellent work and high standards! Looking forward to receiving this next year.

    43. Missing avatar

      Cathi Lesher on

      Sooooooooooo. How about a date for delivery, I think waiting more than 18 months should give time for a hard delivery date!

    44. Steven Ritchie on

      I appreciate that not all supporting this will be Christians, but this is a great article to consider for those who are;

    45. David Sikes on

      Merry Christmas, Adam & Co. Thank you for the update, and keep up the great work.

      As far as I'm concerned, y'all are right on time. I haven't missed for a moment the money I gave to support this beautiful idea. My money wasn't given because I wanted to buy something, but because I support this project. Keep up the great work, and don't ever, ever settle.

      I started to read the comments here, but quickly grew exhausted—I can't imagine how the bibliotheca folks feel. Those complaining and calling this a failure have probably just never been part of a true failure on Kickstarter. I can't count many projects I've backed that delivered on time—it's the nature of the service. The updates here are relatively frequent and I've never felt in the dark. In fact, this has been one of the best managed Kickstarters I've ever been a part of. Well done, team Bibliotheca!

    46. Missing avatar

      Michael McCullough on

      Adam and Company,
      You just keep truckin on like they used to say. I believe that just like the ancient authors God is with you all. What could explain how this is happening. Also one commentor mentioned that when this is all said and done you should think of writing of your experience. This too would be a blessing to others. Well keep the faith and keep on truckin. I will pray this this blessing on all of you everyday. Numbers 6:24-26. Merry Christmas!!!

    47. Missing avatar

      Janet on

      I hope you have an opportunity to read the many comments to your post. Having been involved in several startup companies my advise to you for 2016 is: stop analyzing and DO! Put all your efforts to deliverables. Provide the product you promised. Take a page from Nike AND JUST DO IT!

    48. Robert Thomas Kenmore on

      To the ones who keep saying, "Time to report this to the FTC."... No, what reason would you have? You wouldn't at this point. The project continues to update the backers. They continue to make adjustments to the time line involved. They continue to keep everyone in the loop. Your problem is you just don't like the loop. I could understand reporting to the FTC if there had been absolutely no communication for the past two years and they just up and left with the money like so many other projects ACTUALLY have done.

      I appreciate the thorough updates from Adam and the gang. They are timely for the most part and thorough about where the project stands. The people complaining the loudest likely have no idea what is now involved in this project and they don't care to find out. It grew from potentially 500 sets of books to over 14,000 backs and in that time Adam has graciously decided to offer a 5th book with each set which was not originally included.

      Do I wish I already had my set, yes, I do. Am I'm foaming at the mouth and out for blood like some of you people, HARDLY. As the Kickstarter site says just an inch below where I'm typing this, "Be respectful and considerate." Again, Adam could have up and left town with over a million dollars of backers money. Instead, he quickly realized that he could no longer handle this project by himself when it grew from a $37,000 goal to a final tally over $1.4 million. Likewise, he sought help which a lot of Kickstarter projects will not do. I've backed another project (a movie) that is now almost 4 years behind schedule and that project has yet to seek any help what-so-ever and the latest updates on it speak of "financial difficulty" after raising three times their goal. Bibliotheca, as far as I'm concerned, is a success so far.

    49. Travis Dreyer on

      As a token your offering a discount on further pre-orders. Now that's a joke if I've ever heard one. The way this project has been handled is a slap in the face to all the backers, delays are understandable but years later then promised is wrong. All of the backers who are telling us who are frustrated to be patient are ridiculous as well, just because the product is a Bible doesn't mean the creators can do what ever then want with the time frame.