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Another year of nagging, activities and surprises to help you make the most of another f***ing year. Also it's a functional calendar???
Another year of nagging, activities and surprises to help you make the most of another f***ing year. Also it's a functional calendar???
1,075 backers pledged $42,362 to help bring this project to life.

A $5,000 donation that we made together

Posted by Adam J. Kurtz (Creator)

As you may have gathered from previous "omg!!!!!" emails, this year's Unsolicited Advice campaign raised much more money than expected. Of course costs went up and fees were deducted, but the payment came through this week and it still felt like more than I deserve. 

Your support of this project made it happen. With gratitude to all of you, I've donated $5,000 of the funds raised (about $5 per backer) to New York based charities that focus on helping people in the community.

Half of the money went to Housing Works, who help the homeless and those living with HIV/AIDS through several programs, from job placement to mental and behavioral health services. The other half went to City Harvest, who collect extra food from grocery stores, bakeries and restaurants, then redistribute it around the city to feed ~1.4 million people (while reducing food waste).

Combined, these two organizations' missions touch on many universal human needs that I thought we could all take this small part in helping with. I've never been in a position to donate this much at once before, and again I am so grateful to all of you for trusting me. 

Happy holidays!



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    1. Missing avatar


      Got mine last week and they look great. Can't wait to give them to my family so they can get organized.
      Great news @Adam on your donations to the 2 organizations. So happy others with benefit from the project too...go you!

    2. Todd Pannell on

      Holy Cow!
      Dude, that is awesome.
      Many blessings upon you, sir.

    3. Missing avatar

      Leisa Niemi on

      That'll get me out of a few years of purgatory!! :)

      Kudos to you for helping out instead of helping yourself!

      See you next year! :)

    4. Nigel Perera

      That's a great thing you did. You've earned a ton more loyal followers, kudos to you.

    5. Anne Ro

      Wow! You have an amazing heart!! See you next year!

    6. Heather K B

      :-) !! =) !! :>) !! :) !!

    7. Samantha on

      Amazing! Thank you!

    8. Mandy Ross

      Fantastic!! Unsolicited giving! Love your work. ☺

    9. Missing avatar

      Lauren McGuire

      What a nice unexpected surprise this update was. Way to give back

    10. Marya Figueroa on

      That is so very cool! Thank you for your generosity! So happy I backed this! BTW, gave one to each of my student assistants and they really loved them! Thanks for the quick shipping!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Diane on

      That's brilliant, Adam. Nicely done. Much gratitude to you. xxx

    12. Jenny Jacobs on

      Great to hear - and I must say I love my planner (already putting in next year's commitments). Feels like a bit of subversion in the office ;-)

    13. J Anderson on

      That is amazing. Count me in for next year too!! :)

    14. Susie Bewell on

      Adam you're amazing! Brought a little tear to my eye that did - definitely above and beyond.
      I'm even more proud to be part of this campaign now xx

    15. Missing avatar

      Debbie Iverson on

      Thank you for donating!! Warmed my little heart to boiling. ❤️

    16. Missing avatar

      David Nyskohus

      Nice work Adam

    17. Suzanne Wilder on

      That's fantastic! Thanks, Adam JK!

    18. Deborah P

      That is so awesome. Glad to be part of such a great project!

    19. Missing avatar

      Barb Dragony on

      Awesome! Thank you!

    20. Missing avatar

      Charles Anchors on

      amazing act of kindness. although you deserve everything you received to spread the 'wealth' as they say ... uplifting. cheers and I can't wait until I get mine in!