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A cute tarot deck for beginners and experts alike. It's not perfect but it's OK.
A cute tarot deck for beginners and experts alike. It's not perfect but it's OK.
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Meet Chris Castillo (+ book goal unlocked!)

Posted by Adam J. Kurtz (Creator)

We did it! Yesterday we crossed the $25k fundraising goal, which means every deck will come with an included book by AmunarHealing! Six days remain in this preorder campaign and I can't wait to see what happens next.

I want to take the opportunity to introduce you to a few cool people who navigate the tarot and spirituality space (and are way more knowledgeable than I am). Meet Chris Castillo, who provided some valuable feedback in the OK Tarot design process!

Chris Castillo is a photographer, librarian, and archivist in San Antonio, TX, y'all.

When did your own relationship with tarot begin?

I was eleven years old in 1996 and after watching The Craft I think I asked my grandparents for a tarot deck and received The Starter Tarot. I've read many books on the subject and found confidence from both my knowledge and intuition. As a kid, I went to these psychic fairs held in hotel ballrooms and have tarot and past life readings on cassette tapes laying around here somewhere. Isn't the purpose of all of this just to lead to an amazing estate sale?

How has reading tarot cards for yourself or others changed the way you view the world?

Tarot facilitates communication. Tarot is a part of lifelong learning skills. Indulge in the depths of your feelings and find meanings everywhere. Tarot helped me be a more ethical, respectful, intuitive, and open human and to encourage those traits in everyone around.

Which deck was your first? Do you have multiple decks?

The Starter Tarot was my first deck. My favorite decks are Brittany Tingey/ Joe Rosales' Hello Kitty tarot and the Miniature Rider-Waite Tarot Deck illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith. A dear friend gifted me The Tarot by Oliver Hibert, and I gifted him with monthly readings! You can even do readings with playing cards for ultimate stealth. I've been known to throw in vintage Sesame Street number flashcards into readings. I received Our Tarot by Sarah Shipman in the mail a few weeks ago which underscores her hope for tarot to both guide and teach.

What would you say to those who feel like "this stuff" is out of their reach or "not relevant" to their life?

Your belief system is your belief system and it's okay. Adam created OK Tarot and for me, it checks many boxes. It's beautiful, clever, shrouded in alluring simplicity, and it's pink. Tarot is full of lessons. Start somewhere and build on the confidence you already have.

More from Chris:

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