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A cute tarot deck for beginners and experts alike. It's not perfect but it's OK.
A cute tarot deck for beginners and experts alike. It's not perfect but it's OK.
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Meet Kelsey Anderson

Posted by Adam J. Kurtz (Creator)

It's been one week and I've been so excited about the progress on this campaign! 

I want to take the opportunity to introduce you to a few cool people who navigate the tarot and spirituality space (and are way more knowledgeable than I am). First up is Kelsey Anderson, who you met in the project video.

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Kelsey is a Spiritual Counselor, Lenormand Tarot and Palm Reader, and advocate of spiritual tools as self care. She is the creative director behind AmunarHealing’s cosmic events and products.

When did your own relationship with tarot begin? 

I began my relationship with tarot right around the time I started to read palms. I find divination to be fascinating. I began reading palms first, and then in the same year, I started reading multiple divination systems: tarot, oracle cards, runes and I-Ching. It’s been a 9 year journey. 

How has reading tarot cards for yourself or others changed the way you view the world? 

Reading tarot for myself gives me deeper insight into tough situations. I use it to make hard decisions, determine if I’m aligning with my life purpose, or if I’m unsure about my relationship with someone. Sometimes it’s the only thing that calms my mind when I’m overthinking things. I went to school for counseling and decided I wanted to provide the same comfort for other people by incorporating counseling and divination. If it works for me, why not help others who are going through similar life challenges? 

Which deck was your first? Do you have multiple decks? 

My first tarot deck was the 18th century Lenormand Tarot. In the past 2 years, I’ve purchased an Angel Tarot deck and another tarot deck called Mystical Lenormand. I have a Rider Waite deck which was given to me. I also have about 5 oracle card decks which I use on a regular basis. 

What would you say to those who feel like "this stuff" is out of their reach or "not relevant" to their life?

If you feel like “this stuff” is out of reach, you would need to build up a relationship with a deck. Your deck picks up your energy and really gets to know you. The more you practice, which could be a simple meditation with one card, the more comfortable you’ll feel. If you feel like tarot is not relevant to you, get a reading from your local tarot reader just to see what they have to say. Have no specific questions. If you have responses such as “spot on” or “omg”, well it may be time to purchase your own and get comfortable. *inserts laughing emoji* 

More from Kelsey Anderson: 

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    1. Nicole Colton

      I’m so excited the $25k stretch goal is almost unlocked!!! I look forward to a booklet from Amunar Healing! Congrats on the milestone. Thank you Adam and Kelsey!