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A sarcastic, fun & DIY-inspired weekly calendar/planner. "It's not perfect because neither are you!"
Created by

Adam J. Kurtz

382 backers pledged $7,598 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Christian Koepp on January 25, 2013

      Seems like my comment was too soon - yesterday it arrived at my home :)

    2. Creator Christian Koepp on January 24, 2013

      @ Rose: same here in Munich...empty letterbox so far :(

    3. Creator Rose Orchard on January 15, 2013

      I'm getting worried as I'm in Germany and it hasn't arrived yet :(

    4. Creator light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on January 10, 2013

      Yup, got mine this week.. I was sck the last few days but when I got to work today, it was sitting on my desk :) Will be able to give my wife her belated Christmas present today when I get home :)

    5. Creator Melissa Chan on January 4, 2013

      Backer from Australia (Sydney) and I got mine in the mail today. I love it. Thanks so much! :) To the other aussies still waiting on theirs - hopefully yours will be arriving soon. It's well worth the wait!

    6. Creator light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on January 4, 2013

      Also in Australia and no delivery yet. Can you confirm the mailing dates for international orders please?

    7. Creator Jesse D on December 23, 2012

      Australian backer here and it hasn't arrived yet :(

    8. Creator Suemitraa Thiagarajan on December 21, 2012

      I just got mine today & I love it! Thanks for an amazing planner! Looking forward to more of you in 2013 x) cheers!

    9. Creator Kerry Freeman on December 18, 2012

      My planner arrived yesterday, and it is awesome! Got a 2nd copy for my husband, and I know he'll really like it. Great work Adam!

    10. Creator Ellen on December 17, 2012

      My roommate and I both got a copy without knowing it. We each thought about getting another as a gift. It is so great! I am so excited for 2013 to commence!

    11. Creator Chloe on December 17, 2012

      Got mine today and it's awesome!

    12. Creator Cyan on December 17, 2012

      Arrived today !
      I can't believe I have to wait 2 weeks to use it.

    13. Creator light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on November 28, 2012

      Don't worry too much about the delay.. the world will survive another week or so :)

      Or will we? :) lol

      Not too bothered.. it is a Christmas present but my wife will like it regardless of when she gets it :)

    14. Creator Gergely on November 25, 2012

      Looking forward to it very much :) Going to be a great year...

    15. Creator light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on November 18, 2012

      Great stuff!! Can't wait to receive mine.. :)

    16. Creator Flor Holvoet on November 6, 2012

      This seems to me a fun and creative way to get organized again. I really like that international shipping is not as expensive as some of the other kickstarter projects around here. Seems very reasonable to me.

    17. Creator Tracy Wilkins on November 4, 2012

      What a fun yearly planner, Thanks!

    18. Creator Chloe on November 3, 2012

      Looks great!

    19. Creator Cyan on October 26, 2012

      Really love it. Finding a real good planner can be such a pain, you saved my year :D
      Hope you will be funded, I plainly support your work.