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The world's first sculptable 3D printing filament. Print in Cx5 then quickly smooth away build lines and sculpt detail onto your print.
The world's first sculptable 3D printing filament. Print in Cx5 then quickly smooth away build lines and sculpt detail onto your print.
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New tier, and filament add-ons!

Posted by Adam Beane Industries (Creator)

TL:DR We have a new tier for filament only, we're offering add-ons through Backerkit, and we explain shipping costs!

We've heard from a number of you that you want to be able to pledge for full 1kg spools with no other rewards, or add on more spools to your existing pledge.

We're making that possible! We've got a new tier at $120 for a full 1kg spool, nothing extra. That spool and box weights 3lb, and both domestic shipping and international shipping are based on that weight. More on shipping later.

For everyone who wants add-ons, we’re now using Backerkit! if you’ve pledged at the Experimenter Pack level or higher you can add on additional spools after the Kickstarter funds, up to five spools per backer. And, we're setting the price for add-on spools lower, at $90!


So why did we add a tier now? We’ve heard a number of people saying they don’t want the extras, just the filament. Some of you are existing customers who know all about Cx5 and just want to get printing, and that makes sense. Since we planned to reach a wider audience than our existing sculptors we wanted to build in a full experience for everyone, but we also want to give our backers what they want, so, new tier!

Why are there any limits to add-ons? We've watched the Kickstarter community shift from project-focused to product-focused over the years, and that works for certain certain kinds of companies with certain types of products. We specifically didn't want to use Kickstarter as a pre-order service, primarily because Cx5sf is a project, in the truest sense of the word. We have machines to buy and testing to run to get Cx5 Sculptable Filament perfected, and we would love to have you on that journey with us. This is a brand new art material, made by artists, for artists! We expect to share our progress, give you a glimpse into the creative process of product development, teach you about working Cx5, hear your input, and benefit from your experience and feedback throughout the development process. We’ve built a lot of that into the existing rewards, but for everyone who wants to secure Kickstarter pricing on spools, we’re happy to add in that option with Backerkit.

A word on shipping. It's expensive to ship things. Especially internationally. Here’s the USPS cost to ship just 1lb to Germany, in a standard box. Most of our rewards are between three and five pounds. Flat rate doesn’t work out to be cheaper, one of the reasons is that you have to use at least a medium box for the smallest spool.


We didn’t want to limit this campaign to USA backers, but we already do a lot of international shipping, and we know the costs. For those of you suggesting we check out how other companies ship internationally for less - we know how they do it. They absorb the cost of shipping partly by building shipping costs into their product prices, and partly by having an expense line dedicated to shipping. For this project we expect to spend almost 13k of the 75k we make on shipping. Since shipping is not a free service, for this to be successful we really do need your support, and we need it in the form of understanding that shipping is an additional cost beyond the cost of Cx5sf itself. If we could absorb it all at once, we would! But we’d be making so much less from the project that we’d be putting its success at risk. We’ve created a budget to make this happen right, and we’ll get you your rewards on time, and made to the same exacting standard as every other product we’ve created.

We’re working hard as a materials manufacturer in the USA, and we want to bring you one of the coolest products we’ve ever made. We hope that you like what we’re doing, our ethos, our products, and want to support us in that. :)

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    1. Adam Beane Industries Creator on

      @Alan Wilson, yes you can add on extra spools through Backerkit!

    2. Missing avatar

      Alan Wilson on

      So, just to be clear when can we apply through Backerkit to add on extra spools?


    3. Adam Beane Industries Creator on

      Correction to this post: In trying to fit in a filament only tier and figure out add-ons, the lower price messes up the math for the pledges we need in order to get the Kickstarter to fund! So we'll be adding more multi-spool tiers instead. The price for spools will stay at $120 for both the Kickstarter pledges and the Backerkit add-ons, to keep it equal for everyone.

    4. Adam Beane Industries Creator on

      @John Pfeiffer I think that makes sense! With Backerkit we'll be able to schedule multiple ship times etc. and the final cut off will be much closer to the ship date of the filament.

    5. John Pfeiffer on

      Cool, this certainly addresses some of the concerns I've been seeing in communities outside of Kickstarter. (like in threads on /r/3Dprinting)

      Approximately when do you think the cut-off date for the Backerkit will be? I was thinking if you wait until after people get some hands-on time with their 'Experience Packs' you're likely to get more filament add-ons. (Particularly from those of us with no prior Cx5 experience.)