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A series of tutorial videos unlike any that have ever been made before on the subject of sculpting!
A series of tutorial videos unlike any that have ever been made before on the subject of sculpting!
338 backers pledged $19,000 to help bring this project to life.

Going strong

Hi Kickstarters,

This month in particular has been full of ups and downs as we approach the finish line, and this time around I want to let you in on just what's happening. 

We've spent a fair amount of time rewriting a later chapter of the DVD after our recent round of editing because after so much tweaking of the previous chapters, it no longer fit. We're cutting in the last pickup footage for that section, and then doing one more pass of editing.

We've got a local DVD manufacturer ready and waiting for the final disc, and then the printing process begins.

We learned a lesson last month about how important it really is to work with local small businesses. The first printing of the tee shirts, done with a big, name brand national company, came out horribly, even after long conversations with their design and printing departments. They initially looked like a fast and professional option, but in the end it was a lot of work on our end for tee shirts that were so bad we had to return them. We took our design straight to a local tee shirt printer and have started the process over - this time we know they'll come out right.

One big thing we're excited about - we receive molds for the Cx5 bars tomorrow! We started the production process for better molds in January so we could make sample bars of Cx5 more quickly than we were doing with our old molds. After working out the kinks with design, the delivery date was pushed back to June, and we figured they wouldn't arrive in time for Kickstarter. We were excited to see that they'll be here tomorrow, and we can get better sample bars made more quickly for all of you!

Thanks for all your patience, and also for your input on what you'd like to hear from us as we keep working. 


Adam Beane and the team at Adam Beane Industries. 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Adam clarke on May 11, 2012

      Thanks for the reply Adam, I'm really looking forward to the DVD and follow ups. If I may make 2 suggestions:
      Given that you don't have a release date release a short 30 sec/ 1 min of actual DVD ( rather than promo style- which was great too) for backers, this will put so many at ease and leave us excited for the final product.
      Also for those of us who don't work with hot tools a list of essentials for working with cx5 would be fantastic.
      Best of luck with the DVD!

    2. Adam Beane Creator on May 10, 2012

      Hi Adam Clark,
      I believe I understand where you are coming from, wanting clear instruction in techniques and methods, and that's absolutely been my goal. The video itself is not teaser style (quick cuts, rapid motion, etc,) it is tutorial style, paced for individual learning. This is indeed the first in a series of tutorial DVDs, and they will all build on this one. Essentially, this DVD is covering ten years of my self taught techniques, which are the basics for achieving such precise results. Since I do all of my work in Cx5, that's the sculpting material I will be teaching, and I think you and many others will be amazed by just how much can be achieved in Cx5 when you work with it using my techniques. Thanks again for your patience, I know we haven't announced a new ship date, but we will as soon as dates are more concrete.

    3. Missing avatar

      Adam clarke on May 9, 2012

      Hi Adam, I think in the same way as many others I backed this simply on the basis of your outstanding work. I simply want to hear you talk about sculpting, your process and techniques, the CX5 was a bonus I'm happy to give a go. I'm concerned that everything seems to have the feel of an ongoing 'teaser' campaign at the moment and that the April deadline has come and gone. The sample video is the same, I'd rather see 1 minute of actual video/audio to get excited about and know what to expect. I'm worried the actual DVD will also follow this teaser theme, i.e an intro but buy DVD 2 for the juicy stuff. I'm sure I'm not alone in that I would have happily paid the same for a link to a youtube video with you really getting into talking about sculpting. Is there a new shipping estimated date?