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$1,824 pledged of $30,000 goal
$1,824 pledged of $30,000 goal

Wrapping up with Love...<3

Thank you so much for believing in my project.  Even though I didn't reach my goal, I wanted to share with you what your support and this Kickstarter has enabled.

New show poster donated from Jamais Vu...   http://www.facebook.com/thejamaisvu

1st off the message was received by a employee of Interscope Records, who is now in the process of reviewing my script and treatment and going to be presenting it to his managers.  Not only does he love my project but he has worked for Interscope for the past 12 years, so he is in great standing with the company.  He told me that Interscope not only did the sound track to the famous Baz Luhrmann Moulin Rouge but also has worked with Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Marilon Manson.  He says we have one chance with his managers, and should they like it than we should hold on to our hats. :)

2ndly the message was greatly received by a well know Capital company who said that should I be able to raise 15K for their company, they will set up a LLC with a joint name and put up however many millions of dollars necessary in order to get the ball running on production.  This doesn't mean that they themselves will ever spend the money, but capital companies do this as invested backers in order for other big money people to see that the project is worth investing in. :D

So.  My call to action.  A new fundraiser and with great gratitude I ask if you would PLEASE send your donation to my Pay Pall to off set the cost of this Kickstarter.

The money raised  $1,824.00 will almost cover the cost I spent on the new website and production cost of the Kickstarter video, so I am very grateful that with this investment I will come close to breaking even with that.

I will be happy to still send you the gifts that were offered in my Kickstarter so if you could PLEASE take a moment now to Pay Pall me your Love offering with your mailing address, I would GREATLY appreciate it.

Also, if you are so able,...  a greater Love donation will be matched with its greater Reward... :D

Here is my Pay Pall


Dont forget to check out my latest video "Lonely Boy"  


The studio session was donated towards this Kickstarter by 4th Street Recording...

and my friend Monte Pittman, Madonnas Guitarist, who will be playing with Madonna at the Super Bowl,  also wants to start collaborating with me.  He said that Madonna was definitely going to  be hearing about this Kickstarter. 

All in perfect timing however... but for now the bills still need to be paid as you all know, so please if you can speedily help a.d.2013 and be apart of "The Harmonic Resonance!"

Many Blessings,

Elijah Sound


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