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Act Ten RPG: The Core Rules.'s video poster

Own a fast paced 1d10 tabletop RPG with evolving character creation, dynamic combat and on the fly experience. Read more

Bullhead City, AZ Games
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This project was successfully funded on October 28, 2012.

Own a fast paced 1d10 tabletop RPG with evolving character creation, dynamic combat and on the fly experience.

Bullhead City, AZ Games
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About this project

Stretch goals!

  • Goal met! - I will produce tutorial videos for each section of the rules on the site!
  • Completed! - I will produce a comic short for the Division preview!
  • We did it! - You wanted it! I will write a short intro adventure in the Division setting! This .PDF will be produced and distributed after the core pledges are handled.
  • $2,500.00 - Sickle Corp. secret files. Everyone gets a  .PDF containing at least 20 ready to use characters as either bad guys or  pre made characters.
  • $3,000.00 - All backers at the $20.00 level and above will get a limited edition poster.

Important info!

  • Here is a link to a rules demo, based off one of the play test sessions.
  • You can check the rules and the first setting at
  • Create an account at, and you can comment on the rules and add input on the entire project, as well as other cool features!

Welcome to the Act Ten Kickstarter page! I’m doing this to support production of the Act Ten Role Playing Networks first book, Core Rules. I’ve been working on the Act Ten system for over ten years, and finally launched the site ( earlier this year. This project has been my pride and joy for a long time, and I hope you come to love as much as I do. But anyways, here is why I think you’ll love Act Ten…

Designed from the ground up to be accessible, easy to learn and fun to use. Act Ten uses 1d10 for everything in the game, keeping rolls quick. I’m not going to pretend this is the first system of its kind, but here are some of the features I think you will see separates the Act Ten system:

  • Custom Character Builds. Create your characters just how you want them. Act Ten relies on skill choices instead of classes to dictate what your character is. With our experience system, your character can evolve in any direction you want to take them.
  • Traits. Create characters with addictions, acute senses and even give them insanity or a rich family. There are a hundreds of combinations to help create back story, character depth, in game complications or advantages.
  • Precision Tuning. You have more options than ever to customize your characters specializations. Modify your target numbers, add a bonus to your roll, beef up your overflow and reduce the time it takes to do something. 
  • On The Fly Experience. You get XP every time you do something, which allows your character to learn new skills on the fly. This means the proactive player will be rewarded, and you will advance naturally, as you play. 
  • Star Power. Earn points whenever you steal the scene. Then use those points later, to add to rolls, reroll botches, lend to friends, use as experience and even force the Game Master to re-roll.
  • Simplified Gear. Weapons, armor and equipment are simple and to the point. They help you get things done. Period.
  • Dice Mechanics. With multiple task resolution options, 1d10 is all you will ever need to cover the angles in this game. 
  • Maneuvers. Choose an attack style to fit your characters needs. Defensive and offensive moves aren’t a matter of just blocking and attacking anymore, but how you do them. Strong characters can block while quick characters can sidestep. Choose between brutal smashing attacks or pinpoint accurate strikes. 
  • Overflow Triggers. One roll can evolve into many outcomes. What starts as a simple sidestep can become a parry, or even a counter attack! Damage becomes greater the higher you roll, so It's not about passing or failing, but how much you do it by.
  • Diverse Combinations. Multiple stat and skill combinations help you play an adaptive and expansive character. In depth sub stats help further define your character based on your choices.

One thing I learned during my last Kickstarter was keep it simple. From rewards to goals, this project has been re-thought in the hopes of getting you what you want, and me what I need. So I thought about what I needed here. And that is to see my game being used by people to have fun. And then there is what you want: A quality, affordable tabletop RPG that’s fun and easy.
So I redesigned everything from my goal and the rewards to embody just that. All the money here will go towards these areas: 

  • Fees and taxes. 
  • Reward production and shipping. 
  • Future content development. 

I’ve already done the work, so I don’t need a lot for you to enjoy it. On a side note about future content, you can see the progress being made at An account is free, and you can voice your opinion about development and even enter raffles to win prizes on the site. There are a lot of features so check it out!

Here is all the concept images of how all the rewards look, these may be subject to change over time so let me know what you think.

Risks and challenges

As far as risks and challenges, I have a pretty straightforward answer: the work is pretty much done! If you head over to you can see that most of the work has been completed.

As far as the remainder, the process for what we are doing is also simple. I have already contacted companies for the production of all the pledge goals, set up pricing and all the other details. With ten years experience in graphics and print I should have no problem getting this done.

The only thing that needs to be done is reformatting all the text and art for book format, and producing more art for the book itself. upon a successful Kickstarter, these things are only a matter of time, which I can free up if things go well. So don't worry about a final product! This has been a dream of mine for years, and if you help me accomplish it I will not let you down, thanks!

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    Core Rules .PDF. You will get a copy of the Core Rules .PDF and your name on to immortalize you as a Backer!

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    Pledge $15 or more

    32 backers

    Core Rules Book. You will receive not only the previous reward, but also a copy of the book itself! The book will be black and white, with a full color cover and is estimated at about 120 pages. Please add $15.00 for shipping outside the continental U.S.

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    Pledge $20 or more

    7 backers

    Get the book signed! You will get the book and .PDF, with the book signed by me the creator!

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    Pledge $30 or more

    1 backer

    Backer only d10. On top of the previous rewards, you will also get a backer only ten sided die! Please add $15.00 for shipping outside the continental U.S.

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    Pledge $40 or more

    11 backers

    Bullet proof! On top of all the previous rewards, you will get an Act Ten Directors screen, with all the info you need to help run a game, and great art for your group to look at!

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $45 or more

    2 backers

    Extra status! You not only get the .PDF, book, 1d10 and GM screen, but you will also get your Act Ten Role Playing Network account upgraded to Grip status! This will give you clout on the site when commenting on rules and story changes.

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $80 or more

    0 backers Limited (10 left of 10)

    Sickle watch list! You get all of the previous rewards, and you can design a character and back story for the Extras gallery. Please add $15.00 for shipping outside the continental U.S.

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $100 or more

    8 backers Limited (2 left of 10)

    Division ready! As I re imagine the first setting for Act Ten, Division, you can have a hand in it! I will work with you to create a major NPC, complete with your own corp. or rebel group. I will Produce all art and logos, and you will forever have a place in Act Ten history! This includes all previous rewards.

    Estimated delivery:

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