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Trace makes action sports measurable, sharable, and comparable. Track, compete, and share.
Trace makes action sports measurable, sharable, and comparable. Track, compete, and share.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Naomi Bemis on

      I backed trace and never received a unit, I see others have - so whats up?

    2. Matt Holder on

      I just experienced the same issue of the Trace not turning on. I have one of the gen-1 models and, unfortunately, haven't been able to use it all that much due to some lifestyle changes. I'm now getting back to the point where I can really use it and it's a brick. :(

    3. Kristin Segura on

      Both me and my boyfriend backed this Kickstarter and we both received our Traces, each a different version. Neither of them are turning on anymore. I just email support today, but has anyone else had this issue and been able to resolve it?

    4. John Mather on

      went to use my trace this winter and post charge it will not turn on any more... emailed support

    5. Björn Schick on

      I Never get my trace! Maybe someone can get in Compact with me. Thx

    6. Missing avatar

      jeremy nussbaumer on

      The adhesive for the mount is pretty weak. In cold weather it comes off my snowboard ( even after curing in warm doors for 24hrs prior to going out side) any suggestions? I end up riding around with the trace in pocket... How do we obtain new bases? Most people have a quiver of boards. Between snowboards, twin tip kiteboards, and surfboards I could use more mounts.....

    7. Knewjax on

      Here is my Trace story... I saw Trace on Kickstarter sometime last year. I am an avid Snowboard and Surfer and am into technology so I thought I would give it a whirl. I have been using it nearly every session since I received it. Basically it's awesome, and I expect that it's only going to get better. It really kind of bums me out when I don't have my Trace and I need to surf... it's almost not worth it, because now I feel like if I don't have the data to back up my claims my friends won't believe me. :)

      • Basically I am seeing data I have never been able to see before. I had no idea just how long I paddled around for in order to catch a few seconds of waves.
      • I'm actually pretty decent!!! Trace shows you when you break personal records and I've been seeing some of my speed records at 20+ mph. I'm not going to quit my job and go pro just yet but If I was Kelly Slater I would definitely be worried.
      • When you tell your friends about the epic session you had, you now have data to prove it to them, so they can't question your word.
      • Sharing the sessions to Instagram is pretty kick ass.
      • I've seen other people using it and syncing with the GoPro... I haven't used my GoPro in a while but after seeing how sick some of the videos with the stats, I think I'm going to break mine out soon.
      • Stronger than expected. I was using it during one session at an infamous spot here in southern california and extra large set came through and another surfer didn't make his drop and got sucked over the falls right on top of me. I ditched my board and swam down and when I came up there was a huge dent on both side of the Trace from the other guys rail. Amazingly the Trace didn't fall off or break or anything... but I couldn't say the same about my board.
      • It has data that I haven't seen in any other devices.. cutback angle & airs.
      • Shipped way faster than my COIN (still waiting on that unicorn)

      • I've had a few sessions where it shut off in the water, but in both cases I just restarted it and it worked fine, and recorded the rest of the session.
      • The surf app is a little bit limited and the design could certainly be updated, but I would expect that apps and the device to only get better over time.
      • Seems like the snow app is a bit better.
      • I'm always getting goose eggs on the air stats... (Not Trace's fault though... I just can't air... and now I can't really claim I aired to my friends either, because my Trace stats say otherwise.)

      It really changed surfing for me. I am much more interested in progressing over time now. If you are thinking about buying one, I definitely would. I can't say to much about snowboarding with it yet, as I haven't had a chance. Hopefully in the next couple of months.

    8. Missing avatar

      Connor Miller on

      Also, I get an app update every 3 weeks or so. I was in the last batch of Traces and it came before Thanksgiving. When I write into support they've been really responsive.

    9. Missing avatar

      Connor Miller on

      I got my trace and have been using it surfing for the past couple weeks. I love it, and it has been working great. Everyone has to be patient with the orders, in my opinion it is better to wait a little longer to get a product that works well rather than rushing it.

    10. EpicSesh on

      I kept asking where mine was, and instead of sending it to me, they gave me my money back. My friends haven't gotten theirs either.

    11. Nicholas Wong on


    12. Robert Vreeland on

      Got my Trace in the mail yesterday. Build quality is not what I expected. There is no ring of light, just 2 LEDs (one on each side of what is supposed to be the ring). The case totally looks used with dings and scratches as Andrew C also mentioned. Super bummed there is no skate app as was originally promised. Still, I dig the tech and can't wait for the rain to go away so I can give it a whirl.

    13. Missing avatar

      Andrew C on

      Well these are the "issues" i faced with trace:

      1 - It only works with Android 4.3 (included) or above phones because of the use of Low Energy bluetooth module (BLE); support with this problem was not so good "why do you still use such old phones" is not a good answer for a backer.
      2 - it tooks almost 20-25 minutes for trace to lock the GPS signal the 1st time
      3 - BT connection is someway "weird": if you turn on and off trace or Android BT it is difficult to gain BT pairing again (need to turn off both devices)
      4 - Device seems in some way "used" with some scratches in the plastic case.
      5 - If you have a double-glass widndow trace will loose connection with the Android device at a distance of 2-3 meters
      6 - gopro sync was quite easy (if you know how to set-up the gopro with gopro app.

    14. Kenneth Eng on

      Ski season started. Have not received Trace... what is the status??

    15. Alicia Mullen on

      Have not received Trace... what is the status??

    16. Nicolas Dengler on

      Still haven't received my Trace, any update please?

    17. Missing avatar

      Alexey Volochenko on

      Doesnt work with iOS, and doesnt work with any of the android devices I have. I've had this for 4 months and have not been able to use it.

    18. Brian Kuriyama on

      Can we get an update? I'm an early bird backer as well and haven't heard and update since August!!!

    19. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Received my Trace today in Gold Coast, Aus. Will try it out soon.

    20. Missing avatar

      Ken on

      Trace arrived safely in Christchurch NZ. Testing will start soon.

    21. Robert Vreeland on

      Hello? I was an early bird backer and I still have not heard anything about getting my Trace. Can I please get an update!

    22. Kristian Kristiansen on

      Hi Guys, did anyone get their international shipped traces? I am a bit worried.

    23. Missing avatar

      Corey on

      I'm still waiting for my Trace, I haven't received any updates in a while. Getting worried :-(

    24. Missing avatar

      michael lopez on

      Just got mine a few days ago. Took way longer than original date but glad to know that they didn't rush out their product when they knew it had issues. Will try it out this week surfing and skimboaring

    25. Ryan Peterson on

      Got mine!!! A little after the Feb 2014 expected date, though.
      I really, really hope it works well. I'm going to give it a try kitesurfing this week... not sure what the surfing algorithms will recognize but I bought it 100% for that sport.

    26. Matt Rendall on

      I'm backer 1046 in the US and just got mine today! :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Josh Luther on

      Guys, can we please have an update?? Ski season is right around the corner and we haven't heard from anyone since August. On 9/26 you told me you'd be shipping ALL Traces, but need to "get your shipping legs." What does that even mean??

    28. Sam Beckett on

      Two hours left to buy this device on ebay! I don't think it is against kickstarter TOS to resale things we buy, so please don't delete this post.

    29. Gamp Zhu on

      Hi, there, did you start international shipping?
      My email is as contributor...Can you check where you are for me?

    30. Sam Beckett on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jay Bauer on

      Matt: how did you set it up with an iphone?

    32. Sam Beckett on

      Yes, I got mine yesterday. Disappointing it didn't come in any packaging & the two plastic mounts look used. I didn't get a chance to test. But it did look 'hand' made and not like a real product.

    33. Matthew Nguyen on

      Finally got mines in the mail today! looks solid! bit trouble setting it up with iPhone though...

    34. Sam Beckett on

      Not sure what happened. They told me it was going to be shipped, now it is 13 days later and still no tracking number...

    35. Sam Beckett on

      Just got an email "Great news--your Trace is shipping soon. But first we need you to confirm your email. Your Trace WILL NOT be shipped until we hear back from you that the address below is correct:"

      So make sure you respond, otherwise you will not get your item. Reminds me of cyber rebate tactics lol

    36. shredder on

      If you ask them questions by e-mail, they actually respond quite quickly, so I would encourage using that avenue versus this page. @John Unger, I was able to use TRACE this spring for snowboarding...I had the first TRACE version and now the second (the updated/improved version), and it is significantly better. The TRACE ap on my phone synced smoothly and data upload was quick between device and phone. It uploads via the trace ap and then automatically to AlpineReplay, pretty cool! I was also able to update TRACE via my phone whereas previously it was USB only. Check out the YouTube AlpineReplay channel for users using TRACE and their gopro synced together.

    37. Sam Beckett on

      Yes, UPDATE PLEASE. on kickstarter - not via email or another website.

      "Estimated delivery: Jan 2014" It is now more then 2x the estimated time, and almost a year after ending.

    38. Krakucas on

      Any updates since last February? I was worried not to have my trace for the 2013/2014 winter I am worried not to have it for the 2014/2015 season. For info, first ski resorts will open at the end of October (CO), and it would be nice to have it by then. UPDATE PLEASE

    39. Missing avatar

      Kyle Kitchen on

      This is really getting ridiculous... 8 months past estimated delivery, and they are making us contact them for any updates....

    40. Sam Beckett on

      Please post public updates. I don't think all 1000 backers want to ask you by email.

    41. John Ungar on

      It would be good to hear from some beta testers about how they have got on with it and some videos.

    42. Robert Vreeland on

      Been nearly 2 months since the last email update (5/31/2014). Can we please get another update?

    43. ActiveReplay Creator on

      Hi @all, as previously mentioned, we've moved off the Kickstarter platform as a way to provide support and updates. You can email us at any time at and we'll get back to you. We've been posting updates from our email list every 4 - 6 weeks. If you're not getting the updates, please email us at and we'll add you right away! Thanks.

    44. Ongan Mordeniz on

      What s going on here ! no news since months.

    45. Missing avatar

      Abraham Arango on

      Early Bird Shipment - Jan '14

      Surf & Skate apps for iPhone - Jan '14

      And here it is July of '14 and neither of these has been fulfilled nor has any information sent out when it will be fulfilled. Awful project management!

    46. Missing avatar

      Paul Sulyma on

      What's happening?

    47. ActiveReplay Creator on

      Hi @al, as we've said before, please direct all your inquiries to We sent out an update in April letting backers know of our progress, and giving early backers the option of receiving their Trace now, or waiting for a more stable version with more features. Those who chose to receive their Trace now have received it. We'd be happy to mail yours to you. Please write in to with any questions.

    48. Sam Beckett on

      Estimated delivery: Jan 2014

      we are 5 months late, what is the new Estimated delivery?

      I was an early bird, and from EpicSesh said they already should be mailed...

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