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The ONLY miniatures display case you cannot outgrow. Wall mountable, transportable, user proven, production ready and now CLEAR.
The ONLY miniatures display case you cannot outgrow. Wall mountable, transportable, user proven, production ready and now CLEAR.
The ONLY miniatures display case you cannot outgrow. Wall mountable, transportable, user proven, production ready and now CLEAR.
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    1. Paul David Wright


      Still no sign of my pledge in the uk. Any ideas when I can expect it?

    2. Active Minds Games 4-time creator on

      @MathhewPower No Thank you for the information it is definitely going to be something to consider for future shipments.

    3. Matthew Power

      @Active Minds, the actual price for shipping is not usually cheaper, that is true, but there are usually less added costs and fees associated with products moving from USPS to Canada Post during the duty process. Both FedEx and UPS will usually have greater costs for Canadian backers than USPS shipping, even with a slightly higher base cost. Be aware, though, that USPS shipping can take a little bit longer. Running a quick test of my pledge on your website shows that USPS shipping for the order would be about $8 more than the equivalent FedEx upfront, but would save the above $30 in fees.

      Thank you for looking at other potential options, I really appreciate it! Even if the cost increase from using USPS ends up equaling additional fees from using couriers, knowing and paying the full shipping costs ahead of time can mean a lot of peace of mind.

      For your info, the relevant charges assessed after shipment on my order were the following:
      Fed Ex Advancement Fee: $10+tx, CAD. Unless the recipient provides their own FedEx account number, FedEx will pay any appropriate duties ahead of time while processing the shipment through customs, and then bill the recipient for this later via snail mail. This will be charged on pretty much every US->CA FedEx shipment. In contrast, thanks to a long-standing agreement between USPS and Canada Post, this issue is not a concern if using official postal services, and duties, if assessed, will be charged upon receipt at point of delivery.

      Clearance Entry Fee: This fee (in this case totaling about $20 CAD after the fee has been taxed) for handling requisite paperwork as your agent at the border. This will also be charged in some amount on most FedEx shipments US->CA. Again, no such charge occurs using USPS->Canada Post due to their longstanding agreements resulting in no such agent being needed.

      Sorry for the long message, and I hope that this is helpful.

    4. Active Minds Games 4-time creator on

      We are definitely looking at potential other options with shipping on our next Kickstarter for the Design of the XCase XL. We have added USPS to our website, though they are not really cheaper than FedEx. Unfortunately we really have very little control over the charges they assess after product shipment. Especially since we do not know what they are charging for.

    5. Matthew Power

      @Wanda, I had the same thing happen; received a bill today for $39.42 via FedEx for customs clearance, with over $25 of this exclusively FedEx fees. These fees total more than all shipping costs I had paid, and I've given more money to FedEx than Active Minds this Kickstarter. Suffice it to say, not pleased, and I hope Active Minds will consider using USPS shipping in the future. Otherwise, I won't be able to justify the added costs of backing.

      On a less bitter note, quite satisfied with the actual items, so thumbs up to Active Minds for that.

    6. Wanda Aasen

      I really hate FedEx cause now after the fact, I need to pay $30.45 in customs so be warned if you are living in Canada.

    7. Arsenus on

      Just received in France! A good product!

    8. Argail Wallace on

      Just received my pledge in Greece, all look good, thanks a lot

    9. Missing avatar

      Kuroneko on

      Just received my pledge over here in the UK. Everything looks fine :) So glad I got one of your cases in my Reapercon swagbag last year, otherwise I probably wouldn't have noticed the kickstarter!

    10. Peter on

      When should we be seeing our pledge in Australia?

    11. Active Minds Games 4-time creator on

      @Valk, Oh and we do NOT recommend putting earth magnets on the Magnetic strip. Minis with earth magnets often have a weaker hold and the earth magnets will also over time demagnetize the magnetic stip.

    12. Active Minds Games 4-time creator on

      @Valk For plastic Miniatures that are not super top heavy or have an exceptionally small base the Flex iron is usually enough, however, if you have heavier metal minis for which you just do not believe the hold is strong enough. You can double up the Flex iron for a noticeable improvement in the magnetic hold. The best hold though not very convenient, might be to use washers, pure metal has the strongest hold on the magnet.

    13. valk on

      Picked mine up yesterday, while I wish the magnetic base was bigger and stronger, I was still very happy with the cases themselves! Wish the cases came in larger sizes but probably buying more in the future!

    14. Active Minds Games 4-time creator on

      Wilson Mead III, Of course we will replace the broken unit as well as the one that sounds more like a manufacturing defect, though quite a bit more rare those do happen as well. As for the door issue, I think I know what you are speaking of but to be sure please send a picture and we can tell you / provide an option to fix.


    15. Wilson Mead III on

      Oh and aside from the minor issues, they are looking great, and am eager to hear more about the XL ones. I have miniatures and other figures that might have need of them.

    16. Wilson Mead III on

      Got my order of 36 Clear cases a couple days ago and have been inspecting them (as per that email that I should). I am about half way through them and have 2 types of issues.

      1) Clear breaks. 2 cases have something clearly broken. 1 has a hinge piece missing, another has a "hook/latch" broken off. I can't do much about these two.

      2) Hinge "latches" are, not broken, but "angled" a bit so that if I open and close it, they hook onto the inside of the case instead of letting it close. I am fairly certain I can fix them if I knew how I should go about it. This is way more common, like half a dozen out of 18. And honestly, it sounds like something that will happen over time anyways.

      To sum up:
      I have 2 I can't fix so far. What is the procedure for these.

      An issue with the latch. Do you have an idea on how to fix this? Due to the type of plastic, my normal options of fixing minis doesn't really apply well :) If it's just "take off the front door and very slightly adjust with pliers" that's fine. It's likely what'd I'd try once I had a moment.

    17. Active Minds Games 4-time creator on

      Since the site is currently only set up for FedEx if you select the minimum shipping option we will try to find the cheapest solution even if not FedEx, Sometimes USPS can be cheaper depending on what is ordered. If that happens and the difference is more than a couple of dollars we will refund you the excess. We do not like overcharging for shipping even if our customers pay it based on the Fedex calculation. So far we have been unsuccessful in finding a shipping option that is able to calculate all combinations of location and products accurately. FedEx is the closest we have found.

    18. Missing avatar

      Aaron Rogers on

      Hi Ken, thanks for the reply. I understand. Shipping costs seem to be going up and up. I got a little bit of sticker shock when I saw how much shipping was compared to how much the case was. I live in Texas though so not sure if that makes a difference.

    19. Coralline Algae on

      @Ben - So jealous. :P
      I only just got my KD:M tracking email today. Won't be long though. Turns out they split my wave 2 expansions into two shipments. They haven't shipped my second package yet but I'm still really excited. XD

    20. Missing avatar


      @starting survivor. I think it was just a lazy delivery driver. Every other package I've had delivered was inside our entryway. I had another delivery same day where the driver left it inside by the main door and rang the bell. Spoiler alert it was kdm wave 2 box :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Bob Robinson on

      They must have teleported my order to my door. I received the package and the shipping notification within minutes of each other! Thanks, can't wait to dig in!

    22. Coralline Algae on

      @Ben - You can set your own delivery preferences by using USPS "Informed Delivery", UPS "My Choice" and FedEx "Delivery Manager". You can specify exactly where you want all your packages delivered. You have to sign up for accounts with each company. Definitely worth it. I've often gotten shipping notices direct from the shipping companies when kickstarter creators didn't send shipping notices or they went into a spam folder. I like getting tracking emails and one text message on the day a package is delivered.

    23. Missing avatar


      Came home from to find my order waiting for me... in the rain (luckily it wasn't raining that hard). Delivery dude, we have an enclosed front porch you could have left the box in. One door dude! Anyways, everything looks great. Thank you for such a great product!

    24. Missing avatar

      Bob Robinson on

      @Coralline Algae Thanks for the heads up. I took a look on the website and it looks like mine hasn't shipped yet either. I'll go back to waiting (im)patiently!

    25. Wilson Mead III on

      Mine hasn't shipped according to the website, but I'm happy to know that when it does I will get a tracking number.

    26. Coralline Algae on

      @Bob Robinson - Yes, I got an email from Ken Romero titled "Active Minds Games Order Shipped" that had a tracking number. I don't recall if it came into my normal mail or went to my spam folder, but I did get a tracking/notification email.

    27. Coralline Algae on

      Got my cases. Just need to hang them above my paint racks and I'll have storage for my WIPs and the figures that are next in the paint queue.

    28. Missing avatar

      Bob Robinson on

      Did people receive shipping notifications/tracking info for their orders? I've gotten the Active Minds receipt e-mail, but nothing further.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jason Blawas on

      Juuuust got it.

      I am super impressed.

      I will suggest this to other people.

      It came with a product wrapping of sorts with holes in the package to hang on a shelf. Do you have enough if i asked my local gaming store to carry them?

    30. Meankeb

      X-Case Full cube arrived today in Fort Dodge, IA! Huzzah and thank you. It looks like one of them might have received some damage in shipping, I will use the Active Games website to submit a picture. Cheers!

    31. Missing avatar

      Michael Adams on

      Got my cases & extras today. Everything looks great - thanks!

    32. Coralline Algae on

      That's very good to know. I wasn't aware of that.

    33. Active Minds Games 4-time creator on

      Just a reminder to all US and Canada residence the order notice you get is just letting you know what we have you down as ordering. You will not be charged anything beyond what you paid through Backerkit. We just need to set up your order in our website to create packing slips.prices for product or shipping are just standard pricing of our MSRP and FedEx quotes.

    34. Coralline Algae on

      Also, I pledged for twice as nice, which was $23 for two cases, and the invoice shows that I was charged $25.90 for the two cases. I know it's just $3, but after doubling my expected shipping fee I think this should be corrected.

    35. Active Minds Games 4-time creator on

      Aaron Rodgers not sure where you live nut west coast to east coast shipping for one unit via FedEx is around 9 in fact often 10. West coast to west coast is 6. Two units is only a couple dollars more but the first unit is crazy expensive. Sorry about that. As for emails received recently remember those are just our order prep. There will be no charges coming to you from that payments were made in Backerkit

    36. Missing avatar

      Aaron Rogers on

      +1 Survivor. It costs as much to ship as it did for one of the cases. You got to be kidding me. I'm sorry, it doesn't cost anywhere near $9 to ship one of these. Wish I would have known before I backed you guys.

    37. Active Minds Games 4-time creator on

      Starting Survivor, Sorry to hear that. We have not control over what shipping rates. We tried to put in a discount where possible but shipping costs are going up to stupid levels this days. They tell us we even have a discount on our account. Our location in the NW of the US does make shipping pretty much anywhere on the East half of the US kind of pricey though. Per unit shipping is definitely lower with more units but the first couple of units just does not average out very nice.

    38. Active Minds Games 4-time creator on

      Hi Everyone, Just sent out an update with regards to the emails you are getting. If you were already a customer on our website than we should be using that account and your Kickstarter items will show up as another order on your account. If you are new to our site it will be the only order on the account. There is no charge associated with it and you can ignore the prices shown on the order. It is just us getting the order ready for printing and packing.

    39. wolfknight75

      Yes I received the same email

    40. Ryan Oshiro

      Anybody else get a Password has been changed email from active mind games support email? Sounds suspicious as where is no update here or comments.

    41. Coralline Algae on

      $20.27 shipping fee for two x-cases? No way will I support this company again.

    42. Active Minds Games 4-time creator on

      @ArgailWallace: You should be able to return to your survey with the same survey link they sent you originally. However if you do not have it any longer you can request a new link @

    43. Active Minds Games 4-time creator on

      @JasonBlawas We have to lock down the charges on BackerKit to send final payments to Fulfillment and manufacturing. We have not yet locked down addresses as we will wait on that until we are a couple weeks closer to shipping.
      @ArgailWallace You should be able to use your BackerKit Survey link and return to the survey. We did reach out to BackerKit to get exact instructions for you though. Probably will here back tomorrow.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jason Blawas on

      Just got charged for shipping!

    45. Argail Wallace on

      And how I get back to survey?

    46. Active Minds Games 4-time creator on

      @Argail Wallace you should be able to do it on the Backerkit survey. Until we lock down addresses which we will not do until we are about to begin shipping .

    47. Argail Wallace on

      Hello how can I change the delivery address?

    48. Active Minds Games 4-time creator on

      @WiseOldOwl Though we expect to be getting product shipped to US soon and to our fulfillment center we do not expect it will arrive soon enough to ship out backer rewards this month. Until our production facility officially confirms they have shipped out our product we cannot for sure say they will get it out before Chinese New Year which I believe starts within the next couple of weeks. We do hope to ship out rewards by End of Next Month but there are still variables that we cannot yet provide a firm ship date.... But we are close.

    49. Missing avatar

      Wise Old Owl on

      Looking forward to getting these sometime this month.

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