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An inTREEguing game for 2-5 players in 45 minutes or less.
An inTREEguing game for 2-5 players in 45 minutes or less.
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Component Issue Update #2

Posted by Action Phase Games (Creator)

Good morning, backers!

Yesterday I posted an update regarding comments about the wooden discs in the deluxe version of the game. At the time of posting this, we have a handful of comments, but still wanted to address this situation rather than delay our response. In my haste to try and give you all some kind of barometer, I did a poor job of articulating the situation. Allow me to elaborate/amend that update today with the hopes of putting backers who have issues with their game at ease. This will be a longer update, in hopes of clarifying what I failed to do so yesterday.


The production samples we approved months ago (6 copies at that time) had no issue with the discs whatsoever. The discs were only just larger than the stickers, but we decided that, with Chinese New Year looming, and the potential delay, to move forward. On all of our samples of the deluxe, we were able to apply the stickers without issue, but it was an admittedly tight fit.

Just as a point of reference, Kodama is our 6th game and 7th mass printing. The only issue we have ever encountered prior was an issue made by a pre-print engineer on the very first print run of our very first product, an issue we addressed with our backers--though this took months of negotiating with the factory and coordination.

We only received our copies of the games this last Friday afternoon, at which point there were only a few comments about the discs. Upon opening a few deluxe copies, we did not encounter these issues and decided to wait rather than comment, allowing more time for backers' games to arrive, wherein we might be able to collect more data.

By Easter Sunday, there had been a few more replies, a few of which were backers that were clearly disappointed. It was at this point that I decided to write the update. Having dealt with shipping replacement parts for three years, I know that some backers can be more particular than others--not that there is anything wrong with that; we always gladly send replacements, usually with something extra like stickers or buttons if we have them for that game and always same week (unless we are at a convention). Admittedly, I wanted to be intentionally careful as to how I addressed replacement parts for the discs, as we did not yet receive our damaged copies which we use for spare parts. This is where I began to poorly phrase things in the last update.

Firstly, I wanted to assure backers that had yet to receive their games that when sourcing a massive quantity of wooden components, there is always a fraction of games that have some issue. I know some of the backers have taken this to be an excuse, but I assure you from our end, that while the majority of the components sourced are up to standard, some less than satisfactory bits make their way into copies. I pointed this out so as to not alarm those still waiting on their games to arrive. We are not physically present when the games are being produced. We approve a sample which should represent what the final product should be. I say this only because some comments have been made regarding quality control. We have used the same factory 6 times, and this is the first issue we have ever encountered in working with them.

Were a higher than average quantity of these particular components to be requested, it would be hard for us to meet the demand, as this would mean there is in fact an issue that needs to be addressed on the manufacturing level. What I so poorly communicated at the time was, more time would be needed to properly investigate the issue, explore options, and come to a solution. I didn't want backers filling out a form that we know we could not efficiently resolve until we had more info--ie: not on a Sunday that happens to be a holiday. But again, we wanted to respond in some form or fashion. My mention of cost of shipping and whatnot came across abrasive, to which I apologize. My real point here was, if there is in fact an issue with the bits, then opening games with potentially the same issue to try and source components would not be a real solution at this time.


First thing this morning, we reached out to our manufacturing partner about this issue. We have yet to get a response, but we are confident they suggest we accurately capture as much data on this issue as possible before anything can be done. To this end, we would ask those with these issues to please do the following:

  • Fill out a replacement form on our site by clicking this link
  • Please provide images of the components in question and description of what issues you have encountered including the specific quantity of any components like discs

We will collect these and present them to our factory partner in working toward a solution for any backers affected by this issue. This may take time, but like the only other time we encountered an issue, we did good by our backers and fixed it. In the meantime, we hope that this can put some of the disappointment at rest. We understand that while these issues in no way impede game play, they cast a pall shadow on your experience. Rest assured, we will get it fixed. We always do. And apologies that it seemed anything other than that in my update yesterday.

In short, some people have experienced production issues with the wooden discs in the deluxe version of the game. In our opinion, those people have not yet received a deluxe copy as it is not what was promised. Please be patient with us as we try to find out how many people are affected so that we can determine the best way to right this wrong. 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Graham Robinson

      Any update on fixing the issue with the splintered disks in the "deluxe" version of the game? Game still sitting unplayed while I wait for a copy that won't leave people with cuts.

    2. Bu Kai Jun on

      just got my game today. happy with the components, although the disc is slightly splintered but that's not a big deal. thanks for the game!

    3. LiquidAg

      @Joshua Dunn - I think that's a promo card from one of their previous games (Ninja Camp). It's not supposed to be used with Kodama, but it's included as a bonus for people who got Ninja Camp and would like a new card for that game. It's kind of a loyal customer reward thing. See previous updates for other examples. There will be a new Kodama card included in a future game (Retreat to Darkmoor).

    4. Joshua Dunn on

      In Australia and just received my copy of Kodama. The wooden tokens are a bit wonky, but I can live with it. Everything else came through lovely. But I seem to also have a "Kitten" card advising how to claim a number of ninjas during game-play. Was this supposed to happen? Is it ... is this normal?

    5. Action Phase Games 10-time creator on

      EDWARD: This should not be the case. I am looking at the site now. Try to manually enter 0.00. If you still have no success, please contact me directly. As we mentioned, comments are not the best way to resolve issues.

    6. Missing avatar

      Edward Davison on

      I have just got my kodama and the discs are different thicknesses. Filled out the replacement form and it said it's $5 shipping! Is this correct? Not sure why I should be charged for something that isn't my fault

    7. Monkeylord

      Hi APG! Recieved my Kodoma today (Australia) and it is beautiful. Was cautious reading the updates and comments, and while my meeple was of very nice quality, unfortunately her poor lil arm was snapped. Yes my wooden tokens are of poor quality (rough, squashed, splinters) and the stickers don't fit, but the game plays well and is lovely. Also I found if you put the score board in last and on top it is not really a problem, if a little snug.
      Thank you for a wonderful game.

    8. Missing avatar

      Stefan Haydn

      It is unbelieveable. I counted four times 64 cards. Then I read that someone had cards that sticked together. I looked at every branch card and found one that sticked to another.
      Now I have 65 cards :-)

    9. Missing avatar

      Stefan Haydn

      Did anyone miss a branch card? I count only 64 instead of 65. Everything else is , only the first player marker has lost one arm.

    10. Dr. Arnd Felten

      I paid $33, which is somewhere around €25. The game arrived today, and after looking at it (and comparing it with some other Kickstarter projects in this price range), I think it's a decent if somewhat overpriced game.
      I'm also one wooden disk short, so I'll resort to using the cardboard season marker. The little wooden spirit guy is a nice touch, but I'm willing to bet drove up the price at least a buck or two per game.
      That said, I'm still happy I backed this game, as I'll probably give it away as a present. Material- and quality-wise, however, it fits more snugly in the <€20 range.

    11. Action Phase Games 10-time creator on

      DARREN: Please contact us directly with issues. Comments are not the best means to resolve issues. We will gladly address your issue directly.

    12. Darren Christie

      You want to charge me shipping to replace a part (miss cut card) because I'm international. Not cool. I'll tell you what I'll pay shipping to send back instead and I'll take a full refund please. This is bs

    13. Missing avatar

      Bronco Brasco on

      @Jeffrey Moore: I totally agree!

      Sure, the disks are not even, I kind of like it, when it looks natural. So if the stickers would have been a little smaller and maybe also designed with a white border it would have been better. Can't wait for the first round this weekend.

    14. Tim Ware

      My stickers/discs are fine, as are other components, but this is my third game with damage to the box, considerably more than the previous two projects...

    15. MichelleAA on

      I managed to get my stickers on the wood discs perfectly, and it looks beautiful =) Albeit a bit tougher to put together, they look much nicer than smaller stickers on big discs. In my opinion ;-) I am very happy with my discs and stickers...

    16. Julian C

      Mine just arrived in the UK. Loked at the disc/sticker issue. While a tight fit there's definitely a slight overhang on a couple of ovoid discs - nothing I can't live with. Given the 'nauture/organic' theme of the game it seems slightly picky to expect natural materials to be a perfect shape?

      Surely a quicker, simpler, cheaper solution would be to re-do the sticker sheet shaving a couple of mm off the die cut to make each sticker smaller. Everyone could get these sent to them (less admin etc.) and only those with outrageously malformed discs need seek redress on that front.

    17. Allan Taylor on

      I also received some badly cut discs. They vary in size (all too small), have knicks in the sides and are definitely not round. The worst one had splinters sticking out the side (which I found out the hard way when I picked it up). That being said I probably won't bother with asking for replacements. I can go to the hardware store and make some proper replacements myself.

      I will say as a backer of Heroes Wanted and Ninja Camp, this deluxe box is disappointing. The other games were polished and well made. This one is just early. Personally, I would have preferred late and properly done. Besides the disc problem, the board is too tight in the box and I guess I missed the fact that no insert was planned. I'm not sure why the decision for no insert was made, but it's a let down for me when I'm force to deal with sorting cards before each game or finding my own storage solution.

      None of this will detract from me enjoying the game, and I still think Action Phase Games is great company, but I will pay much closer attention before I back next time. Unlike others below, I do think I overpaid for what I received.

    18. Paul Pigg on

      Nevermind.... just saw you answered that already...carry on!

    19. Paul Pigg on

      I still need to fill out the form with pictures, but I see below that you have said you will likely not be replacing the stickers. What if we had already applied them to the discs? Since I paid for the wooden bits, I had every intention to use them, keeping the chipboard tokens as a backup in case something happened. As others have said, I think the game is fantastic and the poor quality of the discs doesn't really take away from the gameplay. Even so, if you ultimately end up replacing the discs, I wouldn't want to be out of luck because I got excited to play the game with the components I paid for!

    20. Action Phase Games 10-time creator on

      MICHAEL: Indeed! Glad you are enjoying it! We will sort all of this out, but it is going to take time. We will update backers once we have more answers.

    21. Michael S

      @APG Cool thanks. Now I see why everyone keeps on saying "who cares about the wood bits" cuz the game is really great.

    22. Michael S

      That being said the kodama meeple is amazing. Maybe even worth the 8$. Did they really come from the same manufacturer? Just wondering if refunds are being considered as an option.

    23. Action Phase Games 10-time creator on

      Michael: we need time to collect data and talk not only with the factory but also the wood source in China. This is a very involved process and we unfortunately need more time in order to make any form of informed decision.

    24. Michael S

      Will sending back the deluxe bits for a refund be a possible option? My discs look like a mix of moon phases, salvidor dali's melting clocks, and wood shop rejects.

    25. Troy

      I played this game last night! I lost, but I still had a lot of fun.

    26. Steven Paradise

      My disks were also a bit small for the stickers, but the quality was fine. Doesn't matter to me, as it doesn't affect game play. Haven't checked the cards yet.

      I second the idea that slightly smaller stickers would be a cheaper fix to make and mail.

    27. Missing avatar

      Gary Johnson

      Just wanted to say THANK YOU! for a great game.

    28. Missing avatar

      Zack Roehr

      My disks were a bit off round, necessitating folding of sticker edges a bit, but not offensively so. I did have a few cards stuck together though, which ultimately means that when pulled apart gently the back of one and front of the other are now discolored from transfer.. not a big deal though to game play I don't think...

    29. Action Phase Games 10-time creator on

      J: We are still collecting data for the factory. Once we have that data we will figure out how to best resolve the issue. Thanks

    30. J Pierce on

      APG: You say you are not planning on reissuing stickers. Is that true for people who applied their stickers and then were unhappy with how they poorly fit the oblong/misshapen discs? I ask, because without sticker replacements, there's absolutely no point in disc replacements.

    31. Mike Ohio Marian on

      Yo. Homies. my deluxe came pristine. Not all was botched.

    32. Allison Tharp on

      Manufacturing defects like this are unpredictable and expensive to fix. Despite being a small company, Action Phase Games has a great track record for preventing these issues and/or trying to fix it for their customers in a fair way (this is literally their jobs -- we shouldn't expect them to lose large portions of their profit margins on discs that are a little small). This is one of the many reasons APG is one of the few companies I support wholeheartedly.

    33. Missing avatar

      Douglas King on

      I must say i backed for the extra cards and while I was able to apply my stickers fine and the discs were okay, not great the rest of the components met my expectations especially the meeple. I can't speak for everyone but I think a lot of people were in for the deluxe version mainly for the extra cards.

    34. Matthew Simpson

      I'm amazed by the number of people getting this upset over wooden discs. Disappointment would be one thing, but some of you sound really mad. Mine aren't great, but they have zero impact on my ability to enjoy the game and everything else is really nice quality. Chances are good most people still would have purchased the deluxe edition if it just had the extra cards and the discs never existed.

    35. Anaxphone

      My copy came in missing three discs and a few others notably less than the proper size and shape. Of course, after reading the rather rude update on the weekend, I didn't bother to report it, but just threw them out and made my own since you clearly didn't want to address the issue.

      I'm not going to lie- no matter how well you are trying to spin things now, I will be hesitant to buy anything from Action Phase Games in the future.

    36. Missing avatar

      Laura Barnes on

      My discs are not perfect, some stickers hang over the edges. That said, I'm 100% fine with this and far from disappointed in the production of the game. I simply planned on shaving the edges of the sticker overhang with a razor blade.

    37. Missing avatar

      Dreamitdoit on

      Thanks. Wanted to ask in case submitting a request now would help you with the manufacturer. As long as it won't preclude me from being eligible for replacements, I'm happy to wait to see if you announce larger discs and replacement stickers for those of us who already used ours. Otherwise, I'll just stick with what I have (like the upside down cards in HW that don't affect anything).

    38. Action Phase Games 10-time creator on

      DREAM: We are still working on it. There is nothing wrong with the stickers--unless they were some how damaged, so it is unlikely we will also replace those. As mentioned, we were aware the discs were close to the same size, but after applying multiple sets w/out issue--and knowing we would go from early to late on delivery--we decided to roll with it. We will keep everyone apprised.

    39. Missing avatar

      Dreamitdoit on

      @AP kudos to this "replacement update". A few carefully chosen words can make such a world of difference, truly.

      A question on planned resolution: will you be reissuing stickers, discs, or stickers and discs? And will you be making discs larger or stickers smaller or neither?

      My discs are reasonably round, but the stickers overhang a bit, as you've experienced. I don't want to waste anyone's time with a replacement request if my discs are to spec and thus the same as the replacements I would receive. Thanks!

    40. Gutris

      Great update and clarification! Still haven't got it yet due to being in China, still hyped to get it!

    41. Daniel Riles

      Yep, got the pieces. The wooden disks and the stickers are about the same diameter which makes it hard for me to stick the stickers on well, but the game works fine. Played with my kids last weekend, and they enjoyed it. Look forward to many more game plays.

    42. PAUL on

      Two words: Professional

    43. Missing avatar

      Mark Nevelow

      My disks are less than perfect, and the stickers are definitely too tight a fit.

      Oddly enough, the sun still came up this morning.

      The tokens are fine, the punchboard is fine... it's a game. I'm happy with it exactly as is, and don't require anything extra from you in any way.

      I'm sorry for the headache, but I don't have any issues that need resolution.

    44. Missing avatar

      Candace Lee on

      I received the game latelast week, and it looks fantastic. Just beautiful. I'm in the middle of playing the first round with my 7 year old and the game play is great. The instructions are very clear and we appreciate the call out for younger players. Haven't yet tested the wooden discs and stickers, but will and will report out (with photos!) on any issues. Production challenges happen, so thanks for all the details.

    45. Jeffrey Moore on

      I am not going to request replacements or send photo's. That's silly. But, I do think there is a lesson to be learned here. Every time (and I do mean EVERY time) that I open a game and I see stickers, my first thought is, "Please, PLEASE let the stickers be proportionally smaller than the surface area that they need to cover."

      Any time they are not, it's a problem. And it's a problem here. But, more disks isn't going to fix a thing. The stickers needed to be cut sufficiently smaller than the disks. This would have allowed for small defects in the disks themselves and the more common issue: user error. You have left us as the consumers of the game with a zero margin for error in applying the stickers. But, you know what: you aren't the only one. This happens all the time.

      I am a bit disappointed in the disks. But not in the game ... the game is gorgeous. I am going to LOVE having this game on my shelf and I can live with the disks as they are. But, I do find it hard to believe that game manufacturers are still making this basic mistake. Please, if you take anything away from this experience, design future games that need stickers in such a way that the stickers are reasonably smaller than the areas that they must cover. There should be a bit of a visible border all the way around. We gamers need a little room to make mistakes. We're only human.

      And if you would be so kind as to pass this advice on to other game manufacturers as well, that would be awesome!

    46. Alex Draper on

      much clearer and encouraging - thanks you.

    47. Michael S

      Either way kudos to Action Phase Games for this update. Makes things much clearer and everything I said on the last update obsolete. Funny how the fact that the game was shipped early is being overlooked. Super pumped about that! Great work!

    48. Michael S

      Hahaha really? I guess I've always overlooked the manufacturers name! I stand corrected.

    49. MentatYP

      Much better update than the last one. Great job! Thankfully my discs look ok so I'm not affected either way, but glad to see that APG are working on a resolution.

      Unfortunately that resolution won't involve making the discs bigger or the stickers smaller, because the stickers being such a tight fit makes it hard to get them on there just right, and sticker overhang makes it more likely they'll peel off sooner than one would hope.

      Between that and the slightly too small box to fit the scoreboard at the bottom of the box, it seems APG have made some mistakes one wouldn't expect from a publisher who have done this many KS projects. Just part of KS I guess--letting publishers learn from their mistakes on our dime.

    50. Action Phase Games 10-time creator on

      Also, if you look at the back of the box, the manufacturer's name actually is on there ;)