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An inTREEguing game for 2-5 players in 45 minutes or less.
An inTREEguing game for 2-5 players in 45 minutes or less.
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Wooden Bits/Replacement Parts

Posted by Action Phase Games (Creator)

Hello, all!

Just a quick update today concerning the kodama meeple and wooden discs in the deluxe version.

We have noticed some comments regarding some backers having issues with their discs: some are not perfectly round or not completely smooth. We would like to assure backers that the samples we approved did not have these issues.

For a bit of insight, when sourcing wooden components at such a high quantity (around 50,000 in this case) there will always be some yield of issues like these. It is far more common than some may think. We entirely understand our backers wanting everything to be consummate, but unfortunately we are not present for the packaging and sorting process. We merely approve a sample which should represent the vast majority of units.

Some kodama meeples also seem to have had their poor arms snapped off during manufacturing/shipping. Electing for such a dynamic design for a wooden piece of course comes with the potential for this to happen, but the good news is that we planned ahead and sourced more of these for replacement parts. We are hoping to have these parts delivered to us some time in the next week, wherein we can address issues. The good news is, in the interim, the kodama meeple is merely a first player marker.

HOWEVER, we do not have excess discs in our possession as these were only in the deluxe editions. Our two options for replacements on these are:

  • Use bits from damaged copies--there is usually less than 10 units in an order this large
  • OR we begin gutting undamaged copies, which we would prefer not to do

For those of you with egregious issues with discs, we will do our best to help, but in the interest of full disclosure, it will be difficult to replace discs with issues like not being perfectly smooth or round. Again, we understand this will disappoint some, as they were one of the components of the deluxe version, but unfortunately the combined cost of shipping ($3.50 on average in the US) to ship even one disc with having to open undamaged copies adds up quickly.

Any other issues with your copy of the game needs to be captured in a form via our site, which you can fill out here. Comments or direct messages regarding parts will not be addressed, so please use the form, including images of your issue. It helps us to track issues across a print run and share this info with our manufacturing partner.

If your game was damaged in shipping, please read the last update and contact our fulfillment partner Ship Naked. They will help to correct these issues as quickly as possible.

OH, and lastly, to answer a couple of questions:

  • The extra set of kodama meeple stickers in the deluxe version of the game is just that: and extra set just in case.
  • The three tokens of kodama are meant to be placed on the winner's tree and photographed. Be sure to share your tree on social media with us, or on our BGG page!

Thanks again, Happy Easter, and enjoy your game!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Brett on

      I was sad to see the little Kodama meeple with his broken arm, but I understand the nature of prototypes. He's a fragile little guy and I can see this being a great lesson learned. I am genuinely interested in an update at some point talking about how you go from events like this (quality control and breakages) and move forward for a commercial release.
      Do you look at improvements to the packaging to protect the fragile counter? Do you look at resins/platics with a simulated wood effect? Do you keep the materials and packaging, but change the design to reduce the weakness in the limbs?

      From my perspective, changing the design to include a shallower piece of wood (half depth) between the body and limb would reinforce the design enough to prevent damage caused by movement. It would also have the benefit of being recessed relative to the outline of the figure, allowing it to remain in place; if someone really doesn't like it, making it thin enough to cleanly remove with a craft knife would be a good step.
      Anyway, I'm no engineer or designer, so I shall leave my amateur-hour suggestion and depart.

    2. Michael S

      Deluxe copies are meant to be shown off. Aren't they like a "blinged" out version of the game u want to show all your friends? My point wasn't about the components. It was about the response. (Which has now been remedied). I am on vacation and have yet to go home an open my copy. I am not one to post angry comments or any comments at all. But the initial response from apg seemed so "deal with it" that I had to post. That being said the follow up has remedied any worries I had. You gotta back up your promises and do right by your customers, which is what they are doing.

    3. Missing avatar

      Joshua Johnson

      I am going to agree with J Piece - I am not angry or full of vitriol just disappointed first by the lack of quality control and then by the sorry/not sorry apology. I understand that stuff happens, but personally if they don't make it right the next time I am interested in a APG game on Kickstarter I will wait for the retail version and make sure the quality is adequate before I order it instead of paying a premium price for a "Deluxe" version.

    4. J Pierce on

      First off, don't read into it tone that might not be there. For example, my tone is simply very disappointed that I spent $8 more on a $19 game and feel like that money didn't get me what it should have. You can picture me standing on a table and pounding my fists and screaming, but you'd be wrong. I'm unhappy and frustrated, and I'm telling it like it is. Reread these posts and try imagining then in a voice other than what you assumed.

    5. David Sylvester on

      I can't believe the hostility directed at APG over this. The gameplay is in no way hindered by the mistake, it's a cheap thing to replace, and the stickers cover up the mistakes.
      I can kind of understand the meeple as that's a unique piece; but even that is no reason for the tone of some of these comments. It's far less understandable with the discs, though. When you're complaining about a common, easily obtainable item (especially when said product shipped with cardboard sets of the same piece) with such vitriol the problem lies more with the consumer than the company.
      I got my discs three were oblong, four were chipped. Don't care. The things that actually matter to gameplay; the cards, were just fine. Thank you, APG for this fine game.

    6. J Pierce on

      APG: The way you are responding to this issue is completely tone deaf. It's penny-wise, pound-foolish. As a first time customer of APG, I'm getting an unfavorable opinion of you as a publisher. Perhaps unfairly, but as others have stated you sold a deluxe version and in many cases you did not deliver it. Stop passing the buck, and stop hedging your posts. You've shown that you will put the short term worry about your screwup (yes, yours, as you are ultimately responsible for your entire chain of creation from KS to shipping - WE did not choose any of these vendors) ahead of long-term customer satisfaction. This will be remembered.
      Had you actually came out of the gate with a real apology (if you think this IS a real apology, I just don't know what to tell you), said you were committed to making everyone satisfied, but laid out what it would cost you, you would have found most of your backers would have forgiven you and simply used the somewhat cruddy looking components. They'd be on YOUR team. What you've essentially done is make it Us vs Them with this update.

    7. christyrm on

      Hi APG, as with others, I'm reporting that more than half of my wooden discs aren't up to spec. Providing data points and hoping that you will make this right (even if that takes time).

    8. Kevin Gray on

      I looked at my irregular wooden discs, thought 'huh, that's odd,' and then put stickers over them and forgot about it. The people on here saying they will never support this company again because their wooden discs aren't round need to check their entitlement. Did the game come late? Is it unplayable? IS THERE NOT ALSO A SET OF CARDBOARD TOKENS THAT DO THE SAME THING? Please, with all the problems that Kickstarters have, this is so incredibly minor as to be almost a complete non-issue.

    9. Alex Draper on

      Concerned how my set will look now...and the approach of sorry but we can't fix it is more worrying still.

    10. Shanda Hoover

      I am unclear from this update what is desired of backers, but I did want to let the publishers know that I also was saddened by the quality of the wooden disks. I would say over half of my disks were not actually round and all of them were undersized making is impossible to fit the stickers on without them overhanging. This kind of issue makes the wooden disks unusable in my esteem and I will opt to use the cardboard bits instead. It isn't the only component in the deluxe version, but it was a big part of my decision to go for the deluxe so I was disappointed that they were not of a usable quality. I am reporting this so the publisher knows, because it is beginning to sound like this is an across the board issue with the wooden disks and not just a few problems here and there.

    11. Missing avatar

      Matthew kokaly

      I opened mine and I agree that it's not very deluxe. Looks like someone used some really bad stock dowels and then cut them too fast with the wrong cutting speed without adequate blocking. Very amateur and it takes part of joy out it. I'll chock this one up to lessons learned and a skeptical eye towards "deluxe" editions from Action Phase. It may not be their fault, but it's their name on the box.

    12. Tricia Victor on

      Maybe the phrasing could have been better but I believe they were trying to say it is too expensive to start opening boxes of Kodama to remove tokens for replacement parts. If it is truly a larger scale issue, which it very well might be, (and they will know as they are collecting this information from backers) they will file a claim with the manufacturer.

    13. Tricia Victor on

      The game tokens were manufactured overseas. APG didn't say they weren't going to correct the problem or resolve the issue. Backers are just receiving copies and as they are gathering this data, they can make the call to fill out paperwork with the manufacturer or find an alternate solution. I think people need to understand that when an issue arises with ANY game, an assessment needs to me made to find the best resources to solve the problem for backers. Every publisher wants to deliver quality parts to their games. Just because a solution wasn't instantaneous doesn't mean they aren't currently working on it.

    14. Missing avatar

      Joshua Johnson

      Oh and if it is going to take time that is fine, just say we will make it right and then actually make it right - Saying the manufacturer messed it up and it is too expensive for us to fix is an answer that will put Action Point in the never again category for me and probably many others

    15. Missing avatar

      Joshua Johnson

      This really came across as a sorry/not sorry response to an actual problem - my discs are terrible with splinters and flat sides and are bad enough that I can't see playing with them. Why did I pay more for a "Deluxe" version? - Really you need to either correct the problem or refund the difference between the regular and "deluxe" if you can't deliver working components.

    16. Action Phase Games 10-time creator on

      MICHAEL: I don't quite think that is quite what I said, to be fair. Firstly, we do not have deluxe components on hand to handle what could potentially be an issue en masse. The game was manufactured overseas, and getting any substantial amount of replacements will take time. Opening up games that may also be full of defects will not solve the issue if it ends up being more common.

      Secondly, we need to capture the information if there is in fact an issue en masse. This takes time, as we would need to file a claim with the manufacturer, who happened to use a third party for the wood sourcing, which is another claim.

      I woke up this morning and had to weigh whether to wait for more info, as it is a Sunday, and a holiday no less, meaning no one is replying. OR, go ahead and post an update letting people know that

      1.) we are aware of their concerns
      2.) we do not have the necessary bits to replace on hand

      The reality is it is easy to point a finger and say NOW, but that just isn't how this works. It is a very complex process involving a lot of people from allover the world, wherein it takes time to address these issues. Given the time, we are more than likely to find a solution. But that is just it, we need time. These types of responses in no way expedite this process. All we can ask for is some understanding.

      Kodama was our 6th campaign. We have a reputation for fast and thorough customer service--like delivering this game months ahead of schedule. Please, allow us an opportunity to figure this out before grabbing the torches and pitchforks.

    17. Michael S

      @luke they are the ones selling the game. Everything about it is their responsibility. (Maybe not shipping). Maybe they would refund the difference for you btwn the deluxe and regular version. Since it sounds like your version wasn't very deluxe.

    18. Michael S

      So messed up discs for people who ordered the deluxe edition, you won't be replacing? Cuz it's expensive? The deluxe version was more expensive for us, we should get quality deluxe components you promised regardless of your expense. "Thanks for going for the more expensive, deluxe version. If we sent you garbage, deal with it." Classy move to your most loyal backers. Losing customers is the most expensive thing for a business. I haven't even gotten home yet to check my deluxe copy but this response is very disappointing to say the least. Good to know this is how this company acts. I'll remember that for future ks campaigns.

    19. Luke Turner

      Man the Kickstarter syndrome is strong with this one. My wooden discs are all pretty terrible, and sandpaper isn't going to solve it as they aren't even all the right sizes. Since the samples given to APG were good it's not really their fault, but it's still their responsibility (to if nothing else confront the manufacturer).

      Love the game, but I'm disappointed in my "deluxe" components which I paid extra for.

    20. Deidre Iannelli

      I had some minor issues with my wood disks too. A few oblong ones, a few slightly small ones, and one that had a chunk missing off a side but painted over. Was a little disappointing to see, but the issues are not severe enough to make then disk unusable. Maybe if you go with a similar idea in the future, it would likely help to have the stickers sized a bit smaller than the disks instead of near exact size so that misshapen wood bits cause less of a problem.

    21. TeenaBee on

      @Paul I don't think the issue was roughness that sanding can take care of. In my case it was oblong and misshapen pieces that the stickers didn't fit onto. Just for a more expensive 'deluxe' version it was a bit of a disappointment. Nothing game changing. And luckily the deluxe version also had some exclusive content, so the extra money spent doesn't seem a waste.

    22. Action Phase Games 10-time creator on

      TEENA: Shipping damage is Ship Naked. Missing or broken bits would be us. Please check out this last update concerning discs and meeples though.

    23. Melissa Garrett on

      I got the deluxe version....shouldn't I have 13 wooden discs? 12 player tokens, 1 season token? I only have 12, which seems odd as there are stickers and needs for 13? Huh.

    24. TeenaBee on

      I filled out a missing parts via the ship naked link you had in your last post. I see now you have a link here through your own site? Should I fill that one out for missing pieces? Thanks.

    25. PAUL on

      Got mine! Love it! 2 more options for people that need smoother pieces of wood. 1. Get some sandpaper and do it yourself. 2. Deal with it.

    26. Shadi Mirza on

      Awesome game. My wife said, "This is the first game you've gotten from Kickstarter that hasn't sucked." That's high praise from her.

    27. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      Got mine yesterday, it's a really fun game, played 4 rounds. Easy and accessible for gamers who aren't into horror and violence. Was totally surprised by how tiny the game is, a plus to have a fun portable game. Wood looks fine, though I haven't messed with the stickers yet. We just played with the cardboard tokens. Seems like the wood bits are not in anyway game critical.