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Heroes Wanted is a tactical board game for 1-5 superhero hopefuls eager to join The Champions of Zeta City.
Heroes Wanted is a tactical board game for 1-5 superhero hopefuls eager to join The Champions of Zeta City.
1,912 backers pledged $137,945 to help bring this project to life.

BREAKING NEWS: We are the Champions!

Posted by Action Phase Games (Creator)

Hello, citizens!

At long last, and after much anticipation, we are happy to finally share two of our cards from the Champions and Masterminds add-on: Striker and his nemesis, Headpin. These layouts are close enough to the final version that we felt no need to delay sharing them any longer.


As you can see here, each Champion will have not one, not two, but three (or in the case of Fred Zeppelin, five!) Superpowers, in addition to a number of other abilities. Playing as a Champion fundamentally changes the nature of the game in other significant ways as well. For starters, there is no need to keep track of fame, as this is entirely co-op. Players will not use a hero bonus card or unlock an epic action. The only headlines that are used are the preset ones for each scenario, which, when achieved, allow you to simply lose an injury.

Masterminds are an entirely new take on villains, functioning as additional game AI with lose clauses attached for heroes. Not only will the Champs be trying to take down the Masterminds, but you can use them in the main game mode as expert level villains. Each Mastermind has a lose condition designed into them, as well as an additional rule for co-op mode: if any hero would take a 6th injury the game immediately ends and the Mastermind wins.

As you can see here, Headpin's henchmen are the crux to his nefarious exploits, ambushing heroes and Champs alike, and making him nigh impossible to KO without proper planning. Each Mastermind has their own unique way of bending the rules. Numb Skull overloads heroes with injuries. Her Majesty uses her hordes of powdered-wigged minions to protect her while she completes her schemes and makes a hasty escape!

The following cards 8 over-sized cards are included in this $10 add-on (5 Champions and 3 Masterminds):

  • Bald Eagle: whose bare fists and patriotism is weapon enough
  • Neutrino: cosmic superman who protects his fellow Champs, no matter the cost
  • Striker: mythic bowling powerhouse
  • Fred Zeppelin: inventor, billionaire, balloonist
  • The Mammal: his unstable DNA allows him to shift into three different mammalian modes
  • Headpin: Striker's nemesis and the self-appointed Headpin of Crime
  • Numb Skull: nigh unstoppable madman who aims to injure anyone in his path
  • Her Majesty: Elizabethan scourge whose loyal servants protect her above all else

To obtain a copy of Champions and Masterminds, you simply increase your pledge by $10--this includes shipping to all backers! We will send out a survey when the campaign ends, wherein backers itemize which items they opted to add beyond the base game.


A little more back story about into the two cards we showed above: Heroes Wanted is not their first appearance. That is correct, both Striker and Headpin are characters in a comic book drawn by Ryan Howe, who has done all of the illustrations for the game, written by our buddy Jamison Raymond, and published by Robot Paper in a comic book called Henchmen. Collectively, we saw a unique opportunity in tying the world of Henchmen and Heroes Wanted together--Striker joined the Champs roster, and inversely, some of our Champs will be making cameos in the near future of the comic book as they launch into their second story arc.

I could go on and on here, but instead, I will just give you a link to a free download of the first issue, featuring Striker and Headpin. We hope you enjoy it! We will have more news on Henchmen in a future update.

Speaking of henchmen, we are very close to unlocking our custom henchmen(eeples)! At some point tomorrow we plan to post the updated stretch goal image on our main page, which will show what we have planned for the rest of the campaign.

A few other points of interest:

  • Our current social composite is 1,812--very close to unlocking two more promo cards not to be had in the retail edition of the game!
  • Be sure to cast your votes in the last two days of our Be a Hero/Villain contest. As Kidiot has proven, it is never too late to try--he went from 0 to hero in a mere 48 hours!
  • Offer up some catchphrase suggestions over on BGG for Promo Hunk.
  • If you haven't considered our Extra, Extra add-on, do take a look at our last update for more info!

Until next time...


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    1. John Schiavo on

      @Egon - I'm pretty sure the end of game clause is that you place a henchman on each hero's space as long as there is not already a henchman there. If you run out of henchmen to place, then everyone loses. I don't think the game would end just because the heroes are already fighting other henchmen.

    2. Action Phase Games 10-time creator on

      STEVEN: Currently, the Masterminds do not work with the Asylum map, though we are testing this to more with the hopes of working this out. We had mentioned this in a prior update (that the Masterminds would not work with all the scenarios--meaning the Asylum scenario), but we will keep our backers posted!

    3. Kira

      Egon: I got a chance to play through while they were testing this mode out. It is a lot of fun and makes much more sense when you play it. These are the CHAMPIONS of Zeta City - the elite. They have to ban together to defeat the Mastermind - If it were easy, it wouldn't be any fun. ;)

    4. Missing avatar

      Steven Carpenter on

      you mentioning Battle Royale got me thinking, how would a game of co-op function in the Asylum Bedlam scenario, if at all?

    5. Action Phase Games 10-time creator on

      EGON: Thanks for the comments. We put these up with the caveat that they were not finalized--we have been working very hard on all aspects of the project and wanted to share these as soon as possible. All written content will be proofed and edited before submission for manufacturing.

      As far as the lose the game clause: part of the concept behind Masterminds is that they are very, very difficult to beat. This makes them stand apart, otherwise it would just be the same as playing with the regular villains, which would be a little boring considering the Champs are so much more powerful.. I think you need to play the game first to understand that this is part of the difficulty and strategy: heroes will have to huddle together. Also, in scenarios like Battle Royale, this will trigger far less times, meaning it is less of an issue.

    6. Egon L.

      (Striker's card) In the Gutter Brawl box you should correct a typo: This line should be "RNG 1 of [Blue circle symbol]", not with 'of' after the symbol.

      Also in the Headpin card, what does this text-box "Deal DMG to each hero equal to 3+ the number of henchmen within RNG 3 of this villain." Does this mean that if 3 or more henchmen are situated WITHIN RNG 3 of this villain then would the villain dish out the DMG worth the number of said henchmen to each hero?

      Also in that card's Final Frame text-box, the last line says "If you cannot do this, the heroes lose." Why? Isn't this so unfair to the gameplay? So does that mean that if all of the standing heroes on a board already has a henchman each on their own space and then this Final Frame action is executed the right way then the heroes (players) lose the game?

    7. Warpunk Games

      @Pit - My pleasure. This is one of the many reason I love doing projects on Kickstarter. The feedback from people who care about the project and want to see it succeed only makes it a better product in the end.

    8. Pit on

      @Warpunk Games; That´s news to me! Thank you for the heads up, sir!

    9. Warpunk Games

      @Pit - Graphics are still subject to change and probably will a bit here and there as we get feedback and go through our review process. We will be tweaking and improving right up to the last minute to give you the best and coolest looking game we can.

      We love hearing your comments and always take suggestions into consideration. If you have any ideas, please share. You can comment here or message me directly if you like.

      Thank you for your support

    10. Pit on

      The champion and Masterminds looks cool if not to identical. Maybe have different newspaper backgrounds or something!?

    11. Action Phase Games 10-time creator on

      ALSO, all backers at Be a Hero/Be a Villain will receive this as part of their pledge, as well as Extra, Extra. Sorry, I forgot to mention this in the update.

    12. John Schiavo on

      "We don't need cheap tricks like yours to win the day," - Champion to wannabe hero.

    13. Action Phase Games 10-time creator on

      JOHN: Three superpowers and three passive powers means these guys have the abilities of 6 cards in the regular game. Also, their superpowers are so good you never play your epic--you just block with it. Trust me, you don't need 'em.

      I forgot to mention in the update, in testing, we have taken as high as 27 DMG from a mastermind, so they are pret-ty scary.

    14. John Schiavo on

      "Whenever you play a Strike action, you must make a bowling or sports reference."

      It seems a little weird to me that the Champions, who are awesome, don't get epic powers like the wannabes, but I guess starting with an epic power would make the game too easy.

    15. Action Phase Games 10-time creator on

      JOHN: Originally, it was just any sports reference, but we thought people may be confused. Like I said at the beginning of the post, these are close to done, but could change a little ;).

      No plans to include Gary yet. And we had this pun on dock for some time!

      Mythic heroes have no special action. Why? Because they augment basic actions with mythical might! As you can see, Striker's strikes are AWESOME!

      RB: We plan to show Vumpire in the future.

    16. John Schiavo on

      Can Striker's quirk be officially changed to any sports reference? I actually liked that part of his character in the Henchmen comic, where he kept referencing other sports when attacking with a bowling ball.

      Since Striker is the first Mythic hero, what special card does he use?

    17. Warpunk Games

      So excited about the co-op. So much fun. I have played Neutrino and Bald Eagle, and they are both really cool. Gives the game a different feel for sure and it can get really intense. You cannot beat these villains unless you work together.

      Played against Headpin and Numb Skull. Both are really tough but Numb Skull was just scary.

    18. K on

      No Vumpire? :(

    19. ORCPnP on

      Oh boy I can hear the "BIg Lebowski" references flying already! xD

      You can't mess with the Jesus!

      This unchecked aggression will not stand!

    20. Timo Honold

      Delete the last question, seen it already on the main page ^^

    21. Timo Honold

      Are they part of the expansion deck 1

    22. John Schiavo on

      Two questions:

      1) Will we see a Gary reference?
      2) How long have you been waiting to use that pun for the title of the update?