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A cooperative deck-building game of post-apocalyptic fantasy survival.
A cooperative deck-building game of post-apocalyptic fantasy survival.
2,814 backers pledged $189,714 to help bring this project to life.


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The survivors of a long-ago invasion have taken refuge in the forgotten underground city of Gravehold. There, the desperate remnants of society have learned that the energy of the very breaches the beings use to attack them can be repurposed through various gems. These gems transform the malign energies within into beneficial spells and weapons to aid their last line of defense: the breach mages.

Aeon's End is a cooperative game that explores the deckbuilding genre with a number of innovative mechanisms, including a variable turn order system that simulates the chaos of an attack, and deck management rules that invite careful planning of every discarded card. Players will struggle to defend Gravehold from The Nameless and their hordes using unique abilities, powerful spells, and, most importantly of all, their collective wits.

Aeon's End is a cooperative deckbuilding game for 1-4 players that plays in 60 minutes. For more information, we encourage you to view the videos below, or simply read our rule book here.

Promo Content Not In Retail Edition

Thanks to our awesome backers, we have unlocked an incredible amount of additional content. So much so, that we have decided to not include the below stretch goal content in the retail edition, instead saving it for our backers!

The Depths expansion

Deep within the earth, lost in the labyrinth of shadows, the Horde-Crone has awakened the troggs to reclaim the ancient city of Gravehold.

The Depths is an expansion for the cooperative deckbuilding game Aeon's End. This expansion features one new nemesis and three new breach mages, as well as new spells, relics, gems, and minions. For more information on the components, please feel free to consult the graphic below.

  • Aeon's End, designed by Kevin Riley, is the eighth project from Action Phase Games. We are experienced publishers, having successfully executed seven previous projects. We are confident we can execute this project to the same high standards.
  • Kevin Riley has successfully developed several innovations in deckbuilding, while staying in touch with what fans love about this popular mechanic. The game offers a wealth of scalable complexity, content, and tension. Because of these factors, we have every confidence that Aeon's End will be in your collection for years to come. Before designing Aeon's End, Kevin was a full-time professional Starcraft 2 player. His experience playing at the highest level has given him a unique insight into the inner workings of games.
  • The game has been thoroughly developed and play-tested, utilizing over twenty different blind test groups from all over the world.
  • All of the art assets will be 100% complete by the end of the campaign. This means we are ready to upload to the printer and begin manufacturing shortly after the campaign ends. 
  • The game features incredible artwork from Gong Studios (Android: Netrunner LCG and Smash Up), set in the post-apocalyptic world of Gravehold, as well as sharp layouts by the very talented Scott Hartman.
  • The game offers a rich and immersive narrative experience full of original and diverse characters and stories. Creating a game that is visibly inclusive in this regard was of the highest importance when developing the game and world.
  • The majority of the stretch goals that have been unlocked will not be included in the retail version of the base game. Check out the section titled "Promo Content Not in Retail Edition" above for more info. 
  • Not only do we offer free shipping in the US, but this project is EU friendly, too.

Kevin has spent thousands of hours carefully designing Aeon's End to address certain issues that he saw as common to the deckbuilding genre. In partnership with Action Phase Games, he developed improvements on existing deckbuilding mechanisms while staying true to what makes deckbuilding popular and exciting.

  • Spells and Breaches: In Aeon's End players will defend the ancient city of Gravehold using powerful spells. To cast a spell, players must first prep that spell to a breach. Then, on a later turn, that player may cast the spell to deal its damage. This delay causes tension as you need to have the right spells prepped when your turn comes around in order to defeat the nemesis. In order to prep a spell, players will need to open or focus their breaches. Each player has a specific starting configuration of breaches, most of which start unopened. Players will be able to use aether, the primary resource in the game, to either open a breach permanently, which costs a large amount of aether, or focus a breach for a turn, which costs less.
  • Treadmill Mechanic: Unlike other deckbuilders, in Aeon's End players do not shuffle their decks when they need to draw a card from an empty deck. Instead, you just flip over your discard pile when your deck is empty. This allows players to construct specific card combinations, plan better turns, and cooperate more efficiently.
  • Smaller Market: Aeon's End uses a fixed market like Dominion, which allows for in depth planning. Unlike Dominion, there are only nine total cards available for purchase each game: three gems, two relics, and four spells. There are only seven copies of each gem (economy cards) and five copies of each relic and spell in the market. This encourages each player to focus on a specific strategy while forcing them to use a different set of cards than the other players.
  • Variable Economy: While Dominion has a fixed market of economy cards, Aeon's End features a variable economic market of several gems, three of which will be used each game. This variable market means that each game you will be able to build your deck's economy in a different way.
  • New Ways to Use Resources: There are a number of ways for players to utilize resources outside of those used in traditional deckbuilders. Players will use aether not only to purchase cards from the market, but also to focus and open breaches, discard nemesis cards, and charge special abilities.
  • Turn Order Deck: In Aeon's End players will not take turns in a typical clockwise fashion. Instead, the turn order is determined by a deck of six cards. This variable turn order adds tension to the game. 
  • Unique Player Classes: Each player character has access to their own set of tools: a character-specific starting hand with special card, a unique breach configuration, and a cooperative special ability. Each character has their own strengths and strategies which when used together make powerful combinations.
  • Escalating Difficulty Throughout Game: The nemesis deck is divided into three tiers so that as the game progresses the nemesis will become increasingly more challenging. Additionally, each nemesis card is different. The nemesis deck will be composed of several basic nemesis cards as well as nine cards specific to the nemesis for that game. Each nemesis presents the players with a very different experience and adds to the total variability of the game.
  • Multiple Ways to Win: Players can win in one of two ways. They can either defeat the nemesis by dealing it damage throughout the course of the game or they can try to stave off the nemesis by surviving every card in its deck. These two ways to win allow players a wider array of strategies to choose from.
  • Multiple Ways to Lose: Players will lose if all of them have zero life, or if Gravehold has zero life. Additionally, any given nemesis may also have a unique way that they can win the game.

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  • SURVIVOR (Pledge $5 or more): Your continued support will help Gravehold to endure.
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Risks and challenges

As this is our eighth campaign, we have learned how to streamline the game publishing process. In our first campaign, we encountered a handful of issues due to third-party partners and elements outside of our control. In our second campaign, as well as with the reprint of our first game, we managed to successfully avoid all of these issues.

As evidenced on our prior seven successful projects, we are willing to go the extra mile to solve any problems that may arise. While this is a larger project than our last few, we have every confidence that we will be able to deliver Aeon's End on time and that it will be of the highest possible quality.

Our greatest obstacle is simply funding the manufacture of this game.

Additionally, by backing this project you risk incurring the wrath of The Nameless.

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