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A cooperative deck-building game of post-apocalyptic fantasy survival.
A cooperative deck-building game of post-apocalyptic fantasy survival.
A cooperative deck-building game of post-apocalyptic fantasy survival.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Chad on

      @boardgamerevolution I loved the first one...I just really hated the look and that awful gloss and flimsy feel to everything. I backed the original....I get the expansion with all the goodies and the upgrade pack for free...not like they asked me to pay for's like you are complaining for the sake of it. I fail to see the penalty....I got the first game...loved it...but hated the design...even if the expansion was the same old thing...I'd still get it because I enjoyed the core that much. But the fact they are tossing everything in there for me without having to pay a dime for the upgrade...I mean what....

    2. BlackGauntlet

      Yeah. It's inside the box.

    3. Dim

      This might be a silly question but I just opened my original KS shipment box and wanted to check that the depths and nameless expansions are included inside the core box, they were not meant to come as seperate boxes ?

    4. Tricia Victor Collaborator on

      @Michael Beddgood - Please refer to our FAQ section found at:

    5. Michael Bedggood

      I commented this in the update, but I'll paste it here as it will be noticed here.

      'It is tempting to back the new one. However I am concerned about the thinness of the cards. There were several SG's during this campaign to increase the quality of the cards but the end product was that the cards were of a quite low standard compared to other games I have got. I really want my cards to be quite durable and these are not.'

    6. BoardGameRevolution

      @and it's BGR for short

    7. BoardGameRevolution

      @APG, I trust you won't let us down, just frustrating is all

    8. Action Phase Games 10-time creator on

      @L, this was a general statement, not geared toward you. :)

    9. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    10. Action Phase Games 10-time creator on

      Please wait until the KS is approved and launches--which will be soon--before making judgments.

    11. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    12. Action Phase Games 10-time creator on

      @BoardgameThomas: The project is almost a year old. Backers of the original get the update pack for free, so there is no penalty. There was no rush. We are listening to the resounding feedback and making updates to give the game the best chance it has. The original look did not appeal to people the way we wanted. We spent 5 months sourcing art and doing graphics, as we have once more on this update. That is a pretty considerable amount of time. Many publishers would ignore this feedback. We believe this game has the best chance to thrive and want to give it everything we can. Between our two companies, this is our 35th game.

    13. BoardGameRevolution

      Original insert sucks, tokens and cards weren't' great quality. Pretty sure all this is being improved with the new updated version that's less than 6 months old.

    14. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    15. BoardGameRevolution

      We (first adopters) shouldn't be penalized though. I'm just selling my pledge and rebuying this one.. Such a pain having to do this because new publishers rush things

    16. BoardGameRevolution

      We (first adopters) shouldn't be penalized though. I'm just selling my pledge and rebuying this one.. Such a pain having to do this because new publishers rush things

    17. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    18. BoardGameRevolution

      So will we be able to rebuy everything that was sold in this campaign for the same price since you're basically redoing the game? I would rather have a better box and insert too.

    19. SamThe2Can

      Get excited for the expansion!

    20. Sean Wheeler

      Does anyone still have a link for the play mat last time I checked still no shipping to the UK. I still want one but now cannot find the link?

    21. J C on

      @Abel Kim

      Thanks for mentioning those (and glad I checked Kickstarter comments);

      I had no idea there were new promos coming out, but definitely going to try and pick them up. They should really put out an update with that information, so all the backers have a better chance at knowing.

    22. Sean Wheeler

      No idea if you still get these Action Phase but any news on the short story part 2? Also to let you know this is my favorite game I have right now.

    23. Abel Kim on

      International Tabletop Day has promos for Aeon's End (new cards, 1 spell and 1 minion)

    24. Uggel

      This is a very good game. I like the simple rules and the nonshuffling/decktweaking part. Thanks!

    25. Abel Kim on

      Right I keep forgetting when the playtest is done.
      I keep thinking that this was launched earlier and that the expansion will be on KS by then but I forgot that this opened up in April.

    26. Missing avatar

      Normiyagi on

      @Abel Kim
      Playtesting for the new stand alone expansion does not end until the later part of March, so the release date would have to be after that- plus the time needed to make any additional/final adjustments and revisions.

      @Bob Fish Bartlett
      yes, the new expansion will be on kickstarter as well.

    27. J C on

      Played two games of this, looking to get in more when I can;

      I already need the expansion!


    28. Abel Kim on

      @ Kuzmic. Well good luck at the end of February. Thunderstone Quest will be open then

    29. Gambit.Rogue on

      I had a tough time restraining myself these past weeks on other kick starters so I can save for this upcoming expansion!

    30. Abel Kim on

      It is estimated to be up on Kickstarter in February or March

    31. Bob Fish Bartlett on

      Is there an estimate as to the release of it (obviously it could change). Just wondering if it'd be 2017 or later. Also, I assume it'll be on KS, no?

    32. Abel Kim on

      For those who are concerned, playtesting has started from today. All I can say is that you guys will definitely look forward to this expansion.

    33. Bob Fish Bartlett on

      It's funny, it's the only of your games I hesitated backing (not counting Heroes Wanted, because I didn't know about it). I didn't think I'd like Aron's End, but backed because I love your small box and Dreamwell. That said, I think Aeon's End might currently be my favorite game by any company! Great work y'all! Our last 2 game nights (usually play 3 different games a few times) have been 100% Aeon's End.

    34. Tricia Victor Collaborator on

      @Mitch - Not a printing error. He starts without an open breach.

    35. Mitch Miller on

      Just played a game there with Malastar. Quick question on setup. Malastar doesn't have an open breach symbol on his number I slot like the other characters. Does this mean he starts without any open breaches or is it a misprint?

    36. dargor1978 on

      Finally had the time to play the game, and Aeon's End more than lives up to my expectations. Thanks a lot to the game designer and the manufacturer.

    37. barry morgan on

      and from what I've seen I suspect our build will come a cropper at some stage, but we'll see how far it will take us....

    38. barry morgan on

      we're working our way thorugh them think we just did the horde crone, and then we can go back through them with extra challenges and then more random markets. tons and tons and tons of replayability out of the KS box. thankyou!

    39. Kevin 'qxc' Riley - Aeon's End Designer Collaborator on

      @Joshua - probably the blight lord / wayward one track tokens.

      @Barry - Sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe it's time to try the harder difficulties?

    40. barry morgan on

      played this a ton over the last few weeks with my 10 year old son and had a real blast.

      we've built quite a nice combo with the mage who can charge up to get any spell for free from the supply and the mage who comes with healing spell and ability to double breach 3 spells from discard.

      our gems are the get a charge and the look at deck 3 costs and the 6 cost gem that gives a charge. we both pick up a transmogrifier early use it to get rid of crystals and get better gems quickly and bank charges so we can get the 8 cost spell that does 7 damage. we have lots of charge friendly relics and spells and by the third shuffle of the turn deck we've had the minions cleared and at least one of monstrous inferno (8 cost 7 spreadable damage) spells in the mix. my guy may only have 1 breach open deep into the game but spends a lot of time and effort on getting charged up to get multiple MIs into his partners deck, and when he uses his charge to load up 3 or 4 MIs about 4-5 shuffles in it is a beautiful thing. What is cool though is we've found for each foe as we've gone through we need tweak our supply just a little bit to maximise its performance for each baddy has been different, but love how my son and I go back and forth to discuss the best balance. complex co-op games with tons of decisions with your kids - masses of fun, thanks for giving us so much family fun these holidays (next step is to try and get mum and daughter to also join in!)

    41. Joshua Wong

      Just opened my box today and realized there is a single piece of hardboard token (slightly bigger than others, around 2 x 2cm) which is different from any tokens from the punchboard (only on punchboard) I missing something or I have an extra token from other games? Anyone can advise? Thanks

    42. Kevin 'qxc' Riley - Aeon's End Designer Collaborator on

      @PixelHero - Sounds like you're having a good time. Glad to hear it =)

    43. Tricia Victor Collaborator on

      @Zachary Chaney - Yes, there are three dividers for the expansions. Please send me an email request with your shipping into at for a replacement parts request. Thank you!

    44. Missing avatar

      Zachary Chaney

      Sorry if this has been asked before but were the expansions supposed to come with dividers for the bosses?

      I just got around to organizing the contents of the box and noticed there were no dividers for any of the bosses from the expansions. I put their cards behind index cards for now but it looks terrible.

    45. Rotts on

      Nice Pixel. Sounds like a couple of really fun runs.

    46. Missing avatar

      PixelHero on

      Wife report from 2 player gamer:

      We broke out the game shortly after New Years at around 12:30am after the kid had gone to sleep. At 3am, when I said we needed to go to bed, my wife cried. Seriously, actual tears. Sooo... around 4:30am we beat Rageborn on damage, with Gravehold on 15 life.

      The next night, Carapace Queen was up, with Brama and Adelheim facing off against her. Immediately the Haze minion came out and did massive damage to Gravehold before we even had a chance to cast spells off the back of a double nemesis turn. Then the Broodwomb came out which would linger well into Tier 3 nemesis cards. Gravehold slowly trickled down, and minions came out just frequently enough that our Lava Tendrils couldn't keep attritioning the husks. We finally got our clouded sapphires online and were able to block a few of the nemesis cards. Then came another double turn with needlemaw and the maggot engine.

      Finally, it came down to the end, another blistering double nemesis turn battered us, with Brama down to one life at one point, the Carapace Queen still at 56 life (yay, token damage) and Gravehold on 4 life, but we had four turns to prepare for the epic showdown, as we realized we had two cards left in the nemesis deck. Finally, our Monstrous Infernos were out, we had out our trinkets that let you clone a spell without discarding it, so we had 5 Infernos ready (we each had one prepped, and three trinkets), our breaches were full, Adelheim charged up.

      First card: Deal 4 damage to Gravehold and the player with the lowest life takes 4 damage. With Gravehold on 4 life that isn't survivable. Adelheim does his thing, which means it all comes down to the last card. Brama gets a token turn, and then it is Nemesis again.

      I don't even remember what the card was. I'm sure it was nasty, but it was a Power card with a To Discard of destroying prepped spells. Which we immediately did and claimed victory, with Carapace Queen crawling back to whatever dimension it'd come from.

      But we didn't kill it. It'll be back. Again. It always comes back.

    47. Abel Kim on

      @Kevin Riley Sent you my correct email on bgg

    48. Tricia Victor Collaborator on

      @Igor Krejčí - Hi there. I have no record of an email from you in our Is that the address you sent an email? Also, please don't try to mail another backer their package and tell us how much it will cost them. If you have received someone else's package, GamesQuest can work with you when they return from their holiday to send a shipping label or we can issue out a whole item. Please email me and let me know the name of the backer whose package you had received. Thank you!

    49. Missing avatar

      Igor Krejčí on

      Hi! With my game I have received another one that belongs to a different backer. His address was inside the box. You didn't even reply to my email...I am probably going to send the game to him from Czech to Cyprus and it will cost him considerable money. For the New Year i wish us all a better project support worldwide. Cheers!

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