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An Open-Source Environmental Monitoring Platform consisting of arduino-compatible hardware, data visualization web API, and mobile app.
517 backers pledged $68,000 to help bring this project to life.

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The Smart Citizen Project, Alive and Looking Towards the Future!


Dear Smart Citizen,

Since our last direct communication we’ve had a couple of action-packed months, during which we’ve prepared your kits, handled parts stock, shipped (most of) your items, and dealt with all the different challenges associated being Kickstarter newbies.

It was a pleasant surprise to take a step back and look at where we are today: the project is very much alive and kicking thanks to all of you. On our end, a dedicated team of developers have worked (and shall continue to do so) countless hours to make all the necessary updates to various settings, sensor calibrations, data visualizations, and many other aspects of this complex, challenging, but extremely rewarding project.

Let all of us remember that this project encompasses mobile app development, server maintenance, web design and development, firmware optimizations, hardware design, and many other technological (and administrative!) layers that seem transparent (for the most part) to our end users.


From our humble beginnings to this day, we’d like to highlight: 

  • Started in 2011 at the Fab Lab Barcelona | IAAC and in collaboration with Hangar and MID
  • The first crowdfunding campaign was in 2012 (Goteo): 156 backers, 200 sensors produced, 13,400€ raised
  • Second crowdfunding campaign in May 2013 (Kickstarter in collaboration with Acrobotic Industries): 501 backers, 520 sensors produced, $68,000 raised 
  • One of the 6 first projects part of the Arduino@Heart program
  • Featured at the IoT World Forum organized by Cisco Systems in Barcelona, October 2013
  • Winner of the Innovation Award at the Smart City Expo in November 2013 
  • Featured by Nesta and The Guardian as one of the ‘Top 10 Digital Social Innovation Projects to Watch’ in March 2014

Even though almost two years have passed since our Goteo crowdfunding campaign, we feel that we’ve merely uncovered the proverbial tip-of-the-iceberg, and that this amazing crowd sourced sensing network–the largest in existence so far–has unimaginable room to grow. From vineyards to beehives, our devices have found unprecedented uses in a wide range of applications!


As a backer of this project, you’ve become an early adopter of highly dynamic piece of technology. Not having to deal with the typical agendas of a large corporation, we’re nimble enough to address issues quickly, redefine project goals and objectives, and have quick turnarounds for making any high- or low-level modification when needed. This is why we plead for you to stay by our side during this initial ‘battle’, and we simply ask that you: 


We also want to update you on the status–both present and future–of the project:

  • Smart Citizen will become a social enterprise based in London; the project applied to the Nominet Trust Fund in March 2014, and passed to the second round
  • One of the team members chose the Smart Citizen project as his Ph.D. subject at the ICRI-Cities (, a collaboration between University College of London and Intel
  • Future Everything and Intel are collaborating with the team on preparations for launching Smart Citizen Manchester in May 2014
  • Smart Citizen Amsterdam has been launched with the support of the Amsterdam Economic Board, Smart City Amsterdam and the Waag Society, launched in April 2014

Our Team consists of 7 individuals and a few collaborators; as in many other successful Open-Source projects, most of the team members volunteer their time to the project while juggling their primary jobs’ responsibilities.

Please be mindful when we don’t immediately fix a bug, address a concern, or implement a requested feature. Also, remember that any change on any of the pieces involved in the project is likely to impact the entirety of the project (e.g., a new feature on the app may need a change in hardware, updated firmware, and an enhancement on the website).


And, we want you to rest assured that we are taking care of them! We can only ask for a pinch of patience while we sort them out. We encourage your participation in trying to find a solution, or providing feedback. From what we’ve seen in the forum and emails, the most pressing issues currently are:

A) Sensor calibration 

This isn’t a trivial matter as many different factors are involved. We’ve solved quite a few challenges in order to get the best data possible out of each Smart Citizen device, but a few items remain on our punchlist: 

1. Temperature and humidity values: these values are calibrated online, which explains why the values went haywire when we had a few problems with our database. We’ve fixed the problems and the data are back to normal.

2. Air quality units and calibration: the sensors used in our kit were chosen to keep the device at an accessible price (< $200). The CO/NO2 sensors require a specific calibration, as well as some attention after installation. Although their support team hasn’t been what we had hoped, we’ve been working with the manufacturer (SensorTech) to address our concerns. We want to make the installation/calibration/maintenance processes as smooth as possible, and when we do, we’ll post all the details in our online tutorials.

We’ve also begun working with a new sensor manufacturer (Alpha Sense) in order to build a Smart Citizen extension within the next 6–9 months. This will improve the air quality measurements, and can easily be connected to existing kits using the I2C bus on the boards.

3. Different enclosures and positioning of the sensors affect data quality, thus this needs to be standardized. This can be easily solved with better instructions on our end, and finding together best practices for setting up the sensors; to achieve this, your input is really necessary.

B) WiFly module corruption 

In January, we were notified by Microchip that a firmware update in the module was performed early this year in order to avoid corruption of the WiFly module when it operates in low power mode. Our first recommendation is that you remove the solar panel from the kit, and perform a WiFly firmware update as soon as possible; we are automating this process in the new registration method in the platform. We were also notified by Microchip to get replacements for the handful of modules that became corrupted.

C) Documentation and community support 

This has been a major point of concern in the forum, and we accept it, no excuses. We’ve got a new team member on board, Aitor, who is dedicating his time to explaining what’s happening, and how to solve all the issues you’re encountering. A draft of the new documentation we are preparing can be found here:

D) Other 

 Minor issues are being addressed at the online forum, please use it to report any bugs, and provide feedback to us about any aspect of the project:


As we said before, this is only the beginning of a very complex and challenging project, which we want to keep alive, improve together, and make available for anyone to work on. Our goal is to provide you with a powerful tool to positively influence your community, to learn about programming and Arduino, to use a wide array of sensors depending on the data you want to collect, and to foster online collaboration. We count on you to make this possible, not only with your patience but with your active participation. From our end, this is what we are going to be working on during the next months: 

New online sensor registration process, which will fix issues with Java, USB ports and browser compatibility. At the same time this new process will detect if you have the latest Smart Citizen firmware, if not it will upgrade it, and will also upload the new firmware to the WiFly module (the latter is already implemented!).

3D printable enclosures are available for you to make at your local Fab Lab or Makerspace. Download this one if you have a V1.0 Kit (Goteo version), or this one if you have a V1.1 Kit (Kickstarter version).

There is a big platform update coming in the next 6–9 months. We are redesigning the entire platform architecture and infrastructure. The main changes are related to the database structure and API functionality. We are hoping to make a faster and more stable platform, whilst developing the new tools for making it more usable and useful for everyone’s needs. We plan to open the platform for new sensors and platforms (e.g., Air Quality Egg), but they’ll still be curated in order to maintain sensor coherence.

  • Hardware is being improved. 

As mentioned before, the air quality sensor of the Urban Sensor Shield is being enhanced. The plan is to offer a dedicated board that can be attached to an existing Smart Citizen Kit without removing the shield. We are also working on other sensor shields to be used in: Indoor Air Quality Monitoring, Urban Farming, Beehives (in collaboration with OSBH project, now in Indiegogo).

  • Mobile app is being improved. 

 We’re going to do it right, and we are interviewing potential partners to make it happen. We’re securing additional funds for this, and will give you an update in the next communication we send you.

  • Forming a dedicated team to oversee the project evolution.  

After completing the initial deployment phase of the project, we are securing the necessary funds to have a core group of developers work on the project with 100% dedication. This will cut down the waiting time, and allow us to address issues much quicker. Note that funding is very competitive, as we’re only applying to the reduced set of sources that allow The Smart Citizen community to remain Open, and guarantee that the data will be always owned by our community.

We’ll never get tired of expressing our gratitude for the patience you’ve shown, and the confidence you’ve given us. Despite the bugs you may find, and the mistakes we might sometimes commit, we want to ask you to keep working with us, and sending us your critiques and feedback. We plan to keep making this project grow, and its complexity is not going to stop us!

With love, 

The Smart Citizen Team

Shipping Update #2


Dear, backers,

We're happy to let you know that almost 75% of the rewards have been shipped!  We're steadily making our way through the shipping process in order to tackle, head on, a few of the outstanding issues that will improve the user experience with the Smart Citizen Kit.  Please keep the feedback coming, and just know that once all backers receive their Kickstarter rewards, we'll be able to focus on providing better tech support---this implies minimizing response delays through the forum and over email!

Solar Panels Test

Using the link below, please find a set of pics that illustrate the wiring of the Solar Panel to the Smart Citizen hardware.  A short document with outlined instructions will be available in a couple of hours at the same web address:

Solar Panel wiring
Solar Panel wiring

3D-Printed Enclosure Files

We've been able to install a few Kits around our cities so that you can preview the final 3D-Printed enclosure design.  The files and additional pictures can be found at:

Hackish install of a 3D-Printed Enclosure!
Hackish install of a 3D-Printed Enclosure!

Shipping Status

US Backers

We wanted to let you know that the final set of rewards, those that include the 3D-printed enclosures are on their way---please allow a few days to receive the confirmation email.  

Non-US Backers

For backers outside the US, we're slowly getting things out the door.  We've started shipping this week the Assembled and Unassembled Kits so if you haven't received a confirmation email you will over the next few days!  The rewards that include Solar Panels are packed and ready for shipping starting next week.  Thanks for hanging in there with us!


Shipping Update #1


Dear, Backers,

Happy new year to all!  We're happy to announce that around half of the Smart Citizen Kits ordered through this campaign have been delivered already.  For those backers who are setting up the hardware:

  • Skip the optional step where we use the Arduino IDE to upload the firmware (we've already done that for you (-:)
  • Remember to select version 1.1 of the hardware when asked on
  • We've had a couple of incidents where the USB connector popped off the Smart Citizen base PCB; please be somewhat careful when connecting a USB cable to the Smart Citizen hardware

Here are some things that came up a few times on the comments section or on the emails to the Acrobotic Support Team. For backers outside the U.S. points 4, 5, and 6 are particularly informative:

Aftermath of shipping the second tier of rewards ($195: Hardware + Solar Panel)
Aftermath of shipping the second tier of rewards ($195: Hardware + Solar Panel)

1.  All Hardware Rewards ($105 & $155) within the U.S. for backers with confirmed addresses have been delivered.

2.  All Hardware + Solar Panels ($195) within the U.S. for backers with confirmed addresses have been delivered.

3.  We are currently manufacturing part of the enclosures in Pasadena, CA so that the final batch of rewards within the U.S. can be sent.

4.  Some Hardware Rewards ($105 & $155) outside the U.S. for backers with confirmed addresses have been shipped, however, a few of them were experiencing delays due to different hold-ups for customs and inspection.  We decided to change our shipping location for these reward levels from Pasadena, CA to Barcelona, Spain.  After transferring/re-packing/re-testing all the Kits, we're shipping them out to their final destination.

5. Some Hardware + Solar Panel Rewards ($195) outside the U.S. for backers with confirmed addresses have been shipped, however, a few of them were experiencing delays due to different hold-ups for customs and inspection. We decided to change our shipping location for these reward levels from Pasadena, CA to Barcelona, Spain. After transferring/re-packing/re-testing all the Kits, we're shipping them out to their final destination.

6. We are currently manufacturing part of the enclosures in Barcelona, Spain so that the final batch of rewards outside the U.S. can start being shipped.

There are quite a few backers who are yet to update their addresses on; please do so when you get a chance or send us an email from the same email address that identifies you on to!

Note: sorry to our Canadian backers whose delivery got delayed as well---we realize we could've shipped your rewards alongside the domestic ones! (yes, they have shipped from the U.S. now (-:)

Thanks to all for being so supportive of the project!


-Cisco and the Smart Citizen Team

Brace yourselves, your Smart Citizen Kits are coming!


Alrighty, backers and visitors,

This is the update we all look forward to after any Kickstarter campaign!  The one where we (the project creators) confirm to you (our wonderful backers and supporters) that your rewards have started shipping.  Last week, as promised, we started with the apparel rewards, and we're working our way up the different reward levels!

SCK in an antistatic bag and Li-Po battery before being carefully bubble-wrapped for sending it out to one of you!
SCK in an antistatic bag and Li-Po battery before being carefully bubble-wrapped for sending it out to one of you!

We're handling the shipments in batches: starting with the apparel (done!), then the unassembled/assembled kits (in progress), moving to the assembled kit + solar panel, and finishing with the assembled kits + solar panel + enclosure.  We should all give mad props to our acrobotic-mate Jakob, who has single-handedly managed the entire shipping process.

Orders for Smart Citizen Kits placed through our website are also in the queue, and they will start shipping immediately after the Kickstarter orders!

Laser cut enclosures:

Assembled Smart Citizen Kit with laser-cut enclosure
Assembled Smart Citizen Kit with laser-cut enclosure

One thing we never showed you were the neat little acrylic enclosures that we include with all hardware rewards that lack a 3d-printed enclosure. Although this was meant as a Kickstarter-exclusive offer, we really like how they turned out so we will be offering them through our website as well:

It's a bit of fun putting it together (only tool required is a phillips screwdriver), so we hope you enjoy the preview of how it looks assembled!

Arduino at Heart kicks into gear:

Click on the image to check out the official announcement in the Arduino Blog
Click on the image to check out the official announcement in the Arduino Blog

Following up on our last announcement, we wanted to share that the awesome folks at Arduino have made the 'At Heart' program official starting with 6 projects, and the Smart Citizen is one of them!

3d-printed enclosure:

As we get closer to shipping the 3d-printed enclosures, we'll start posting photos of the final design.  In the meantime here's a teaser where the hardware used in the photo is one of the prototypes that had a bad soldermask and silkscreen (see the first picture on this update for a preview of the hardware that's being shipped):

3d-printed enclosure -- latest prototype!
3d-printed enclosure -- latest prototype!

Thanks to all for the support!  We're excited for you to receive the products and start the next stage of the Smart Citizen project.


-Cisco and The Smart Citizen Team

Testing and packing 500+ Kits!


Hey, all,

We wanted to post a short update to say that the electronic hardware of your Smart Citizen Kits safely arrived from our assembly house a few days ago (check out the pic below to get a sneak peek of our setup).  We are in the process of testing and packing the Kits, as well as the apparel rewards.  We will let you know when we've shipped your package (starting at the end of this week); for those who haven't filled out the shipping address on now would be a great time to do it!


-The Smart Citizen Team