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A Crafty Arab creates original products that are fun & colourful & is seeking funding to help print Arabic Alphabet Fun Flashcards!
A Crafty Arab creates original products that are fun & colourful & is seeking funding to help print Arabic Alphabet Fun Flashcards!
96 backers pledged $3,532 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


Show me the Flashcards!!

Well, here they are, in the flesh! Or would you say ‘in the flash’? Anyway, they are in my living room now and I can’t tell you how excited I am that they are there. Is it weird that I woke up at 3:30am and went down to check on them? Okay, before we start in on my insomnia, let’s get down to the business of these gamilat*!

Missing letters

If you can see from my photo, the cards end at Meem, represented by Muna the ma’ez*, which is actually the 24th letter of the alphabet. The printer misprinted the last page of our four page layout and is redoing them. No need for panic, they should be down today or tomorrow.  I have been busy sorting all the other letters in the meantime.

Sorting & cutting corners

For each flashcard set, I wanted to share with you the process of putting them together before I mail them out to you. As you can see from the photo, the flashcards came to me in stacks of each letter, I have started sorting them in alphabetical groupings of the 28 letters and 3 informational cards. From there I head to the corner punching machine where all four corners are punched. Then I finish off the packaging with a nice shrink wrap bag so that the cards come to you nice and new.


I’ve got 100 of the flashcard holders restrung with the purple string and will get started ironing on the flashcard logos hopefully tomorrow.  I killed my iron last week (I enclosed a photo of her last breath on Twitter) and need to run to BBB to buy a new one.  Once I iron the logos, I can start putting the finished flashcards inside.  I shall have a nice busy few days, but promise to take Sunday off to celebrate with the family.  I hope to start mailing the flashcards starting on Monday.

Last of the rewards

Now that we are at the end of our journey together, I’ll be mailing you individually from here on out to let you know when your rewards were shipped.  My busy fingers and I will be finalizing all shipping orders next week, starting with backer #1 and making our way through the list.

Thank you so much everyone for your patience in this whole Kickstarter process.  It’s meant the world to me that we did this and I hope we can work on something else together in the future.  I pray you love the flashcards as much as I do and the children that use them could learn that the Arabic language can be fun, bright and playful.

Ma'a Salama* for now and please don’t hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions.

Youm Umm Said* to all the moms out there!

Koloud 'Kay' Tarapolsi

A Crafty Arab

Arabic to English Guide

gamilat - beauties

ma’ez – goat

ma'a Salama – goodbye

Youm Umm Said – Happy Mother’s Day – A bit of trivia for you Mother’s Day buffs. Did you know that the Mother’s Day is celebrated in the Arab world on March 21st?  This is the first day of spring, and the day after Day of the Child.  Also, if you haven’t called the florist about your mother’s flowers by now, consider this your reminder email.  You’re welcome.

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We are so close I can taste it!

Marhaba everyone,

I promise I am still here. I have been very busy sending out your rewards (shukran for those that let me know you got them!) and meeting daily with Jill and/or Cindy for the past two weeks.Our family had a small trip to Portland over Spring Break and I’m sure Jill and Cindy also enjoyed a little vacation without my emails and visits.

But, after many many bumps over these past two weeks (translations issues, letter placements, wording and rewording and rewording all the text), we are meeting bukra* for what (isA*) will be the final final proof to end all proofing.  Below is the photo of our last proof we printed earlier this week.

I’d love to get started on cheering up your day with good news for a change. News that you helped create with your tremendous generosity funding this Kickstarter project.


All the blog post rewards and 3/4s of the card and/or celebrity magnet and/or pins have gone out to you fantastic people.If you haven’t gotten an email from me about your blog post, you can visit A Crafty Arab’s blog ( and check out your name in lights on the right hand side. I have yet to send out the Arabic Alphabet Magnet sets and some of the custom pins requested because I am going to package them with the flashcards.And since the posters are in tubes, those are also being shipped separately. I am averaging 10 to 15 rewards sent out per week, so if you haven’t gotten yours yet, it won’t be long!

Flashcard Holders

I know I talked quite the talk about the fabric purchase for the flashcard holders back in Update #1. Well, to be honest, I couldn’t walk the walk.But I did try, I promise! I just couldn’t find a cost effective way to make the paper labels and fabric holders. So there I was, at my monthly craft meeting at Crossroads Mall with my crafting buds and OMA*, a huge hammer hits me over the head: one of my brilliant craft buddies has muslin bags that she uses for packaging her jewelry. Of course I rush out then and there, like your typical Qatari female sprinter from the 2012 Olympics, get me some bags, some purple twine to replace that hideous cord that comes with them, and viola: beautiful Arabic Alphabet Fun Flashcards holders with packaging information on them. These adorable babies are good for the earth, easy to store and the kids can write their names on them with markers!  I’ll have plenty of extras since I ordered akthar* to help with costs, I’m actually thinking of turning them into Arabic wedding party favors?!?

I’m having a hard time trying to decide if the brand name should go in the middle or off to the right side corner of the muslin bags.If you have any input on this heated non-political, non-religious debate, please visit: Remember, no name calling please, we all need to get along!

Flashcard informational and activity cards

Every Arabic Alphabet Fun Flashcard set will include three informational and activity cards. I wanted to give you a first look at these cards and ask what you think about them. Bukra is the final proof review, so speak now or forever hold your piece.

Card #1 - Fun Activities


*Shuffle cards and take turns pronouncing the letter. Get 10 points for each correct answer. First to 100 points wins.

Variation: pronounce the animal names.


Place the animals into categories (all one color, all that fly, etc)

Variation 1: The child names all the animals in a category.

Variation 2: The child says what the animals have in common.


Shuffle cards and pick one at random.

Variation 1: Show child the card and ask for the animal’s sound or action.

Variation 2: Without showing the card, let the child ask 20 questions to determine what animal is on the card.

Card #2 - Arabic Language Facts

Arabic traces its roots to 6th century AD. It is a Central Semitic language.

Arabic is a native language to 295 million people worldwide. It is the 11th most spoken language in the US.

Arabic is the official language of 27countries, the third most used in the world, after English and French.

There are three variants of the Arabic language:

Classic Arabic - found in the holy Q’uran

Modern Standard Arabic - used by the majority of media

Spoken Arabic - regionally unwritten dialect also used by talk shows and in soap operas

Card #3 - Helpful Hints

Sit comfortably facing your child and keep the learning sessions short.

Take your time by starting small and using only a few cards each session.

Offer help and avoid struggle by making the process fun.

Take breaks by stretching or getting a healthy snack together.

Always stop on a success.

Reward good behavior with hugs and encouragement for a job well done.

Okay, that’s all I got for this week, I’ve got to head out and teach my quilling class.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well bokrah and we are able to print next week. Keep everyone in pain in your prayers tonight and let’s all pray that Jumu’ah* Friday ends on a happy note for all of us.

Koloud 'Kay' Tarapolsi

A Crafty Arab

Arabic to English Guide

bukra - tomorrow

isA – insha Allah – this means ‘that I pray that God will let this happen’. I’ve been using this phrase quite a bit this week since things can’t seem to stop exploding.

OMA – On My Allah – This is another phrase leaving my lips quite a bit this week.

akthar – more

Jumu’ah - Friday

ghoorila – Since my kindergartener learned two fun facts about gorillas at school today, I thought I’d give her and you an extra fun fact and show you that our Arabic word for gorilla is very similar to the English word. This will allow you once again to amaze all your friends at the next zoo visit. Even if you forget qird (monkey), deek (roster) and batta (duck), you’ll still be able to dazzle them with raccoon and ghoorila.

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Be on the lookout!

Two biggy updates:  The rewards for the Arabic Alphabet Fun Flashcards have started to go out and the flashcards are heading to the printer this week!  Yeah!!!

Be on the lookout for your very own blog post and check your snail mailboxes. 

More coming soon!

Koloud 'Kay' Tarapolsi

A Crafty Arab

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We did it! Ana* wa* Inti* wa inta*, my wonderful backers!

I was so excited to see that this Arabic Alphabet Fun Flashcards Kickstarter was fully funded. I really can’t say shukran enough for helping me turn an idea, into a drawing on a napkin, and then into something real that is now going to be held in my hands shortly.  Every one of you has been so wonderful in funding, advertising, and encouraging me on Facebook on those days that I really thought this wasn’t going to happen.  It gets a bit hard, between these rainy dark Pacific Northwest days and the kids that can’t seem to make it to school because of sickness.  However, you were all there, pushing me along on this path and making sure we all got to the end together.

So here we are…updates!

Stretch Goal

I had added a stretch goal to this project a couple of days before the end.  This stretch goal was to raise an extra $1000 to cover the costs of printing a run of an Arabic Alphabet Numbers Poster.  Stretch goal here on Kickstarter are very common, but alas, this one was not meant to be.  However, I promise that any extra fuluus* that is left over will be saved for the numbers poster.

Fun Flashcards

I met with Cindy, our fabulous printer at Marymoor Press, and Jill, the Arabic Animal Alphabet Posters equally fabulous illustrator, to go over all the details last Tuesday.  A photo of our meeting is below, where you can see Cindy and I hanging on every word that Jill was saying.  Once we decided on the size (3.25 x 4.75) and the amount (a limited run of 250), we pulled out our individual calendars to check on dates.  It looks like April 8th will be the day that I’ll get the Fun Flashcards in my hand.  Then I’ll need to corner punch them so the corners are nice and smooth for little hands.  Yes, you read that correct, I’ll be punching all four corners of 250 sets that have 30 cards each.  After I get that completed, I’ll be able to mail them out to the funders that choose to get them!

Reward Survey

I’ll be sending out a short survey to ask each of you specific questions about your level of reward for funding.  Once you get this email, please try to ee'ja'ba* it as fast as you are able. I hope to start the process of mailing out all the rewards (except for the Fun Flashcards, of course) starting on Monday.


I have not forgotten that we ended our countdown at 8 at the last update.  So here are the rest of the Arabic numbers.  You now know how to count from 60 to 0 and are able to impress all your asaahab* at the next New Year’s Eve party since you are now a polyglot.

7 – sab'a

6 – sitta

5 – khamsa

4 – arba'a

3 – thalaatha

2 – Ithnaan

1 – waahid

0 – sifar

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have, suggestions you want to share, or request my favorite Arabic recipe.  You are also welcome to make your question or comment more SEO worthy by posting it on the Kickstarter Update wall. I’m also on Twitter quite a bit and Facebook if you’d like to find me there.  Be on the look out for those surveys soon and have a great weekend!

Koloud 'Kay' Tarapolsi

A Crafty Arab

* * * *

Arabic to English Guide

Hallas – all finished

Ana - me

Wa - and

Inti - you (feminine)

Inta – you (masculine)

Fuluus – money

ee'ja'ba - answer

asaahab - friends

baytenjall – this is the Arabic word for eggplant and a very fun word to say.It looks harder than it really is and just needs to be broken down to bayt – en – jall. If you are ever at an Arabic friends’ house, make sure you ask his or her mom to make you some baytenjall. After you have tried it, you might ask to be adopted.If you are very lucky, this mom will also make you basbousa, a sweet cake dessert made with semolina as the main ingredient. Best.Dessert. Ever.

  • Image 225401 original

Shukran on our last Youm *

So here we are, on our last 8 hours. Shukran shukran shukran to you!!!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve set up a meeting with Cindy from Marymoor Pres and Jill to go over all the specifics for the Arabic Alphabet Fun Flashcards on Tuesday morning.  I’ll keep everyone updated on how that meeting goes.

We are still trying to raise $760 for the Arabic Numbers Animal poster with our new Stretch Goal.  Jill and I will be talking about specifics for the new poster on Tuesday also if it is funded.  If it is not fully funded, I promise to save the money over the Flashcard goal and put it towards the poster at a later date.

Here are our Arabic numbers countdown:

46 – sitta wa arba'iin

45 – khamsa wa arba'iin

44 – arba'a wa arba'iin

43 – thalaatha wa arba'iin

42 – Ithnaan wa arba'iin

41 – waahid wa arba'iin

40 - arba'iin

39 – tis'a wa thalaathiin

38 – thamaaniya wa thalaathiin

37 – sab'a wa thalaathiin

36 – sitta wa thalaathiin

35 – khamsa wa thalaathiin

34 – arba'a wa thalaathiin

33 – thalaatha wa thalaathiin

32 – Ithnaan wa thalaathiin

31 – waahid wa thalaathiin

30 – thalaathiin

29 – tis'a wa 'ishriin

28 – thamaaniya wa 'ishriin

27 – sab'a wa 'ishriin

26 – sitta wa 'ishriin

25 – khamsa wa 'ishriin

24 – arba'a wa 'ishriin

23 – thalaatha wa 'ishriin

22 – Ithnaan wa 'ishriin

21 – waahid wa 'ishriin

20 - 'ishriin

19 - tis'at 'ashar

18 - thamaaniyat 'ashar

17 - sab'at 'ashar

16 - sittat 'ashar

15 - khamsat 'ashar

14 - arba'at 'ashar

13 - thalaathat 'ashar

12 - ithnaa 'ashar

11 - aHad 'ashar

10 - 'ashara

9 - tis'a

8 - Thamaaniya

Let’s get that Stretch Goal reached and shukran again!  Don’t forget about springing your sa'at* ahead today.

Koloud 'Kay' Tarapolsi

A Crafty Arab

* * * *

Arabic to English Guide

Youm – day

Sa’at - clock

Magnoon – Our fun word for the day means Crazy. I love this word because when I think of it, it reminds me of an old Egyptian movie with the grandmother running after someone yelling “inta magnooooooooooon” which is the equivalent of “you crazy.”