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The COLOURFULEST deck of playing cards you'll ever find. A CMYK colour swatch tool. And a game of trumps. By designer, for designers.
The COLOURFULEST deck of playing cards you'll ever find. A CMYK colour swatch tool. And a game of trumps. By designer, for designers.
The COLOURFULEST deck of playing cards you'll ever find. A CMYK colour swatch tool. And a game of trumps. By designer, for designers.
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    1. James Creator on

      Thanks for all the lovely messages. Hope you're all enjoying the deck!

      @Tony have you received your deck yet?

    2. Missing avatar

      Josh Abbett on

      From the US just got my cards on 9/15/16. Thanks!

    3. Pete Wenzler

      Got my cards in Kentucky! Absolutely love them! Thanks!

    4. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      I live in Australia and haven't received the cards yet

    5. Richard Lawton on

      Got mine last week, they're brilliant! Well done James

    6. Missing avatar


      I got mine (eastern USA) today! they are awesome.
      In regards to your upcoming project that you have displayed on the website, I would back that project, but I would like to see either a border or something on them, They look cool but a little plain otherwise.

    7. Chris Andrews on

      amazing delivery! arrived today in the UK. Fantastic cards, and the kickstarter exclusive card looks awesome too! For a fiver... One of my nicer decks, I look forwards to future decks by you!

    8. Rich Coomber on

      Got'em! Look awesome dude, thanks! Wish you all the best in your future ventures!!

    9. Missing avatar

      sgllama on

      My deck arrived this morning - good job James, thank you.

    10. Bugger The Banks

      Yep: mine arrived in the UK today, too.

      Very nice & I'm very pleased. Nice job, Creator. Thank you.

    11. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    12. Missing avatar

      Gina Dunlap

      *color rather than suit.

    13. Missing avatar

      Gina Dunlap

      Looking forward to receiving this rainbow of cards. My family is used to me pulling out different decks, but I think this may become a favorite... they may however try to make up games based on colon rather than suit. It is always fascinating to watch them create their own games.

    14. James Creator on

      Hi Luke & Princeton, apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I have both of your addresses, so your rewards will be dispatched by Wednesday 31st August. Thanks, James

    15. Luke Rodgers on

      Couldnt find survey. Plz email thnks

    16. Princeton Wong on

      Hi, I am wondering what the schedule will be? Should I give you my shipping address?

    17. TenChiGin

      I've seen campaigns go much closer to the wire than this (and nudged a few over the line myself) so I'm glad this one got there with days to spare. Sometimes I think that seeing the campaign already "funded" gives some backers the confidence to pledge. Takes the 'speculation' element out of it (especially if you are on limited funds and want to hedge against several different campaigns).

    18. James Creator on

      @ NeilAndrew: haha, so close! And I hope so �

    19. NeilAndrew

      C'mon . . . almost there!
      There'll be a surge in the last three days for sure. :-)

    20. Pete Wenzler

      You can do it!

    21. James Creator on

      @ Jonas Vandebroek: Hi Jonas, i'm currently using Make Playing Cards.

    22. Jonas Vandebroek

      What company are you using to actually print these cards?

    23. James Creator on

      @ Michele Paroli: thank you!

    24. Michele Paroli

      Really love this project! I'm both an architect and a card collector!
      I found the idea to have both a game and a designing tool very exciting!

      I'm looking forward to see you funded!
      Good luck!

    25. James Creator on

      @ Karen Au: thanks for your suggestion. I did play with a range of concepts originally including black/white but felt that CMYK squares, with in between tones created a funky colourful pattern that ties in with the colourful aesthetic of the pack. It's a simple pattern, but effective I feel �

    26. Missing avatar

      Karen Au on

      May I suggest a different back for the cards. The whole look is so simple, why not continue the simplicity on the back of the cards-- perhaps a play of black and white.

    27. James Creator on

      @ Santiago: you raise a good point. I wouldn't see these being used for a serious game of cards, they are a bit of fun! When looking from the top of the deck down you don't notice the colours as much, it's only because the photo shows them in order and side on. Plus the back design helps distract from that. I could possibly create a white border, however I think they will then lose the aesthetic i'm trying to achieve with the deck. Thanks for the feedback.

    28. Santi on

      In the picture "Designer Playing Cards Sealed Deck" you can difenciar the color of the cards on the edge. I think for a fairer and avoid pitfalls game, the edge should be unified in all the cards.

    29. James Creator on

      @ Alejandro Castro Madrigal: I'm glad you like the idea and thank you for your pledge. I could stick suits to colours making it easier to play, but it wouldn't have the same aesthetic rainbow effect as you mentioned. I'll certainly take your comment on board!

    30. Alejandro Castro Madrigal

      I really like this idea, I feel the color choosing should match each suit more strongly to improve playability and games that rely on traditional black vs red colors might be harder to play. Of course for display purposes they are gorgeous. Looking forward for a successful run.

    31. Missing avatar


      Hi James,
      can I know who prints the deck?
      Thanks Alberto

    32. TenChiGin

      This is actually a very cool deck and should appeal to geeks as well as card collectors. :)