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Help Chicago-based theater collective Abraham Werewolf put up their next production, PAPER THIN WALLS.
85 backers pledged $3,720 to help bring this project to life.

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Final thoughts... and thanks!


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The time is almost upon us

Just wanted to send out a quick reminder -- there are still a few backers who haven't filled out the questionnaire regarding their rewards. We need to get a list of the backers who are coming to the show to the theatre by Wednesday so they can set you up in their ticketing system, so if you haven't filled out the information, please do so soon!

Oh -- and be sure to fill it out even if you're out of state or are otherwise not able to come. It'll help us keep things straight.

Thanks! More updates soon. We start tech week on Monday... Oi vey!

Next steps


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The final tally

Thanks again to everyone who backed our project. Expect more updates soon!

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We did it!

Our good friend Adam from Durham, NC just backed our project, putting us at exactly $3,500. Wait-a-minute... that means...

We did it! Woohoo!

To all of our backers -- thank you so much for all of your generosity. We really can't thank you enough for helping us make Paper Thin Walls a reality and putting us one gigantic step closer towards being a self-sustaining theatre company.

We're terribly excited to be able to entertain you.

That said, we've still got a solid 33 hours left to go until our project is officially over. That means 33 hours to see how far we can push the project and 33 hours left to get discounted tickets to any performance of Paper Thin Walls. Get 'em while they're hot!

And as we mentioned before, we'll be celebrating our Kickstarter success with a 1.5 year anniversary party tomorrow, May 14th at Joe's Bar on 940 W. Weed St from 9pm-1am. Free cocktails from 9-11pm. Send an e-mail to to RSVP.

Come join us! I have a feeling that we'll be pretty jolly around 11:01pm.

p.s. Since we had a few questions about this -- your CC's won't be charged until tomorrow night, 11:59pm CST. Thanks again!