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you everyone. 
moving forward with production and we'll keep you posted
with updates.
We'll continue to accept pre-orders on our website
Thank you everyone. We're moving forward with production and we'll keep you posted with updates. We'll continue to accept pre-orders on our website
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    1. Raphael Rychetsky on

      Hi, anything new for the German shipping? I'm still hoping to get the shirts and hoody this month...

    2. Patrick J. Costello on

      @ably thanks for the update. I'm traveling from the US to India on Nov.3, and I'd love to wear my Ably shirts while in India. Anything you can do to ensure the shirts arrive before then?

      Thanks for your help!

    3. Missing avatar

      Clark Lai on

      I am living in Hong Kong and according to the update Hong Kong is one of the distribution centers. But how come I haven't received the shirts yet??

    4. Patrick on

      @Ably thank you for your answer. I haven't received a tshirt as of today. I am moving this weekend. I've been trying to get a hold of you for a while and I'm a little concerned my emails with the new address haven't been processed yet. What can we do about this?

    5. Joseph Goh on

      I've sent 2 emails and left a comment on this very thread on the 29th of September about exchanging a t shirt for the right size. I mailed my t shirt back quite some time before that. And til today I've received no reply on any three of the ways I've reached out to you

    6. Adam on

      I'm very much losing my patience with your ignoring all attempts to contact you.
      a) Since you intentionally undersized your shirts, you have none which will fit.
      b) Since you've taken so long to ship, you will be sending the mis-sized shirts to the wrong place.

      Please confirm that you have seen this and are either refunding me or producing properly sized shirts which you will send to a different address. I have gone out of my way to try to mitigate harm.

    7. Missing avatar

      Annika on

      Hi Ably,
      Can I please get the information for exchanging shirts? What is the address I need to mail them to?
      Thanks, Annika

    8. Joseph Goh on

      Hey ably! I sent back a shirt for exchange of size. Just wondering if you've received it and when I'd get the new shirt in this time line of deliveries?

    9. Missing avatar

      Caitlyn Peesker on

      I purchased these clothes specifically for a hike I will be taking to New Zealand from October - April. I'm from London, Ontario. My question is, is there a chance I will receive mine by October 13th? If not, I'm so disappointed that I can't bring them with me on my thruhike. Not to mention, I doubt they'll fit when I return. :( I was so sure that this would make it before then! I'm guessing there is no chance? And it's okay if there isn't, it's just worth a shot to ask.

    10. Missing avatar

      Pete Looman on

      I have to share my experience in your shirt because I don't think I could have tested it any other way.

      In less than 24 hours I will have wore my Ably 14 days straight. Not non-stop, but from the time I get home till bed and on the weekends.

      I have an active lifestyle and my intent was to put the shirt through a few hikes and long walks far away from any shore on any ocean. My plans went askew, but it didn't mean the shirt got less of a test, it got more than expected.

      I started out with daily wear, went on a few walks, flew my drone in high 90 degree weather, and basically sweating whenever I went outside because that's life in southern Texas.

      This past week, however, due to neglect by my apartment complex, a lack of a roof, and a severe rainstorm, my ceiling collapsed in my unit, and I experienced first hand the ceilings of other residents collapsing in front of my eyes. All through this, from the moment I first started bailing water on Saturday evening through Monday morning when the ceiling caved, I was wearing my shirt. There was water, debris, sweat, dirt, dust, and whatever else you could imagine when hundreds of pounds of water and drywall crash from above. When I finally took a moment to actually take a look in the mirror, I swiped off a bit of paper and drywall, and that was it. I literally had been covered in residue and my shorts and other attire showed it, but the shirt was still clean. I was totally blown away.

      On day 13 and a half this shirt still has no odor or stains and I'm wearing it as I type. I haven't had anyone else take a whiff of me, but I was just at the grocery store and almost got cougar'd so I'm not smelling bad.

      I've walked this earth for the most part of 45 years. I go through shirts weekly, if not daily. I've worn more wine than drank it on some nights, and yet this shirt is clean. I think I will shed a tear the day a thread comes loose. Till then, well done.

      Oh, and all the other stuff people are saying is true. Dries quick when it does get wet and it's pretty resistant to getting wet. To be honest, I think some Ably shorts are in order because the shirt repels water so well my shorts get soaked on a 2 mile walk. You do feel the shirt sort of stick to you during the high sweat moments, but someone looking at you is only going to see a sweaty face and a dry shirt. You will see pit sweat, but it's minimal and dries quickly as well. I hang the shirt for about 10 to 20 minutes, enough to cool off, and it's ready to throw back on.

      I'm really pleased with my investment and I hope to see more. Thank you Ably.

    11. Raphael Rychetsky on

      Awesome, I can't wait to get the shirts! I'm leaving Germany end of October and not coming back before 2018. Really really hope to get it before..!

    12. Missing avatar

      Barnaby Russell on

      I'm in NZ and have a two-day trip to the UK on the 10th of October, so I guess this means I'm stuffed. Rather disappointing as Ably seemed like it was going to be the answer to my travel prayers. :(

    13. Andrew TheTransponster Trunkfield on

      Thanks for the update, I was beginning to wonder when you were going to ship to the uk. We've discussed your product line and think you're missing a huge market: children's wear, especially school uniforms! If you could make UK school uniforms with this tech, you'd make a fortune!! Any franchise options available...??! ��

    14. Missing avatar

      Pixie Grindeland on

      Did anyone else think the sizing was small????? I got one for a mens gift and if the XXL is small too I'll need to exchange it. My women's L is small and should have been an XL.

    15. Missing avatar


      Are all the mens zipper pulls on the left usually they are on the right this is a slight inconvenience since in the USA we have the zipper pull on the right for men thank you

    16. Missing avatar

      Sarah on

      How can we update our address information? I will be moving before your new shipping date.

    17. Missing avatar

      B Hackett on

      Is there a process for exchanges due to wrong size?

    18. Missing avatar

      antonio lanzilli on

      I just received my order I lost the coupon that was inside , how can I get the discount coupon to order other clothes in October

    19. Missing avatar

      Lin Yun Tzu on

      So it means international orders maybe receive till the end of October ?

    20. Alan Rosenthal on

      Thank you for the update.
      I look forward to sweating in the t shirts in due course! :)

    21. Ably Apparel Creator on

      If we have your exchange size in stock, we'll do the exchange right away. If we're out of your size at the moment, we'll ship it out with the next shipment. Our factory couldn't produce all of the orders at the same time so we had to ship in two batches. Thanks Ably

    22. Patrick on

      Thank you for the update! I really like my tshirt but I had to send it back due to the sizing issue. The tshirt arrived at your front desk last week and I am not hearing back from your customer support about a replacement. Is there a telephone number I can call?