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you everyone. 
moving forward with production and we'll keep you posted
with updates.
We'll continue to accept pre-orders on our website
Thank you everyone. We're moving forward with production and we'll keep you posted with updates. We'll continue to accept pre-orders on our website
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    1. Ably Apparel Creator on

      @Tatiana NG,

      Ably Tee shirts run true to size, not oversized.

    2. Ably Apparel Creator on

      @Joseph Goh,

      Small should work for you. Check the chest measurement of your other tee-shirts you regularly wear, and that should help you make your decision.

    3. Ably Apparel Creator on

      @Cillian Lyons,

      We are now locked down, but let us know if you need to change your size, and we can change it for you.

    4. Cillian Lyons

      I may have gotten on this a bit late. I've logged into the BackerKit to change my size but can't seem to update anything.

    5. Joseph Goh on

      If I have a chest circumference of 37. Would I be safe ordering a small? Or should I go a size up (considering the measurement for small is exactly 37)

    6. Tatiana Ng on

      I too would love to know if sizes run big.. especially for men! As I ordered for 3 different people :S

    7. Everingham Lloyd on're on to it. Thank goodness.

    8. Everingham Lloyd on

      I am SURE the new sizing chart is VERY, VERY WRONG because everyone (in the history of clothing measures wrapping around the body NOT across the garment. Google any mens size chart you like, none of the above makes sense.

    9. Missing avatar

      Lili Sachar on

      I just remeasured and I was to change my man's shot to a med because I measured incorrectly the first time but the women's measurements still are not correct and I am I usually a med or a large in tee shirts

    10. Franky-sama on

      Hmm, the men's sizing seems a bit confusing. Do the shirts run 'big'? In other words, I am normally a large (some 'smaller' brands I'm an XL), but after measuring some of my shirts it seems like I should be ordering a medium. Does this seem right? I am 6'1" so generally the body length and chest is a limiting factor. Please help.

    11. Ably Apparel Creator on

      Please accept our apology for all the confusion.

      With this being our mistake, we will honor changes beyond the 48 hour deadline.

      Thanks Again~

    12. Missing avatar

      cuius on

      Will you post a new corrected size table before the 48 hours deadline is reached?

    13. Stephane


      It seems I need to change my size, but I don't even fit in the charts at all. I have a 43 chest

    14. Missing avatar


      Problem for Big women:
      I want to ask if you can make a 3XL size or a 4XL size for women clothing. I would admit that your 2XL size still wont fit my bust size. I am a chubby person but I am only asking if your gonna make some. In the survey I ordered all mens' clothing because it got my size. Thanks hope to hear for you soon.

    15. Missing avatar

      Turki on

      Hi, I tried so hard to change the size, but I did't figure it out. the website is so messy. I picked M, but what i MUST have is S. Could you please change for me or give a direct link for that.

    16. Andrew TheTransponster Trunkfield on

      Ok, it looks like you're on top of this, because I looked at the new sizing chart and thought... What?! The men's chest sizes were what made me realise it must be wrong, I'm not a big person, and my chest is around 38inches, not even the XXXL was close!! �

    17. Ably Apparel Creator on

      We handled off our sizing details to someone that was free to do this chart and didn't really check this persons work very well. A little embarrassing for us but womens sizes flat measurements were double and the mens chest were flat measurements. We're going to fix this and triple check before posting again.

      Kickstarter doesn't allow us to delete updates or comments so even our mistakes will remain here....
      Sorry about the extra confusion but we're working on fixing this.



    18. Paula Outon on

      I have the same question as Mark Hanley, is the chest measurement below the bust or around it and the picture suggests that is below the bust, can you correct that please!

    19. Mark Hanley on

      Sooo is the women's chest measurement around the bust, or below? The description of "below armholes" could mean either one, and the picture seems to appear that it would be below the bust. Which is it?

    20. Chocolate

      @Katyanne Topping
      I can tell you for a pretty good certainty that the women's sizes do NOT need to be adjusted. I'm an XS women's in most every American brand and the chest measurement is exactly what is always is for XS circumference.

    21. Katyanne Hall

      Do the chest measurements for both men and women need to be doubled? Reading your reply to Beth's comment below has me a touch confused. Thanks

    22. Missing avatar


      Hi this is much more confusing.. I just put medium on my survey, that's the American size I wear. Now you're just confusing things & making me anxious. I don't understand your new instructions. Is the chart corrected? Or does it still need to be doubled?

    23. Missing avatar

      cuius on

      I just compared the sizes of the t-shirt with a few of my shirts and it seems that your mens "S" size is as long as my normal XL shirt. Is it correct that your t-shirts are rather long and tight?

      The shirt that would fit me best would be the 2XL chest combined wis S or M body length. Any suggestion what i should order?

    24. Ably Apparel Creator on

      Thank you for noticing that. You are correct that the mens chest size should be doubled.
      The apparel industry measures the shirts flat and we just double the measurement but when we went to the computer we missed that step.

      Thanks again.

    25. Beth Borschiov on

      The new "simplified" chart is much more confusing. It appears thathe fit the women's chest measurement you are to measure around whereas the men's if just the width of the shirt ( and therefore must be doubled.) Can you please explain how you want people to measure themselves to match your chart?