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Each issue of Abe's Peanut is a serialized story printed on postcards and mailed weekly to kids through the US Postal Service.

Hi! We're Anna and Tess Knoebel. We're sisters and we founded Abe's Peanut, a mail art publication for kids. 

As kids, we thought getting mail was even more fun than Nintendo or riding bikes. Without any warning, a letter arrives with your name on it, right in your own mailbox! We made mail a huge part of our original publication, Abe's Penny, and met adults all over who still love mail. Suddenly, it was obvious we should launch a kids version: a monthly series of children's stories mailed right to kids' homes.

Abe's Peanut is different than other kids' publications. First, we don't publish the stories as books. This is where the mail part comes in. We divide the story into four parts and print each part as a postcard. Then, we mail the postcards to kids at the rate of one per week. The stories and illustrations are created just for Abe's Peanut. You won't read them anywhere else. 

Kids already love to read and hear stories, but Abe's Peanut brings storytelling into a new realm -- one that encourages interaction with a world that exists way beyond their driveway. Kids also start to anticipate the next parts of each story, get excited about what's coming up, and get inspired to write stories and letters of their own.

It's an exciting idea and we're proud of it, but we're also an independent publisher, producing both Abe's Penny and Abe's Peanut with our own money. As you can imagine, we face a number of financial obstacles! 

This September, when ran a story about Abe's Peanut, our itty-bitty enterprise got a fresh breath of life.  More than just making it possible to continue printing for a few months, the onslaught of new subscribers proved people love the idea, but not enough of them know about it. So we decided to make a Kickstarter campaign to help us publish and promote Abe's Peanut. 

With your help, we can print more copies, plan more story telling events, and get Abe's Peanut into more little hands -- into hands of kids who love to read, love to write, and some who've never even sent or received mail.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Abe's Peanut. We are so grateful for your support and contributions. We have great rewards on offer, too, and we're excited to share them with you.

It would also be a huge help if you forward our campaign link to help us spread the word!


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    The Fable: As a thank you for your pledge, founders Anna and Tess Knoebel will send you a personal, hand written note on a Brooklyn postcard.

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    The Mystery: one archived Abe's Peanut series + The Fable.

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    The Fairy Tale: three archived issues of Abe's Peanut + The Fable. (Ships in time for the holidays!)

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    The Novel: a one-year Abe's Peanut subscription + one archived issue. The subscription will begin in January 2012. (Archived issue + gift note arrives in time for the holidays!) US subscriptions only. Int'l subscribers please contact us for more info.

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    The Comedy: a collection of 12 archived issues + an Abe's Peanut storage box + The Novel. (Ships in time for the holidays!)

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    The Adventure: One of our upcoming contributors will pen a story to be published in Abe's Peanut with you (or your child) as the main character + The Fable, The Mystery, and the Fairy Tale.

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    The Magnum Opus: a portrait by one of our contributors. You choose the subject. PLUS The Mystery and the Fairy Tale. First to pledge Magnum Opus will receive the portrait in time for the holidays.

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    The Rumpelstiltskin: Propose us a deal. Email your deal to Once we accept, make your pledge.

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