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Earn badges and RPG level-ups for the books you read.
Earn badges and RPG level-ups for the books you read.
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Our First Set of Illustrated Community-Designed Badges


Today we get to unveil the final, fully-colored artwork for a number of the community-designed badges we've been working on. Over these last few weeks you've helped us name and illustrate more than 30 badges, everything from Arts & Smarts to The Final Frontier.

These are just the beginning - we're about halfway to our initial target of 60 badges at launch. Each of the following badges will be earned by players of The Game of Books, and rolled into the physical cards for The Game, as well. I couldn't be happier with the quality of work the art team is creating, turning your illustration suggestions into some extremely cool, high-quality badges. I hope you agree.

We're in the process of putting together a page to showcase all the finished badges, but here's a few of the final designs from our first round of community-designed badges. You'll notice that most of these badges have a "Glass" style to them. This is because most of these initial badges are of the Glass category, as opposed to Stone, Diamond, or Secret badges.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to some of the very first finalized badges of The Game of Books:

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    1. Aaron Stanton Creator on December 11, 2013

      Hey, Andres - I'm working on an update as we speak, and it's entirely focused on updated timelines and deliveries. So, give me a bit, and I'll give you a much more detailed answer to that. Because you're right - I'm ready to play, myself. Badges are great and all, but we'll keep creating badges even after the first iteration of The Game is out, so the real question is when people will start to be able to play The Game, and earn those badges. I'll get back to you in an update soon.

    2. Andres Salazar on December 9, 2013

      Hey, whats the status of the game being delivered? The badge stuff is cool and all, but my family wants to start this puppy! hook us up!

    3. NoahKroese on November 11, 2013

      These are great!

    4. Stewart Stanton on October 29, 2013


      I think these are really, REALLY R E A L L Y. cool!


    5. Missing avatar

      jo kittinger on October 28, 2013

      The badges are looking great! I love the stained glass look of the Glass badges!
      Can't wait to see more. Congrats to your designers!

    6. Aaron Stanton Creator on October 28, 2013

      Also, it's worth noting that the WizKid badge, which has such a Calvin & Hobbes look to it, is going to have a caption in the actual game that reads something along the line of, "in loving memory of a comic series from our childhoods" or something similar. We deliberate choose a style that brought back those memories, since no kid had an imagination quite like Calvin. :) We couldn't help but paying tribute.

    7. Aaron Stanton Creator on October 28, 2013

      Hmm... it's a little unfortunate that the blog seems to shrink the images to 600x wide, but the e-mail it sends out doesn't do the same. :) Sorry for anyone that received the full-size pictures in the e-mail update. I'll keep an eye on that next time.

      - Aaron