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Baroque-Romantic fantasy RPG zines for any system.
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3 days left!

Posted by Aaron King (Creator)

Whoa, hello everyone! Especially new backers. I'm pretty much ready to get things to the printer; I have half an adventure left to write (infiltrating an ancient bible to find a sun-igniting angel to save a planetoid of ant-headed gnomes). From there, I'm just   the contributions from the stretch goal artists and ordering & building the . Exciting!

It's at this point that a lot of Kickstarters ask folks to consider upping their pledges, but since I believe in the power of zines (and because I'm recovering from a year of unemployment), I'm going to ask you to consider LOWERING your pledges.

I've backed things out of fear of missing out or in a high of excitement, and then there've been times when getting billed for that excitement hurts. And I don't want to hurt you!

So if you're hard up for money, do what you have to, because guess what? The digital versions will always be available, and I'm in talks with a distributor who can handle the physical zines.

Hope you're all doing well and staying warm!

(Special shoutout to Kevin Czap of Czap Books, who reached out to me after I had to cancel a pledge and let me pay for the books much later.)

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