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Baroque-Romantic fantasy RPG zines for any system.
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Update 3: Spread the Love

Posted by Aaron King (Creator)
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Hello! The project's chugging along, and the next update will be more about that (there will be spreadsheets).

But today I wanted to point out a few other Kickstarter projects. It feels like a busy internet month, so I worry that things are getting lost in the churn. Save these projects from the churn! (Note: I'm contributing with projects marked with an asterisk, which I don't say in order to lend them more weight; I'm just trying to be transparent.)

More Kittens*: Come back with us to the world of Laser Kittens, where tiny foster kitties learn to grow up to become awesome cats! Laser Kittens is a light and zany tabletop roleplaying game about foster kittens. To play, you just need the rulebook and two decks of playing cards. I'm writing about Gordon Ramsay teaching Harry Potter kids to kill Count Chocula.

What Happened at Wyvern Rock?: Bringing high strangeness to your fantasy RPG via close encounters, aliens, and other fantastic weirdness! I mean, two of the zines in my project are about D&D in space, so how could I not be interested in a distinctly different approach to the same subject matter?

Tome & Wish You Were Here*: Tome: a system-agnostic RPG supplement. Wish You Were Here: a compilation of mini RPGs. I'm contributing a Catchphrase-style party RPG about being competing archaeologists in the far future.

The Demon Collective vol 1: Four horror RPG adventures, written, illustrated, and edited by trans and nonbinary gamers. They all just sound so awesome.

RPG Design Zine: A cut-and-paste zine about game design. I've admired Nathan D. Paoletta from afar for years; seeing him tabling at Twin Cities Zine Fest was a huge inspiration for my own descent into RPG zine-making.

Something I've been thinking about during Zine Quest: you could probably back all of these projects at the lowest physical book level and still be paying less than you would for a new hardcover RPG book.


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