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Update #10

DVD/cast recording update


Dear XFTM backers,

As always, we are deeply appreciative of your support. We have an update about our progress on the DVD, which some of you are receiving as a Kickstarter prize.

We and our videographers have been hard at work on the DVD, and when it appears in its full glory it will include a behind-the-scenes featurette, a slideshow, and some other secret Easter Eggs. Meanwhile, we've also been planning to do a Cast Recording, and we're hoping to include some of the songs as a special bonus with the DVD! That way the DVD will the wonderful XFTM treasure trove that we always hoped it would be. We're really excited about this Cast Recording, but unfortunately we were unable to schedule our recording space earlier and now the big day for recording will be November 13. This means the cast recording won't be ready for release until December. As you know, we were originally planning to ship out the DVD by Nov. 1st, but now we'd like to ship it out by Dec. 15 -- just in time for Christmas, and packed with extra song goodies. We are sorry for delaying the shipment, but we hope that the song additions will be well received by you!

Thanks for your patience and your patronage.

love and aliens,


p.s. check out this super sneak peek of the DVD that no one else in the world can see!

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Update #9

XFTM wrap-up


It happened! It didn't rain! Thanks for believing!

All of us at The Colonel Mustard Amateur Attic Theatre Company want to express our sincerest thanks to everyone who gave, everyone who spread the word about the show, and all of you who joined us in Lincoln or through the livestream. We apologize for some technical difficulties with the livestream at the end of the show. We wish you could've seen it!

I wanted to tell you about our plan for the future of X Files: The Musical...

1. You can pre-order a DVD of the show or a t-shirt at our official online shop. Many of you are already getting DVDs as part of your rewards package, but please tell your fellow Philes where they can get their own copy!

2. The footage of the musical will eventually be posted to Youtube. So, even if you don't want to get a DVD, you'll be able to watch the show. However, the DVD will be higher quality than the Youtube version and will also include extras like behind-the-scenes footage and amazing humanimal concept art.

3. In the coming weeks, we plan to professionally record the cast and orchestra performing all the songs from the show. We'll be selling this album on iTunes (and maybe we'll sell a physical CD through our website if people want it). This will be a must-have. The music on the DVD will sound great because our videographer knows his audio equipment - but when we record this stuff in a controlled, indoor environment, it's going to be like hearing a brand new musical. If you love the X-Files, or music, or things that are beautiful, you're going to love the XFTM album.

Thanks again! -aaron

p.s. If you, or anyone you know, is involved in theater and has an interest in performing "X Files: The Musical," please send an email to to ask about how to get the rights to perform the show!

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Update #8

3 hours, 30 mins. to go!


Last (and first, more or less) show tonight!

Weather is looking cloudy but rain is not predicted so it looks like we're going to be able to o the show outside, as planned!


See you there, or online at


Update #7

well... I guess an actual THUNDERSTORM can stop us, or at least put a kink in our plans...


Hey guys,

Sad news - last night was opening night of "X Files: The Musical" - but we had to pack the show up and seek cover about a third of the way through due to the threat of a severe thunderstorm.

That's the nature of doing a show like this outside, but doing our shows outside is part of what makes them special. And we're borrowing some expensive sound equipment, so we need to be extra careful with it. Just a small amount of rain can ruin that stuff, and we just had to play it safe last night.

We're very sorry to those of you who made it out last night and didn't get to see the whole show. On the bright side, our attendance estimate from last night is around 600 people (probably more that "Jurassic Park The Musical!" and "Dr. Quinn: The Musical" combined). And that's not counting about 75 cast/crew/orchestra folks. Plus, they tell me the livestream had over 1,000 views last night. Cool stuff.

The good news is we always planned to do this show two nights (a first for The Mustard). So, tonight is everyone's chance to come back to 9th and D to find out what happens to Mulder, Scully, and the weird goose creature. (What is that thing?) And I'm very happy to say that now, approximately 11 hours before the show will start, is telling me there's a 0% chance of rain from 9pm til midnight. And, in the case of sudden storms springing up out of nowhere (like they did last night... Nebraska, you have crazy weather), we will be moving the show to an alternate location and alerting everyone we can via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

But I don't think that's going to happen. I think tonight's show is going to be even better than yesterday's was shaping up to be, and I think we'll be performing under clear skies with no worries about rain! See you there!


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Update #6 - For backers only

Thunder Can't Stop Us!


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