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An MMORPG that allows for total immersion through its skill-based class system, player-driven world & support for Oculus Rift!

An MMORPG that allows for total immersion through its skill-based class system, player-driven world & support for Oculus Rift! Read More
pledged of $900,000 goal

Funding Suspended

Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter on October 17, 2013.

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Lang: EN, FR, GR & SP Platforms: Windows, Mac & Linux Engine: Unity 3D
Lang: EN, FR, GR & SP Platforms: Windows, Mac & Linux Engine: Unity 3D

The four realms are plagued by a primeval darkness, unleashed after a clash of deities. Alone in the universe, god created a companion of light. However, this being’s radiance was dimmed by a heart of shadow. The destruction of this corrupted entity led to the destruction of god himself, seeding the creation of the four realms, but leaving behind a force of pure evil: the Shadow Demon. With God’s power embedded in all of the universe, the four realms were destined to continue his battle and control their own fate.

Ask yourself, what’s next in MMORPGs? What hasn't been done? Who says it can’t be done? How will we do it? These are the precise questions we asked ourselves when starting Realms of Goldesia. We decided to take on 3 major challenges:

1. Immersion: Lose yourself in the world.

Incorporating virtual reality into our game was a tough challenge. We knew we had to use the latest and greatest of technologies to pull it off. Having obtained Oculus Rift’s developer headset to test, we were immediately overwhelmed and convinced. Our developers began working away at how to best integrate the system into our own development. Its high definition 3D engines immediately add a level of immersion unrivaled by games currently on the market. 

2. Choice: Be who and what you want to be.

To achieve this we knew we had to create character customization of a high level. Not only for the look, but for the whole player experience. We came up with a class system that minimally restricts player choice, and is in essence almost entirely skill-based. Players can pick any set of skills to create unique characters. Skills are increased through use, rather than by gaining experience. Players live their choices.

3. Control: Govern all of the world's dynamics

This third challenge meant we had to make everything controllable by players: cities, economies, trade, buildings, events & stories. So we did. Players, not NPCs, make quests. Players create their own stories, ones that would shape the events on realms. We merely provide an epic setting filled with catalysts for adventure. No grinding, no questing, no predetermined destinies - a realistic & dynamic world shaped by players.

Origin of the four realms

In the beginning of time, the universe was nothing but a hollow void. Seeking solace in this emptiness, God used part of himself to form a companion. He chose four of his many virtues to bestow upon the being: Valor, Cunning, Loyalty, and Perseverance. Though God intended this entity to be a pure deity of light, it was not long before it showed glimpses of corruption. This luminous companion had a darkness within.

A dormant part of God, his own evil, had accidentally slipped into this being during its making, and in this being it was dormant no more. God knew that the only way to kill the corruption was to kill the companion. In a celestial cataclysm God attempted this killing, and in his attempt he shattered the being into four shards, destroying himself in the process.

The four shards became the four new realms of the universe, each represented by one of the original four virtues. Goldesia (Valor), Platinumor (Cunning), Gemzeon (Persistence), and Pearline (Loyalty). God’s power dispersed, imbuing all of the universe with his divine energy. All that was left of his companion was its evil. Now, uninhibited by virtues, it exploded in size and power. The colossal Shadow Demon was born.

Now, the four realms, each augmented with one of the virtues, together harness the divine power that is in all the universe to war against the ultimate evil, continuing God’s battle even after his death. With that power, they manage to hold off the Shadow Demon and his armies. Resources from each of the realms are the fuel for great war machines all realms have built. Will it be enough? Their destiny is upon them.


The realm rich with deep mines that glisten with gold. It is the most peaceful of all realms, a place where all of nature seems to radiate with a golden glow. 

Goldesia's flora and fauna are much like that of the earth you know. Lush forests, green and golden, filled with deer, bears and wolves. Its architecture is reminiscent of medieval times on earth.


In the darkest corner of the Rivaled Realms looms Platinumor. It sees little of the sun’s warming rays. As gloomy as Platinumor is, its damp caves are even gloomier.

To survive, life on Platinumor has been forced to adapt in curious ways, ways that seem gruesome to the other inhabitants of the cosmos. Creatures and people of this outcast planet have evolved forms that suit a life in the shadows.


As the planet closest to the sun, Gemzeon swelters with heat. Many die each year from the scorching temperatures alone. 

Life is full of adversity on this struggling planet. The mobs only grow angrier, the harvests smaller, and the capital city is now under constant attack by savage beasts known as the blind howlers. 


Pearline is surrounded by immense moons that have engaged in a never-ending war over the realm’s great oceans.

Massive shadows of sea serpents slide through towering waves. Mammoth clams nest in the shallows of shoreside caverns, birthing pearls of a size found nowhere else in the Rivaled Realms.

Shadow Dungeon

Filled with some of the most dangerous shadow beings and horrors, the Shadow Dungeon is one of the most dangerous places for mortals. Not only is this the largest dungeon there is to traverse, almost all its structure is ever-changing, save for its entrances. Its variability and sheer size make it impossible for explorers to map.

Its liquid, fuming walls flow with an evil that pulls in those who walk too closely to it. In fact, you can walk right through them, but at your own peril. The more you walk through them, the slower you move, the more trapped you become. Get pulled in too deep, and you will wake up somewhere, in some realm, with dark eyes and a shadow cloud above your shoulder: evil will have consumed you.

Have you ever gamed so hard that you lost yourself and all track of time? Well, that's likely to happen a lot more when you couple Realms of Goldesia with the critically acclaimed Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset. Be the first to experience the future of gaming in MMORPGs, see the line between virtual and reality blur.

Note: Nothing in our content or message should be taken to mean that we partnered up with Oculus Rift. Our game merely supports the Oculus Rift. We are providing 75 Oculus Rift kits for the first 75 backers that back us for $250 or more. This giveaway is to thank our earliest and strongest supporters, and enable them to experience RoG in the best way possible!

Realism & PVP

We want RoG to be a realistic place where everyone can influence each other. For PVP, this means we are opting for almost open PVP. While in towns aggressors will be attacked on sight, outside towns any can attack players of another faction. Whether people of another realm can enter towns peacefully, is up to the elected player official.

Evil players

Players will be able to attack players of their own faction or realm. This will have severe consequences, but also interesting benefits. A player who kills too many other good players becomes evil. Darkness consumes him, and all races have their eyes turn into darkness of the shadow demon. Hovering above their shoulder will be a dark shadow, a demon cloud. They will no longer be able to enter towns, as guards will kill them on sight. But, by becoming evil, they enter a pact with the shadow demon. Through that they're be able to retrieve resources and other goods that are normally retrieved through participation in town economies, as the shadow demon acquires these resources from the defense systems of realms and through his armies. 


Any evil character can convert back to being good, but this also has severe repercussions. A penalty to all skills is applied when a character turns good again, and if a player becomes evil three times in a row, the player is evil forever. When forever evil, dying comes with strong penalties. The evil life is not an easy one!

RoG has four realms and four races, with each their own appearance and attributes. Goldesia’s inhabitants have an almost glowing complexion, never pale, and most of them are blond or light brunettes. They look most like the humans we know. The people of the dark realm Platinumor are thin and ghastly looking. Darkness around the eyes and paleness reveals that they have adapted to life in the shadows. Survival on Pearline is easier with gills and some webbed fingers and toes, all of which Pearline’s natives have. They are a tall people with a dark blue complexion and quite dark eyes eyes, though nowhere near as dark as those who have turned evil. The dark-skinned people of Gemzeon are rugged, but not very tall or large. 

The four races of the four realms all come with their own virtue:

Goldesia: Valor, which greatly reduces susceptibility to fear effects & confusion in battle. 

Platinumor: Cunning, which is a boost toward intelligence and agility. 

Pearline: Loyalty, gives a boost towards beneficial spells & effects to chosen friendlies. 

Gemzeon: Perseverance provides a boost to stamina and ability to go below 0 on stamina. Also, a boost on toughness.

There are more advantages and disadvantages to the starting virtues that we will explore during development!


Character customization will have all expected features: adjustment of physical features and a small selection of clothes. All the realms will have a registry that automatically updates once a new citizen is born. You will be able to write about the background of your character and choose for this to be recorded in the registry. Read below how we aim to give maximum flexibility in building your own character (our skill-based char. advancement system). Customization is not only what you do at character creation in RoG, it’s how you grow and develop as you experience the world. For example, you can further customize and express yourself through our in-game music and art creation features!

Hybrid character development system

RoG has a hybrid character development system. At character creation, you can choose one of the four races, after which you can select a class. Races give virtues with stat boosts, and classes give you stat boosts as well as skill boosts. Next, you select one more virtue out of four that gives you another stat and skill boost. Then, you select your skills. Selecting skills will give you a higher starting value for them. The skills with the highest starting value are those boosted by the virtues and class you choose. All skills start on 1, the highest you can start with is 200 (by selecting the right class and virtues).

Classes: Artisan, Warrior, Mage, Ranger, Merchant, Politician

Some of our skills: Carpentry, Smithery, Magic, Magic Absorption, Light Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Taming, Stealth, Provocation, Music, Air Harnessing, Anatomy, Tinkering, Music, Lock Picking, Healing, Chemistry

Skill points go from 0 to a 1000. 1000 is absolute mastery. We will have 6 classes and 24 skills. Each character can have 8 skills, or 8000 skill points. So in theory, you can have 250 points in each skill, but that will be quite useless!

Character Advancement & Experience

Experience in RoG is not what you're used to from most MMORPGs. In RoG, experience is gained through: experiencing the world. Much like in real life, the more novel things you do, the more experience you get. Since we have a skill based character advancement system, experience does not grant you new abilities in the traditional sense. It grants you status, which puts you higher on the roster for elections, for example. The higher your experience, the higher office you can apply for in politics. More experience also gives you the ability to tutor other players or give bigger quests to other players.

So, experience is gained through killing monsters, adventuring (discovering places), using skills successfully, being elected, running towns, defeating players of other factions, and more.  The more novel the action, the more experience you earn. And the higher your experience, the more options you have to influence the world.

Experience cap
Experience cap? There is none! You always keep gaining experience, but the more you have, the slower you gain. At the extremely high levels, gains are very slow. But there are always more rewards waiting.

RoG is truly player-driven. That's not just a catchy line we used. There are very many aspects of the world influenced by the choices and actions of players. They will hold the destiny of the realms in their hands.


RoG will always have new events that we add and create to keep the game fresh. These will be ongoing. Some will be unique, in the sense that they will never happen again in that time and place in that way. The most exciting part, is that players will largely influence and control the events that unfold.

As an example, the shadow demon perpetually attacks all the realms: resources have to be sent into each of the realm's defense systems to keep his armies at bay. When the realms or particular towns fail this, they can expect bigger waves of shadow armies and more unique attack events to occur. Failing this drastically can mean the shadow demon himself chooses to attack. A towering shadow colossus that can only be held off by a vast army of players.  


Static and boring quests that seem to belong in RPGs rather than in MMORPGs? We don't have those. We don't have quests. Not in the traditional sense. What we do have, is players being able to give each other quests. The way that works is, that the more experience a player has, the more elaborate quests they can give out. And for doing that, both the quest giver and quest taker gain experience. There will be restrictions in place to avoid exploitation of this system. Quests are put on a special quest bulletin board. Some of the types of quests are retrieval, destruction, bounty, mining, protection and taming. Some of the quests, like destruction, will be more like quests you've come to know, others will be work orders for professions or assignments for players with special skills, such as tamers.

A crafting quest: armor can be bought namelessly, but a piece of armor that has been made for you as part of a quest will bear your name, be more durable, and have better stats.

A mining quest: Player A would like 1000 units of a particular resource. Instead of buying it on the market, player A can gain both experience and spend less by putting up a quest. The quest menu will include only places, creatures, items, and resources that the player has actually been in contact with. You cannot give out quests regarding things or for areas you don't know.

Housing & Ownership

You will start by selecting and customizing your character, and then the realm in which you will begin. Once your realm is selected, you will be provided with your own space. Players are given the equivalent of “forty acres”. The “forty acres” will comprise a chunk of terrain on the Planet they chose during their Avatar customization and Tradecraft choosing based on a lottery system. They will own the mineral rights below this terrain they have Deed to. The player would then have the ability to mine from their own land, hire miners to mine for them, sell their land, plant and grow crops, and build structures as they collect inventory, money, gems, contract their skills, and trade.

We will have housing in towns and also plan to introduce custom housing.

Politics, Factions, Guilds

Players rule the world in RoG. All towns have mayors, officials with roles, and all of them are elected based on their campaigns and experience points. Ultimately, players elect other players for these positions. These extensive features mean that players who don’t like combat are welcome in RoG and can have a rich experience!

When aspects of a town's economy are dwindling, elected officials stand to lose their position. Any elected official can be voted out at any time. Elected officials, for the duration of their term, cannot receive any coin from other players and are prohibited from selling goods. They will receive compensation for this, based on their performance. This is to avoid bribery. Officials will have power over the economy, but also be able to make choices (if sufficient votes are cast in addition to their heavy-weighing one) to prohibit entry of people from other realms into town.

Factions and guilds will have their own stat boosts, and players will be able to join any faction or guild. Though in both, the leaders and members can ban a particular guild or faction. A player can make a guild, for example, that prohibits players of a particular faction, due to conflicting interests or ideologies.

Economy, Trade, Crafting

The player-controlled economy will be supported by extensive player crafting. Craft skills are like any other skills, they have a 1000 point cap. Crafters are able to not only craft items but also craft their abilities within a given skill. They can work toward particular enhancements for weapons they craft, for example, and apply those to the weapons. On request of other players, they can custom-fit their items, which results in the weapon being marked with the name of the player who ordered it, giving them a stat boost.

There will be market, auction house and town-level, as well as realm-level trading.

Creatures & Horrors

All realms have many dangerous places filled with monsters. While Goldesia is the most peaceful one, like all realms, it is perpetually under attack by the shadow demon's forces. Frequency and intensity of attacks depends on how well the realms are run and how well the defense systems are stocked with resources.

The monsters in RoG will not supposedly be scary. They will be truly scary. The demon's shadowy forces are dark, evil, and bloodthirsty creatures of the underworld. They'll teleport to you, snap at you, surround and attempt to consume you. Our goal is to make our monsters inspire real fear.


This demonic being is one of the most nefarious fiends in Goldesia, and the shadow demon's greatest weapon. Haagenti smolders with evil as the shadow demons' right hand, leading attacks of armies into the realms, setting aflame all vegetation, creatures and people in his way.

Not only does Haagenti attack the realms, some report that he wanders the shadow dungeon. No adventurer should hope to ever find out if this is true.


If you read about our features, you surely came across the many ways very experienced players will be able to enjoy the game indefinitely. For your convenience, here's a list of some of those features: Monthly new events, player-influenced and caused events, no experience cap, factions, elections, Open PvP, evil players, and more that will be revealed later. Instead of having an experience cap and no quests to grind, the world will constantly be changing and offer new things for you to do.

Book of History

The book of history is a self-writing book that records events in Realms of Goldesia. Anybody will be able to access and read this. Among the events that will be recorded: elections, attacks, actions of the shadow demon, war declarations, player-caused events, and unique monthly events. Since players' actions will heavily influence the outcome of events, this book won't be the same on different shards.


With four planets, there will be a lot of ground to cover. There will be portal gates at fixed locations throughout the realms that can be used by anyone. Traveling through a portal weakens the traveler for 30 seconds. They can go back in, but then they are weakened for 90 seconds. After the third time, which means 180 seconds of portal transition wear, one cannot go back into gates. Fans of Ultima Online may rejoice, as we will have a similar system for personal travel. With enough magic skill, bind stones can be marked with a location, to which you can teleport at any time. Buildings, dungeons, certain hunting grounds, and special locations will be restricted.


When God’s companion showed signs of evil, God knew that more than the four virtues he put in his companion were present. In attempt to destroy his companion, he destroyed himself and shattered the very four virtues he put in him. These four virtues became the planets and the virtues of their respective inhabitants. God’s virtues, however, spread throughout the whole universe. Divine power ready to be harnessed for those who know how. Mages draw their spells from this celestial energy. Heavy armor disrupts this harnessing, therefore mages cannot wear anything but clothes or leather armor.

Armor & Attire

Armor will be crafted by players and enhanced in numerous ways. Natural resources from each planet will have their special armor: enhanced and encrusted with gold, platinum, gems and pearls.

While we will support all sorts of clothing for self-expression, it will not be possible to wear heavy armor, yet choose to look like you’re half-naked or wearing light clothes. This is to maintain a level of realism. We will however support instant attire change (from armor to casual).

We are committed to bringing our full vision of RoG to life, so no matter what, you’ll see all of the realms and features listed on this Kickstarter. However, without enough funding, we will have to wait until after launch to bring some of these elements to life. We don’t want to make you wait. To ensure that RoG is as rich as can be at launch, we need your help achieving the following goals:

  • $  900,000 - RoG will be released with 18 skills and 2 realms: Goldesia & Platinumor

  • $ 1,300,000 - Gemzeon realm ready at launch, along with more events.

  • $ 1,700,000 - Pearline realm ready at launch, plus even more events.

  • $ 2,000,000 - Mounts and 6 additional skills ready at launch.

  • $ 2,200,000 - 6 more creatures added to the realms.

  • $ 2,300,000 - An underground city on Platinumor for evil players, plus dynamic event mechanisms.

  • $ 2,800,000 - All war machines will have 8 different turrets for players to use.

  • $ 3,100,000 - 4 new creatures and 5 dynamic event mechanisms added.

  • $ 3,500,000 - Creation of an underwater merchant city on Pearline.

  • $ 4,000,000 - A massive hunting valley added to Gemzeon, including 9 new creatures.

  • $ 4,250,000 - Enrichment of player quest creation feature: more types of quests, richer controls & mechanics.

  • $ 4,500,000 - Enrichment of crafting benches and features in factions & politics.

  • $ 4,800,000 - 2 major dynamic events involving the Shadow Demon and Haagenti!

  • $ 5,000,000 - This will help us make all described features as rich as we’d like them to be at launch. 
Thank you so much for helping us realize our vision. We can't express our gratitude! To support RoG and other Kickstarter projects, go to:

Not only do we want to reward all of our backers, we also want to kick forward indie game development via

Note: Our reward graphics are in the process of being updated to reflect the following:

$40 - Lifetime free-to-play access.
$50 - Beta access.
$250 - Alpha access. 

Risks and challenges

All MMORPGs are inherently risky due to the high cost of production, the long development cycles, and the in-depth, comprehensive effort required to make a truly genre-defining title. Our unique challenge with RoG is not at all in the category of creativity (an area where many other titles simply fall short), but the challenge of execution. It will require meticulous programming, designing, and implementation. Quality Assurance (QA) for the game and developing a world-class team will be essential. We’re incredibly proud of the talent we’ve assembled so far and are confident this team will meet and exceed all expectations!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


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