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Meet the Cartoonists 3/7: AACRO

This interview with AACRO was conducted by Lucretia Hoagland. All interviews will be included in Moxie 01 along side each contributors submission. Enjoy!

  • Lucretia Hoagland So, we might as well being as these all do. What made you take the plunge?
  • AACRO It was in middle school, where a friend and I made these Pokemon "doujinshi". I wrote them and he drew them. They were initially for just us, then people in class were passing them around and we started making more of them and eventually I was drawing with him too to keep pace with the demand. It was a weird comic where Ash had a long lost brother who was a Were-Scyther. I think my friend still has them. Later In high school I got back into it when a friend did not put me in one of his fan fictions and I lied saying I put him in mine and spun up a convoluted story and drew the comic over the weekend. They laughed at my bad drawings and from then on it was an obessesion with comics.
  • LH So you got into comics by making them. That's cool. I know you have rather high standards and eclectic taste. What would you say is your largest inspiration these days?
  • AACRO Yeah looking at my comics past it was a big yet gradual change from the "bright eyed otaku" to the "comics purist", but right now in terms of inspiration it's been more revisiting genres I was at one point "done with". I'm rereading manga from Garo right now like the Legend of Kamui. Also been reading George Herriman's Krazy Kat and some European stuff like Igort. Castle Waiting is a new favorite too.
  • LH Many of us from your year seem to have gone through that otaku phase. Coming out of it seems to be a right of passage haha. I guess we have all learned something over the years. You've obviously learned a lot too. What would you say is the most important thing you've learned about being a cartoonist or cartooning in general.
  • AACRO Clarity, that was a big thing I took from SVA. When I was in Klaus Janson's class and volunteered my work to be critiqued, that's all I heard and it became something I initially resisted cause I felt it "being obvious" and taking the storytelling and wonder out of comics. By summer I realized I was wrong and started looking at comics and film for those moments of clarity and how they ferried you through the story. Perhaps as a result of examining the core elements of story-telling my work has become more simplified. Before SVA I was much more ornamental and biomorphic with repeating patterns and such...too much Klimt I suppose.
  • LH Part of that is getting out of your own head isn't it? Let's step backwards and take a look inside your head though. What are your tools of the trade?
  • AACRO Yeah, it's realizing that cartooning is much more empathetic and in some ways a populist art form. In terms of tools, it's Brush, Ink, and Pencils, and Pens. Color-wise it's watercolor, gouache, and watercolor pencils. Sometimes i'll take up a new medium to see what I can do with it comics wise, I've been wanting to try out encaustic or return to some older experiments with 3D comics but that'll have to wait for some time.
  • LH Your 3D comics were some of your best work. Your Charge of the Light Brigade was great. Enough about the past though. Let's talk about the future. What do you have for the readers of Moxie?
  • AACRO I have three stories: The first is called "I Hate You" which is a story about the aftermath of a high school fight. The second is "The Burning Dog", a harsh fairy tale from a harsh land. The third is called "Adventure Story" It about a boy and girl's adventure.

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