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Meet the Cartoonists 2/7: Tara Hayes

Here's the second of a series of interviews conducted by AACRO. These interviews will be featured in Moxie 01 alongside the respective cartoonists work.

AACRO So what made you want to become a cartoonist? What was that moment where you said "This is my calling."

Tara Hayes I think it started when I was younger because I loved telling stories with pictures and when I was I figured out that comics were a thing. Manga like most 90s children made my want to pursue making comics as a career though.

AACRO Your work, for a second-wave otaku(I use term in a more general manner for the anime/manga fandom) is less mangaesque and more reminds me of 90's Nickleodeon animation. I'm curious in what were those earlier comics influences and what was the point where you drifted away from manga?

TH I gave up the manga style fairly quickly towards the end of high school. I loved manga like Yu Yu Hakusho, Shaman King, and Pokemon Adventures so I tried to emulate those styles. though the results of my drawings always felt stiffer than what I wanted.I wanted to find my own voice in the art world. After allot of self reflecting I found that i liked the styles in show like AHHH Real Monsters and Ed Edd and Eddy even though they were animated. I didn't get my hand on any American comics until sophomore year of college since the borders in my town only had DC/Marvel (I liked the animated shows DC/Marvel produced but I never felt the impulse to buy any until college) or Manga.

AACRO The one aspect you really shine in as a cartoonist has been color.Since Moxie is in black and white, has the limited pallet been a gift or curse for you in working on your moxie submission?

TH I do miss working with color but I liked the challenge that moxie gave me to make my story telling clearer and my inking became stronger as well from it. So it was a gift.

AACRO The last time I recall, you were mostly working in brush. Have your tools changed much post-SVA and if so is there any new tools/techniques your toying around with?

TH I still love the brush most but I do go in with a nib for tinier details and more structural backgrounds.

AACRO So to wrap up, what did you put together for Moxie? 

TH I made a story about two girls who get stuck in fairy land while one is looking for her father. They have to tell the fairy creatures stories they haven't heard before to get him back. 

So now that you got to know a little bit about Tara, here's her Max and Roxie shirt design! you can get a Max and Roxie shirt with a $80 pledge.

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