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Meet the Cartoonists 1/7: Lucretia Hoagland

This is the first of six interviews by AACRO with each of the contributors of Moxie 01. These interviews will be included in Moxie 01 along side each contributors submission.

[NOTE: Kickstarter's WP was being a difficult and would not let me properly space it, which is why it has bullet points. Occum's Razor, the rest are going to be posted like this.] 

  • AACRO: So let's start with the standard question. What made you want to become a cartoonist? What led you to comics?
  • Lucretia Hoagland: When I was a kid my dad showed me Astro Boy on some old VHS tapes he had. I asked to watch it almost every time I saw him and when I found out just what Osamu Tezuka did, I decided I wanted to make comics.
  • AACRO: For as long as I've known you Osamu Tezuka has been a key-stone in your cartooning influences. Since then, who else have you picked up along the way as an Influence post-SVA?
  • LH: There's quite a few. I recently read Bakuman and while I don't find the drawing style to be something I'd want to emulate, I find the love of manga/comics to be refreshing and it reminded me of why I wanted to do this in the first place. Outside that, I recently discovered my love of 1970's animation Heavy Traffic and Coonskin made me really want to try things I've never done before.
  • LH: I don't think I'd want to be quite that raunchy but I found those two movies to be fascinating.  
  • AACRO: Yeah I can't imagine you being that raunchy either, but you do have moments of macabre. I remember your little match girl comic and its reveal, not to mention your senior portfolio comic which had some light body horror. They sort of remind of Junk Mizuno, but less graphic and flat and more...limber and refined.
  • LH: I like drawing gore but nudity is not something I enjoy drawing.
  • AACRO: Which you do with a really technical hand. Whether it's brush or nib, it's very impressive especially your cross-hatching. Do you prefer one over the other?
  • LH: I always ruin my supplies so I ruin them both quickly. I prefer a brush because I am very light handed and it's hard for me to use a nib to get line variation.
  • AACRO: So what do have for the readers in the first of many(hopefully) volumes of Moxie?
  • LH: It's a little story called Jim. It's a comedy about an elf that hates sweets but he lives in a world made of sweets! He can't stand anyone but everyone is so nice it frustrates him.

And here's Lucretia's Max and Roxie shirt design! You can get this with a $80 pledge or greater.

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